Working Papers Series Volume VII
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VOLUME VII - Istanbul, Turkey, 2010

"Facing Crises: Challenges and Opportunities Confronting the Third Sector and Civil Society "

9th International Conference 
of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)
Istanbul, Turkey
July 7-10, 2010

Pelle Åberg (Sweden) and Johan von Essen (Sweden)
Isomorphic processes and discursive strategies:
Swedish study associations caught between civil society, the state and the market

Suad Afif (Saudi Arabia)
Voluntary Work in Civil Society: Saudi Women Volunteers as a Social Capital

Maria Ela L. Atienza (Philippines)
Globalization and Responses of Agricultural Communities: Limits and Opportunities for Empowerment in Bilar, Bohol

Alberto Hernández Baqueiro (Mexico)
La participación de la sociedad civil en la hechura e implementación de las políticas públicas de derechos humanos en América Latina

Jacqueline Butcher
Giving and Volunteering in Mexico: Time, Talent and Treasure

Bridget Carroll (Ireland)
An analysis of the co-operative sector in Ireland

Deanna Davy (Australia)
Transnational NGOs against Child Sex Trafficking – Challenges and Opportunities of Advocacy Networks for Social Change?

Silvia Helena Frei de Sá (Brazil), Graziella Maria Comini (Brazil), Luana Vieira (Brazil), and Selma Moreira (Brazil)
Brazilian Civil Society Boards: Their Roles and Challenges in the Succession Process

Glòria Estapé‐Dubreuil (Spain) and Consol Torreguitart‐Mirada (Spain)
Microcredit and women empowerment: an empirical case‐study based in Catalonia

Ferenc Farkas (Hungary) and Katalin Dobrai (Hungary)
The Role of Local Nonprofit Organizations in the European Capitals of Culture Project

Cristina Girardo (Mexico)
Emerging Professions in the Third Sector and Job Opportunities in Civil Society Organizations (CSO)

Peter Herrmann (Ireland) and Wendy Earles (Australia)
A social quality approach as (re)integration of civil society, the market and the state

Steinunn Hrafnsdóttir (Iceland) and Ómar H. Kristmundsson (Iceland)
Challenges in the Icelandic Non-Profit Sector

Ming-Rea Kao and Chang-Yu Huang (Taiwan)
Putting Social Emergence in: A Linkage between Individual and Society in Social Entrepreneurship

Johan Hvenmark (Sweden) and Johan von Essen (Sweden)
A Civic Trinity in Transformation?
– Changing Patterns and Perspectives on Membership, Volunteering, and Citizenship in Swedish Civil Society

Nobuko Kanaya (Japan)
Does Workfare Policy Work for the Economic Independence of Persons With Disabilities?

Riham Ahmed Khafagy (Egypt)
Gulf Philanthropy: Structural, Domestic, and Global Challenges

Rosario Laratta (Japan)
Ethical Climate in Nonprofit and Government Sectors: A Comparative Study between Japan and UK

Michael D. Layton (Mexico) and Alejandro Moreno (Mexico)
Social Capital and Philanthropy in Mexico:A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Social Capital on Philanthropic Behavior

Massimo Lori (Italy)
Autonomous or dependent: isomorphic effects of public regulation on voluntary organisations

Jacob Mati (South Africa)
Imperatives for innovations in civil society: Reflections on experiences in the implementation of CSI (2008-2009)

Alejandro Natal (Mexico)
Modelo Para el Analisis y Evaluacion del Desempeno Asociativo

Sai Thet Naing Oo (Australia)
Cross-border civil society for Burmese democracy struggle

Faraha Nawaz (Bangladesh)
Elevation of health awareness among rural adolescent girls in Bangladesh: Does Adolescent Development Program of BRAC intervention Matter?

Denise de Castro Pereira (Brazil), Migeul Ângelo Andrade (Brazil), and Ricardo Ferreira Ribeiro (Brazil)
Socio-Environmental Network in Mineral-Metallurgical Regions: diversity of interests, conflicts and perspectives

Ruth Phillips (Australia) and Susan Goodwin (Australia)
Social Policy Research in Human Service NGOs

Chiara Prele (Italy)
Legal Issues Faced by Foundations in Different European Countries Today

Cesaltina Pires (Portugal) and Lionel Prouteau (France)
Rates of Participatin in Volunteering and Characteristics of Volunteers: European Comparisons

Leonid Polishchuk (Russia) and Ekaterina Borisova (Russia)
Stochastic Frontier in Non-profit Performance Assessment: An Application to Homeowners Associations in Russia

Francesco A. Schurr (Liechtenstein)
Legal Issues Faced by Foundations in the Principality of Liechtenstein Today

Naoki Suzuki (Japan) and Kana Taniguchi (Japan)
Aid Effectiveness and Collaborative Governance -Insights from Community Health Education activities

Lars Svedberg (Sweden), Johan von Essen (Sweden), and Magnus Jegermalm (Sweden)
Stability and Variations in Civic Engagement: Sweden in prosperity and recession

Jan Van de Poel (Belgium)
Should there still be an ‘N’ in NGDO? NGDO-State relationships in the field of development co-operation. The Flemish case, 1960-1991

Bram Verschuere (Belgium) and Joris De Corte (Belgium)
Expressive behavior of private nonprofit organizations in Flanders: From role perception to strategies

Johan von Essen (Sweden) and Julia Grosse (Sweden)
Religion and volunteering among adolescents and young adults

Dag Wollebæk (Norway) & Kristin Strømsnes (Norway)
Is commuting bad for civil life? Evidence from three Norwegian cities

Naoto Yamauchi (Japan) and Midori Matsushima (Japan)
The Japanese Civil Society at a Crossroad: Findings from the CIVICUS CSI Project

Li Zhao (China)
Multi-stakeholder Co-operatives and Their Capital Base: Evidence from China


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