Working Papers Series Volume IX
VOLUME IX - Muenster, Germany - July 2014

"Civil Society and the Citizen"
11th International Conference 
of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)
Muenster Germany
July 22-25, 2014


*Please note that this list is not complete.  Updates are ongoing.


Pelle Aberg (Sweden)

Promoting Active Fathers - The Birth and Development of a Civic Initiative in Contemporary Northwestern Russia


Jody Aked (United Kingdom)

How Youth Volunteer Networks translate into relationships for change: participatory systemic action research to explore interpersonal wellbeing processes in the governance of a watershed in the Philippines

Nicole Alix (France)

The political mandate of SSE through enhancing women's role as agents of social transformation


Johanna Arnesson (Sweden)

Shopping for Change: Commodifying practices in non-profit fundraising discourse


Megan Alessandrini (Australia)

Collaborating for Success? The power balance in inter-sector relationships


Roxanne Bainbridge (Australia)

Improving Indigenous Australian Governance: The How and What of Capacity Strengthening


Andrea Bassi (Italy), Massimo Lori (Italy), and Ilaria Vannini (Italy)

Profiling the Social Impact of Nonprofit Institutions: Measurement, Constraints and Research Directions


Josef Baumiller (Austria)  and Nikolai Haring (Austria)

Enhancing Third Sector Accountability Through Financial Accounting - Regulations and Practices in Germany-Speaking Countries


Gill Bozer (Israel) and Shani Kuna (Israel)

Nonprofit Executive Succession Planning: Israeli Perspective


Anne Buffardi (United Kingdom) and Marianne Goldman (South Africa)

Role and Influence of Civil Society in 21st Century Global Policy Processes


Jie Chen (Australia)

The Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement: an exploration of its development, impacts and further research


Christopher Cornforth (United Kingdom) and Rob Macmillan (United Kingdom)

The Evolving Relationship between Chairs and Chief Executives: A negotiated order perspective


Giuliana Costa (Italy), Roberta Cucca (Italy) and Rossana Torri (Italy)

Milan, Towards a Governance of Social Innovation in the Local Welfare


Poornananda Dasegowdanakoplu (India)

Media framing of development-induced displacement

Ann Dill
(United States) and Sinisa Zrinscak (Croatia)

Bio-citizens or Health Consumers? How CSOs Negotiate State and Individual Responsibility for Health in Croatia


Katalin Dobrai (Hungary) and Ferenc Farkas (Hungary)

The Relationship Between Individual and Organizational Development - Findings of a Large Sample Research 


Barbara Duffy (United States), Richard Steinberg (United States), Ruth Hansen (United States), and Yuan Tian (United States)

Wattsamatta wit U, or U Really Got a Hold on Me


Sherine El Taraboulsi (United Kingdom)

Transforming Self and Society? Volunteerism, Women and Pathways to Governance in the Arab Region


Helene Eller (Austria)
Corporate Governance in Non-profit Organizations in Europe by Focusing the Governance Model


Jorn Fischer (Germany) and Benjamin Haas (Germany)

Overbearing State and Stubborn Civil Society? German International Volunteer Service Programmes between Subsidarity and Accountability


Steinunn Hrafnsdottir (Iceland) and Omar Kristmundsson (Iceland)

What is the importance of volunteers in non-profit organizations in Iceland?   


Agnieszka Kaim (Poland)

Public grants and the relations between NGOs: the case in Poland

Morgana Krieger (United States)

Recent Civil Society Networks in Brazil: strengthening democracy through social control and public engagement


Berthold Kuhn (Germany) and Yangyong Zhang (China)

Capacity Building on Non-Governmental Organisations in China


Pat Libby (United States), Rita Mano (Israel) and Laura Deitrick (United States)

Exploring Lobbying Practices  in Israel's Nonprofits Advocacy Organizations: An application of the Libby Lobbying model


Katharina Obuch (Germany)

Challenges and Limits of CSOs in Hybrid Regimes: The Case of Nicaragua

Joseph Michael Paratharayil (United Kingdom)

India New CSR Legislation - ‘Forced Voluntary’ Corporate Giving - Setting the Trend for Whom?


Lisanne Peelen (Netherlands), Lau Schulpen (Netherlands), and Rik Habraken (Netherlands)

Reinventing Dutch NGOs - Changing patterns of funding and allocation



Kelvyn Ryan (Australia) and Wendy Earles (Australia)

From the Traditional to the Virtual: Ex-service organizations, advocacy and lobbying in the 21st century


Mikiko Shimaoka (Japan) and Masahisa Sato (Japan)

The Role of Intermediary Organizations in Collaborative Governance: The Case of Japan


Shannon Sliva (United States), Richard Hoefer (United States) and Larry Watson (United States)

Attending to the Middle Child: Evaluation of a Leadership Program to Increase the Capacity of Middle Managers


Max Stephenson (Unites States)

A Comparative Analysis of Efforts to Encourage Agency and Accountability


Sabrina Stoppiello (Italy), Manuela Nicosia (Italy) and Chiara Orsini (Italy)

Volunteering and Civic Participation


Aleksandra Szymanska (Belgium)  and Marc Jegers (Belgium)

Modelling Social Enterprises


Marlene Walk (Germany)  and Jurgen Willems (Germany)

Aiming at a data driven definition of volunteer types: The key to improved volunteer management practices

Galit Yanay-Ventura (Israel)

Volunteer Management as a Means of Civic Empowerment

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