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ISTR Listserv
To subscribe to the ISTR ListServ (ISTR-L)...

Send a one-line, no subject, e-mail message to:

The one line message should say: subscribe ISTR-L YourFirstname YourLastname

The system will obtain the e-mail address from the e-mail header.

Posting archives are now available in searchable format. You may also subscribe to ISTR-L at this site.


To send a message to ISTR-L...

Posting a message to the entire ISTR-L list is as simple as sending an email message to any person. All that you need to do is address an ordinary email message to and it will be delivered to everyone currently subscribed to the list.

Note: Many people today have more than one email address. ISTR-L is designed so that only subscribers can send messages to the list. This means that you can only send to the list from the address for which you are registered. Messages sent from additional email addresses will not be distributed.

About ISTR-L...

The ISTR-L list is moderated; all messages must be approved by the system adminstrator prior to distribution.

If you intend to send a reply directly to someone who wrote an earlier message to the list, you need to "Send" your answer addressed directly to that individual's username and address. If you just hit reply, your message will be broadcast to the entire list.

The unsubscribe from the ISTR-L list, please send an email with the subject "SIGNOFF ISTR-L" to


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