Working Papers Series Volume VIII
VOLUME VIII - Siena, Italy, 2012

"Democratization, Marketization, and the Third Sector"
10th International Conference 
of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)
Siena, Italy
July 10-13, 2012 


*Please note that this list is not complete.  Updates are ongoing.

Megan Alessandrini (Australia)
Non-positivist Approaches to Research in the Third Sector: Empowered Policy-making

Nicole Alix (France)
Do EU legislation and economic policies act in concert in developing a harmonised business theory for social economy and social enterprise?

Ronit Amit (Israel)
Management in the Third Sector- What can we learn from successful business managers?

Hideaki Baba (Japan) and Yu Ishida (Japan)
Empirical Analysis on Preferences of Donors to Financial Information of Civil Society Organizations

Ahmed Bendania (Saudi Arabia), Salem Al Dini (Saudi Arabia), and Christopher P. Garris (Saudi Arabia)
Motivation for Volunteering in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Richard Bush (United States)
A Model for Improved NGO and Related Capacity Building in Developing Nations:  The Case for a Balanced, Collaborative Approach by Host Societies and External Agents

Sarah Carr (United Kingdom)
Personalisation and Marketisation: Policy construction and practice implementation – implications for Third Sector provision of adult social care and support in England

Ed Carson (Australia) and Lorraine Kerr  (Australia)
Marketisation of Human Service Delivery: Implications for the Future of the Third Sector in Australia.

Graziella Comini (Brazil), Fernando Assad (Brazil), and Rosa Maria Fischer (Brazil)
Social Business in Brazil

Christophe Dansac (France), Cécile Vachee (France), Patricia Gontier (France), and Marco Carletti
Securing funds and developing activities: How do public policies, rationalization and
managerialism influence volunteers’ world in the French context?

Elena Elia ( Italy) and Paola Tola (Italy)
Long-term care for non self-sufficient elderly people:a social challenge for institutions and voluntary associations

Marisa R. Ferreira (Portugal), Teresa Proença (Portugal), and João F. Proença (Portugal)
Motivations Which Influence Volunteers’ Satisfaction

Gloria  Guadarrama (Mexico)
Cooperative Links between State and Civil Associations in Mexico

Lesley Hustinx (Belgium) and Jozefien Godemont (Belgium)
Hybridization in the Belgian third sector: Sectoral relationships, organizational features and volunteering 

Pertti Lappalainen (Finland)
Two Ways to Produce Civil Society 

Yang Li (China)
A Research on Grassroots Social Governance Mode Based on Multi-level Cooperation —Taking Wuxi County of Chongqing (China) as an example 

Luz Mairym Lopez-Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
Organizational and Fundraising Practice in Matured NPOs in Puerto Rico 

Luiz Carlos Merege (Brazil)
The Brazilian third sector contribution for democratization of public policy

Beatrice Meyer (Switzerland), Domenico Ferrari and Prof. Dr. Daniel Zoebeli
Transparency of NPOs’ financial reporting: A quantitative study of annual reports (Switzerland)

Jiří Navrátil (Czech Republic) and Miroslav Pospíšil (Czech Republic)
Dreams of Civil Society Twenty Years After: The Case of the Czech Republic

Cristina Parente (Portugal), Alexandra Lopes (Portugal) and Vanessa Marcos (Portugal)
Defining Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons From Portuguese Organizational Dynamics

Yevgenya Paturyan (Armenia)
Testing the Validity of Expert-assessment Based Measurements of Civil Society

Gabriela Perez Yarahuan (Mexico)
Policy Indexes and Policy Incidence by Third Sector Organizations in Mexico

Clare Power (Australia)
The importance of context: relocalisation and the Transition network 

Adriano Propersi (Italy), Giuseppe Mastrilli (Italy) and Selin Gundes (Turkey)
The Third Sector and Social Housing in Italy:case study of a profit and non-profit public private partnership

Lionel Prouteau (France) and Viviane Tchernonog (France)
Public funds as source of revenue for the French nonprofit sector: assessments, changes and perspectives

John Reed (United Kingdom)
The ‘service – social benefit chain’ of a UK food cooperative

Boguslawa Barszczak Sardinha (Portugal) and Olga Oliveira Cunha (Portugal)
Portuguese Catholic Scout Association – motivations of adult volunteers

Lester Salamon (United States), Daniela Bosioc (Belgium), and Ksenija Fonović (Italy)
Institutionalizing the Measurement of Volunteering:Insights from the European Volunteer Measurement Project

Lester Salamon (United States), S. Wojciech Sokolowski (United States), and Megan Haddock (United States)
Measuring Civil Society and Volunteering: New Findings from Implementation of the UN Nonprofit Handbook

Lau Schulpen (the Netherlands) and Sara Kinsbergen (the Netherlands)
The life cycle of Private Initiatives – the reasons behind, and consequences of, ending a small development organisation

Richard Steinberg (United States)
What Should Social Investors Invest in, and With Whom?

Rupert Graf Strachwitz (Germany)
Concepts of Philanthropy

Marty Sulek (United States)
Mythographic and Linguistic Evidence for Religious Giving among Graeco-Aryans during the Chalcolithic Age
(c.3rd millennium BCE)

Susan Sundback (Finland)
Membership and activity in the Finnish Scandinavian type civil society and the search for sociological explanations. A study based on comparative data from EVS 2008

Marlene Walk (United States)
Life Concept Scale - Measuring Influencing Factors for Sector Choice

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