ISTR Contribution Funds

Contributions to ISTR make it possible to support the work of the society.

ISTR General Fund

ISTR’s mission is to support the production of knowledge on the third sector, nurture early career third sector researchers, foster research in civil society that informs public policy, recognize and support researchers in the Global South, and promote academic integrity and freedom for civil society practitioners globally.

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PhD Seminar Fund

This fund provides support for student participation at the ISTR PhD Seminar.

The ISTR PhD Seminar is open for all enrolled doctoral students in the field of third sector and civil society research, across the different regions in the world, and at all stages of their doctoral research.

The aim of the workshop is to provide doctoral students with the opportunity to engage with senior scholars and peers in extensive intellectual and methodological discussion on their doctoral research, to discuss the main theories and developments in the field, to reflect upon publication and career strategies, and to provide a unique opportunity to network within the international ISTR research community and civil society in general.

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Conference Registration Subsidy Fund

This fund provides support for members from the developing world presenting at the ISTR Conference.

These subsidies allow for a reduced conference registration rate for researchers, scholars, practitioners and students from the global south.  Reduced dues rates are tied to the categories of GDP per capita published in the annual World Bank World Development Report. Reduced categories apply to country of residence and allow the Society to support these members. 

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