Working Papers Series Volume I
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VOLUME I - Geneva, Switzerland, 1998

"The Contribution of the Third Sector to Social, Economic and Political Change"
Université de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland
July 8-11, 1998


Poverty and Business Sector Philanthropy, Beatriz Balian de Tagtachian

Le Secteur Associatif Dans Le Monde Arabe Entre Les Contraintes Des Systèmes Politiques et Les Demandes Sociétales, Sarah Ben Néfissa

Nonprofit Management Theory and Practice in Switzerland: The Fribourg Management-Model for Nonprofit-Organizations, Urs Bumbacher

Client Poverty And Participation In Kenyan NGO's Small Enterprise Programs, Kershaw Burbank

National And International Coalitions in Support of Parents of Children With Cancer, Mark Chesler

Foreign And Domestic Non-profit Foundations: Impact on Social Changes For Women-Researchers in Russia, Irina Dezhina

The Irish Voluntary Sector: A Case-Based Exploration of Organisational Growth Patterns and Organisational Dynamics , Gemma Donnelly-Cox & Andrew O'Regan

The Politicisation of Disadvantage in the Republic of Ireland: the Role Played by the Third Sector, Freda Donoghue

Spaces For Empowered Places Or Agents Of Displacement?: The Contribution of the Third Sector in the Increasing Displacement of the Human Services, Wendy Earles

Microcredit as a means to alleviate poverty: collaboration between government and nonprofit sectors in Mexico, David Garcia-Junco Machado & Gabriela Perez Yarahuan

Contemporary Women's Philanthropy in Germany, Marita Haibach

Theses on Nonprofit Organization Effectiveness, Robert D. Herman & David O. Renz

The Effect of Institutional Arrangements on Political Advocacy by Swedish and American Nonprofits, Richard Hoefer

Peacebuilding in Divided Societies. A Theoretical Framework And Some Findings from Northern Ireland and Cyprus, Ann-Sofi Jakobsson

Women And Development: The Contribution of The Paraiba Women's Forum in Northeast Brazil, Rachel Joffily Abath & Timothy D. Ireland

The Third Sector And The European Union Policy Process: An Initial Evaluation, Jeremy Kendall & Helmut K. Anheier

Foundations as Fortune Tellers. The Role of 'Sustainability' in Foundations' Pre-grant Inquiries, Diana Leat

The Current Status of NGOs in China, Qiusha Ma

Third Sector Transformation in an Emerging City State: A Case Study of the Toronto Social Planning Council, Susan McGrath & Peter Clutterbuck

Especial Work Centers (CET): NPO to employ handicapped people, Julia Montserrat Codorniu

Combating Social Exclusion And Protecting The Vulnerable, Susan R. Moody

The Mutual Dependence Model: The Case of the Palestinian NGOs, Nitza Nachmias

The Irish Third Sector and Collaboration with the State: A Case Study on the Redefinition of Civic Virtue, Fred Powell & Donal Guerin

Community Development Projects Organizational Development and Effectiveness, Patricia Prendiville

Resurgent Society or Civil Society? The Context of a Case Study from the Republic of Benin, Sally J. Scott

Membership and democracy: Should we take passive support seriously?, Per Selle & Kristin Strømsnes

Women's Participation in The Third Sector in Argentina, Anahí Viladrich

Nonprofit Incubators: Comparative Models for Nurturing New Third Sector Organizations, Diane Vinokur-Kaplan & Joseph A. 'Jay' Connor

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