Working Papers Series Volume II
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VOLUME II - Dublin, Ireland, 2000

"The Third Sector: For What and For Whom?"
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
July 5-8, 2000


Margaret Alston (AUSTRALIA)
Social Capital in Rural Australia

Maria Inés Arribas Alonso and Jorge Vergara Estévez (CHILE)
Modernización Neoliberal y Organizaciones del Tercer Sector en Chile

Stefanie Bailer (GERMANY)
The European Union's NGO Support Program in Ukraine: Its Impact on Civil Society and the Third Sector

Andrea Becker and Ingo Bode (GERMANY)
Nonprofits for the Youngest. The Social Economy of Child Care Services in the German Third Sector and Its Evolution

The Challenge of Acceptance: Identifying Just What is 'Special' about the Social Economy

Mónica Bifarello (ARGENTINA)
Public-Third Sector Partnerships: A Major Innovation in Argentinian Social Policy

Catherine Brennan (IRELAND) and Anthony McCashin (IRELAND)
Social Policy Formulation and Voluntarism: A Case Study from the Republic of Ireland

Kathy L. Brock (CANADA)
Sustaining a Relationship: Insights from Canada on Linking the Government and Third Sector

Margherita Brunetti and Barbara Moreschi (ITALY)
Towards an Estimation of the Employment Produced by Italian Voluntary Organizations

Eleanor Burt and John Taylor (SCOTLAND)
The Ubiquitous Chip? Innovation and Institutionalism in the Voluntary Sector

Mike Campbell (UNITED KINGDOM)
The Third System, Jobs and Local Development: The European Experience

William W. Clohesy and Konstanz A. Kuraz (USA)
Realizing Rights: A Reaffirmation of Human Rights and Their Vital Grounding in NGOs

Irina Dezhina (RUSSIA)
The U.S. Non-Profit Foundations in Russia: Impact on Research and Education

Freda Donoghue, Helen Ruddle and Ray Mulvihill (IRELAND)
Warm Glow in a Cool Climate? Philanthropy in Ireland

Ken Dovey (AUSTRALIA), Jenny Green (AUSTRALIA) and Meryl McQueen
Partnerships in Education: Networks in Community Organisations

Victor Friedman (ISRAEL)
The Incubator for Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Partnerships for Second Order Social Change

Margaret Gibelman and Sheldon R. Gelman (USA)
Very Public Scandals: An Analysis of How and Why Nongovernmental Organizations Get in Trouble

David Hall, Irene Hall and Sharon Lockley (UNITED KINGDOM)
Third Sector/University Partnership: Developing Experiential Research as Community Resource

Femida Handy (CANADA) and Shree Ranade (INDIA)
Entrepreneurs in the Nonprofit Sector: A Study of Women Entrepreneurs of NGOs in India

Karin Heitzmann (AUSTRIA)
The Role of Third Sector Organizations in Specific Policy Fields: Contrasting Nonprofit Theory and Empirical Findings -- The Case of Austria

Lesley Hustinx and Frans Lammertyn (BELGIUM)
Solidarity and Volunteering Under a Reflexive-Modern Sign: Towards a New Conceptual Framework

Mary Hutchinson (NORTHERN IRELAND)
Restorative Justice, Voluntary Action and Social Capital: A Perspective from Northern Ireland

Kaj Ilmonen (FINLAND)
Social Capital and Trust in Finland

Jerzy Krzyszkowski (POLAND)
Determinants of Building Social Capital in Poland

Lalit Kumar (INDIA)
Do We have a Theoretical Framework to Explain Social Movement? Third System, Third Sector, Third Way -- No Way

Èva Kuti (HUNGARY)
Democracy Building and the Allocation of Redistributive Decisions

Linda Lampkin and Nicholas Stengel (USA)
How Much do Non-Governmental Organizations Matter? Differing Views from Different Classification Systems

Frank Matanga (KENYA)
Civil Society and Politics in Africa: The Case of Kenya

Hari Mohan Mathur (INDIA)
Involuntary Resettlement and Voluntary Organisations: A View from India

Lucas C.P.M. Meijs and Peter Hupe (NETHERLANDS)
Hybrid Governance: Nonprofit, For-Profit and Governmental Organizations for the Public Good

Anne Moggridge (UNITED KINGDOM)
Research and Practice in Community Information Systems: Learning through Human Inquiry

David Mullins (UNITED KINGDOM), Mary Lee Rhodes (IRELAND) and Arthur Williamson (NORTHERN IRELAND)
The Changing Role of Third Sector Housing Organisations in Ireland's Two Jurisdictions: The Application of the Concept of 'Organisational Fields'

Elizabeth Mulroy (USA)
Implementing Community Partnerships: Nonprofit Organizational Issues, Constraints, and Adaptations

A Study of Impact of NGO Programs on the Empowerment of Rural Women in Bangladesh

Charities, the Law and Public Benefit: Ireland as a Case Study for the Use of Charity Law to Promote Social Capital

Ruth Phillips (AUSTRALIA)
Engaging Corporate Citizens as a Social Movement Strategy: Negotiating a Position for NGOs - The Community Aid
Abroad Experience

Martti Siisiäinen (FINLAND)
Two Concepts of Social Capital: Bourdieu vs. Putnam

The Nature of Social Entrepreneurship - Some Findings

Generosity and Altrusism: Philanthropy and Charity in the US and UK
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