Working Papers Series Volume IV
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VOLUME IV - Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2004

"Contesting Citizenship and Civil Society in a Divided World"
Ryerson University and York University, Toronto, Canada
July 11-14, 2004


Mokbul Morshed Ahmad (BANGLADESH/THAILAND)
Roots of Funding, Roots of Trust: The Struggle for Survival and credibility among the Religious NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) in Bangladesh

Priya Anand (INDIA)
Hindu Diaspora and Religious Philanthropy in the United States

Ingo Bode (GERMANY), Adalbert Evers (GERMANY), and Andreas Schulz (GERMANY)
Facing New Challenges. Work Integration Social Enterprises in Germany

Eleanor Brown (USA) and James Ferris (USA)
Social Capital and Philanthropy

Surpluses and Deficits: Some Key Resource Management Dilemmas for Human Services Nonprofits

Caroline Burnley (CANADA), Carol Matthews (CANADA), and Stephanie McKenzie (CANADA)
Devolution of Services to Children and Families: The Experience of NPOs in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Jacqueline Butcher (MEXICO)
Building Citizenship and Voluntary Participation in Mexico: Social and Economic Implications from a National Study

Graeme Chesters (UNITED KINGDOM)
Global Complexity and Global Civil Society

Kameshwar Choudhary (INDIA)
Global Civil Society, Globalization and Nation-State

The European Convention and Civil Society: the View from Wales

Anabel Cruz (URUGUAY) and José Luis Espinoza (HONDURAS)
Organizaciones de la sociedad civil en Honduras. De la consulta a la participación (Civil Society Organizations in Honduras: From Consultation to Participation)

Grant Curtis (PHILIPPINES)
The Asian Development Bank's Cooperation with NGOs and Civil Society

Poornanda Dasegowdanakoplu (INDIA)
Expanding Media Market and Shrinking Public Space

Paul Dekker (NETHERLANDS) and Andries van den Broek (NETHERLANDS)
Civil Society in Longitudinal and Comparative Perspective: Voluntary Associations, Political Involvement, Social Trust and Happiness in a Dozen Countries

Lisa Diniz (INDIA/CANADA) and Femida Handy (CANADA)
Holographic Structures Creating Dynamic Governance for NGOs

Freda Donoghue (IRELAND)
The Shifting of Boundaries, Discourses and Relationships between the State and Irish Language Voluntary Organisations

Adalbert Evers (GERMANY)
Mixed Welfare Systems and Hybrid Organisations--Changes in the Governance and Provision of Social Services

Melisah Feeney (AUSTRALIA)
Organisational innovation in mobilizing resources within Third Sector organizations: uncoiling the complexities

Rosa Maria Fischer (BRAZIL), Maria Cristina Fedato (BRAZIL) and Elidia Maria de Novais Souza (BRAZIL)
A Responsabilidade pelo Desenvolvimento

Sebastien Fleuret (FRANCE)
Associations et réseaux "institutionnels" de soins en France: concurrence, complémentarité ou indifférence polie? (Nonprofit organizations in the healthcare networks in France: competition, complementarity or polite indifference?

Mary K. Foster (CANADA) and Agnes G. Meinhard (CANADA)
Women's Voluntary Organizations: Bridgers, Bonders or Both

Margaret Gibelman (USA) and Jay Sweifach (USA)
Acting on Our Values: Do Human Service Professionals Volunteer?

Peter Graefe (CANADA)
Welfare Regimes and the Third Sector: Rendering Path Dependency Contingent?

Jenny Green (AUSTRALIA), Bronwen Dalton (AUSTRALIA) and Ann Wunsch (AUSTRALIA)
Breaking through Discourse Barriers to Collaboration in Service Provision

Paola Grenier (UNITED KINGDOM) and Karen Wright (USA/UNITED KINGDOM)
Social Capital in Britain: An Update and Critique of Hall's Analysis

Georgina Grosenick (CANADA)
Delimiting Democracy? Media Representations of Volunteerism

Baorong Guo (CHINA/USA)
The Commercialization of Social Services: Toward an Understanding of Nonprofits in Relation to Government and For-profits

Femida Handy (CANADA) and Meenaz Kassam (CANADA)
Women's Empowerment in Rural India

Jenny Harrow (UNITED KINGDOM) and Alan Cripps (UNITED KINGDOM)
Merging under Pressure: Chief Executives' and Organisations' Learning from Merger Processes, Events and Outcomes

Scott Helm (USA)
Motivation for Social Entrepreneurship: Building an Analytical Framework

Robert D. Herman (USA) and David O. Renz (USA)
More Theses on Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness: Results and Conclusions from a Panel Study

Philip Holden (UNITED KINGDOM) and Nick Wilde (UNITED KINGDOM)
Defense or attack? Can soccer clubs help tackle social exclusion?

Lesley Hustinx (BELGIUM) and Frans Lammertyn (BELGIUM)
Toward a New Work Society? Predicting Opinions about Flexible Combinations of Paid and Unpaid Work among Flemish Red Cross Volunteers

Edward Jackson (CANADA), Gregory Chin (CHINA/CANADA) and Yixin Huang (CHINA/CANADA)
Financing Social-Justice Civil-Society Organizations in China: Strategies, Constraints and Possibilities in Rural Poverty Alleviation

Urs Jäger (SWITZERLAND) and Matthias Mitterlechner (SWITZERLAND)
Pulling the Brakes: Strategic Change Practices and Organizational Contradictions in Rapidly Changing Environments

Ishtiaq Jamil (NORWAY) and Roberts Muriisa Kabeba (UGANDA/NORWAY)
Building Social Capital in Uganda: The Role of NGOs in Mitigating HIV/AIDS Challenges

Dilip Khankhoje (INDIA), Vaishali D K Kb (INDIA), and Mohit Kumar (INDIA)
Advances in Women's Leadership Styles: Implications on Subordinates' Competencies in an NGO ---An Empirical Investigation

Junki Kim (KOREA)
Accountability, Governance, and Non-governmental Organizations: A Comparative Study of Twelve Asia-Pacific Nations

Kelly Kollman (USA)
Same-sex Unions: The Globalization of an Idea

Nina Kolybashkina (UKRAINE)
Reaching the Equilibrium? State-Third Sector Partnership in Social Services Provision: A Case Study Analysis of Current Policies in England and Ukraine

Lalit Kumar (INDIA)
Shifting Relationships Between the State and Nonprofit Sector -- Role of Contracts under the New Governance Paradigm

Uday Kumar (INDIA) and T.N. Sreedhara (INDIA)
From Passive Participation to Effective Leadership: a Study on the Advances in Women Leadership in Dakshina Kannada, India

Chris Lange (GERMANY)
Third-Sector Organizations in the Process of Regional Integration: EU-Enlargement and Social NGOs -- A German Perspective

Carmen Malena (CANADA) with Reiner Forster and Janmejay Singh
The Role of Civil Society in Holding Government Accountable: A Perspective from the World Bank on the Concept and Emerging Practice of "Social Accountability"

Changing the Welfare Mix: Going from a Corporatist to a Liberal Non-profit Regime

Patricia Mendonça (BRAZIL)
Decentralization of Social Policies, State and Civil Society Relationships in Brazil: Towards Synergy?

Jill Mordaunt (UNITED KINGDOM) and Shirley Otto (UNITED KINGDOM)
Crisis, Failure and Recovery and the Governance of Public and Nonprofit Organizations: the Effects of Participation

Gareth G. Morgan (UNITED KINGDOM) and Marilyn Taylor (UNITED KINGDOM)
Funding for Voluntary Sector Infrastructure: A Case Study Analysis

Jenny Onyx (AUSTRALIA) and Bronwen Dalton (AUSTRALIA)
Accountability and Advocacy

Tae-kyu Park (KOREA) and Su-Bum Park (KOREA)
An Economic Study on Charitable Giving of Individuals in Korea: Some New Findings from 2002 Survey Data

Capacity Building or Control?

Ruth Phillips (AUSTRALIA)
Challenges to NGOs' Legitimacy in Policy Governance in Australia: Addressing the Neo-Liberal Critique

Susan Phillips (CANADA)
The Myths of Horizontal Governance: Is the Third Sector Really a Partner?

Elizabeth Reid (USA), Elizabeth Boris (USA), and Andrew Ho (USA)
The Scope and Dimensions of U. S. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Organizations at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Maggie Reid (SCOTLAND) and Kenneth Gibb (SCOTLAND)
'Capacity Building' in the Third Sector and the Use of Independent Consultants: Evidence from Scotland

Luciana Rocha de Mendonça (BRAZIL), Christina Fedato (BRAZIL) and Marcelo Tsustsui (BRAZIL)
Monitoramento de Alianças Intersetoriais: uma proposta brasileira (Monitoring of Cross-Sector Alliances: A Brazilian Proposal)

Sherida Ryan (CANADA)
Initial Trust Formation in an Online Social Action Network

Christina Schwabenland (UNITED KINGDOM)
Founders Utopias and Dystopias: The Paradox of Complicity

Katherine Scott (CANADA)
Funding Matters: The Impact of Canada's New Funding Regime on Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations

Ruth Simsa (AUSTRIA)
Necessary Sisyphus Work: Work Satisfaction, Workload and Motivation of Employees in Social Service Organizations

Karl Henrik Sivesind (NORWAY) and Per Selle (NORWAY)
Is There a Social Democratic Civil Society Regime in the Welfare Field?

Max Stephenson (USA) and Nicole Kehler (USA)
Rethinking Humanitarian Assistance Coordination

Winston Tseng (USA)
External Dependence and Adaptation of Chinese and Vietnamese Community Based Organizations in the United States

Maria Tysiachniouk (RUSSIA) and Jonathan Reisman (RUSSIA)
The Role of Transboundary Environmental NGOs in Building Sustainable Markets

Isabel Vidal (SPAIN) and Núria Claver (SPAIN)
The Socio-economic Performance of Spanish Social Enterprises in the Field of Integration by Work

Richard Wamai (KENYA/FINLAND)
NGO and Public Health Systems: Comparative Trends in Transforming Health Care Systems in Kenya and Finland

Annette Zimmer (GERMANY) and Birgit Sittermann (GERMANY)
Brussels Civil Society
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