Working Papers Series Volume X
VOLUME X - Stockholm, Sweden- July 2016

The Third Sector in Transition: Accountability, Transparency, and Social Inclusion
12th International Conference 

*Please note that this list is not complete.  Updates are ongoing.


Alice Acejas (Philippines)

The Role of Colonialism, Gambling, Religion, and Resistance in Shaping the Philippine Third Sector


Kate Albrecht (USA)

To Formalize or Not to Formalize? Dynamics and Dimensions of Accountability in Nonprofit‐public Partnerships


Eric Bidet (France) and Hyungsik EUM (France) and Jieun RYU (UK)

A Typology of Social Enterprise Models in South Korea


James Copestake (UK), Claire Allan (UK), Wilm van Bekkum (UK), Tefera Goshu (Ethiopia), Peter Mvula (Malawi), Fiona Remnant (UK), Erin Thomas (Ireland), and Zenawi Zerahun (Ethiopia)

Managing relationships in qualitative impact evaluation to improvedevelopment outcomes: QuIP choreography as a case study.


Joyce Costello (UK), Fabian Homberg (UK), and Davide Secchi (Denmark)

Does coerced volunteering undermine the public service motivation of volunteers? A
moderated mediation model


Magnus Dahlstedt (Sweden) and David Ekholm (Sweden)

Inclusion as Assimilation: Sports and Civil Society as a Venue for Welfare Provision


Jeferson Dahmer (Brazil) and Morgana Krieger (Brazil)

Strengthening social accountability in Ilhéus: the experience of monitoring the local legislative


Donna Dark (Australia)

The Emerging Third Sector Corporate Governance


Maria Faina Diola (Philippines) and Catherine Liamzon (Philippines)

Assessing the Public Value of a Volunteer Program: In Search of a Collaborative Community-Based Model 


Norman Dolch (USA)

Empirical Reflections on Women Students 


Ljiljana Erakovic (New Zealand)

Governance and leadership challenges for third sector organisations: Core purpose vs. end purpose


Alan Fowler (South Africa), Joseph McMahon, and Elizabeth Field (UK)

Conflict Within International Nonprofit Development Organisations: Expressions, Origins, Capabilities and Remedies

Luz E. Quiñones González (Puerto Rico)
Organizational Commitment in a Puerto Rican NPO


Florencia Guerzovich (Brazil) and Paula Chies Schommer (Brazil)

Four Ways in Which Social Accountability and Open Government Interventions Bridge the State and Society


Megan Haddock (USA) and Peter Devereux (Australia)

Measuring the Contribution of Volunteering to the Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and Opportunities 


John Hailey (United Kingdom)

Global Trends and Challenges: Strategic Implications for NGOs


Tobias Harding (Norway)

From State Church to Third Sector Organization? The Separation of Church and State in Sweden


Kyungja Jung (Australia)

Feminist Organisations in Transition: Surviving under Conservative Government in South Korea and Australia


Morgana Krieger (Brazil)

Theory of Change and cognitive legitimacy: the experience of Civil Society Organizations in Curitiba – Brazil


Rui Li (China)

 From Service Procurement to Collaborative GovernanceHow China Gets NGOs Involved in Social Affairs


Shuoyan Li (China)

The Rise of Civil Society Under Authoritarian Regime: How Advocacy NGO Cooperate with


Laura Littlepage (USA)

Fostering Public Service by Linking Benefits to Community, Campus, and Students: A Case Study

María de Lourdes Lara Hernández (Puerto Rico) and Andrés Vega Ramos (Puerto Rico)

Know to Know-How: The Movement of Agenda Ciudadana (Citizen Agenda)


Rita Mano (Israel)

Antecedents and outcomes of networking in nonprofit settings


Jacob Mati (Fiji)

HorizontallyThe ignored particularity of African Volunteering


Victor Meyer (Brazil), Diogenes Mamedio (Brazil), Alecssandra Ressetti Oliveira (Brazil), and Natalia Dib (Brazil)

Managing an Association of Scavengers: When Amateur Management Matters


Tamara Nezhina (Russia) and S. Pavlovsakaya (Russia)

The Evaluation and Monitoring Of Transparency In Socially Oriented Nongovernment Organizations In Russia


Andrada Nimu (Romania)

External Funds, Local Responses: Women based and LGBTQ coalitions and networks. Insights from Romania and Poland


Eliya Onoe (Japan)

Changes to the Accountability Concept in Japan’s PIC Accounting Standard: Accountability to Whom, and for What?


Laurie Paarlberg (USA), Bryce Hannibal (USA) and Jasmine McGinnis Johnson (USA)

Whom you know? Or How you do?: Examining the influence of board networks on the grant making of public foundations


Yevgenya Jenny Paturyan (Armenia) and Valentia Gevorgyan (Armenia)

Emergent Civic Activism: A New Phase of Transition for Post-Communist Armenian Civil Society?


Franziska Paul (Germany) and Andrea Walter (Germany)

Flexible employment: Curse or blessing for women with family obligations in NPO management


So Sasaki (Japan) and Masanori Koizumi (Japan)

Elaborating upon the Social Enterprise Spectrum Through the Perspective of Ethical Capitalism


Laura Scheiber (Brazil)

Social capital and innovation in the third sector


Aron Schoug (Sweden)

To Lead the Engaged: A Nonprofit Board Perspective on Volunteer Engagement and Leadership


Mika Shimizu (Japan)

Civil Society through Linkages of Resilience and Public Policy in a Modern Risk Society 


Tabona Shoko (Zimbabwe)

The Role of Religion in National Healing and Democracy in Zimbabwe in the
Context of the Global Political Agreement

Dan Sundblom (Finland)

What Tears Them Apart? Dissolution in Instrumental and Expressive Voluntary Associations


Yutaka Tanabe (Japan)

The Five Stages of Social Entrepreneurship


Guilherme Longo Triches (Brazil) and Camila Pagani (Brazil)   

Accountability and public interest: the common aspects that guide the relationship between journalists and prosecutors


Theerapat Ungsuchaval (United Kingdom)

NGOization of Civil Society as Unintended Consequence?


Nathalie Vallet (Belgium), Michelle Bylemans (Belgium), and Simon de Nys-Ketels (Belgium)

Solving the complex challenge of inclusive economic participation. An explorative research on the design of IEP-sites in Flanders (Belgium)


Norma Wong (Hong Kong)

Invisible constraint or inevitable enabler?
A qualitative study on the effect of social service funding policies on nonprofit advocacy in Hong Kong


Jacqueline Wood (Canada)

Overseeing Kenyan Civil Society: Understanding Regulatory Waves

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