Working Papers Series Volume III
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VOLUME III - Cape Town, South Africa, 2002

"Transforming Civil Society, Citizenship and Governance: The Third Sector in an Era of Global (Dis)Order"
Graduate School in Humanities,
University of Cape Town, South Africa
July 7-10, 2002


Salahuddin Aminuzzaman (BANGLADESH), Harald Baldersheim (NORWAY), and Ishtiaq Jamil (BANGLADESH/NORWAY)
Talking Back! Empowerment and Mobile Phones in Rural Bangladesh

Alex Asiedu (GHANA)
Poverty Reduction among the Urban Poor in Accra, Ghana -- A Comparative Study of the Roles of Two Community Based
Organizations (CBOs)

Revitalising Civil Society through Social Capital Formation in Faith Based Organisations: Research Findings from Northern Ireland

Analía Bettoni (URUGUAY) and Anabel Cruz (URUGUAY)
Voluntariado en América del Sur: Perfiles, Impacto y Desafíos

Angela Bies (USA)
Self-regulation in Poland's Non-governmental Sector: Internal and External Dynamics, Mandatory and Discretionary Approaches

Mónica Bifarello (ARGENTINA)
From Delegation to Participation. The Third Sector and the State in Associative Networks

'Whose media?' Action Research for Participatory Representation: Some Thoughts on Work in Progress

Kathy Brock (CANADA)
A New Way of Governing: State Promotion of the Third Sector and the Corporate World

Govert Buijs (NETHERLANDS)
Sources of Inspiration: Moral Frameworks Supporting the Emergence of a Civil Society

Jacqueline Butcher de Rivas (MEXICO)
A New Perspective of Voluntarism and Citizen Participation in Mexico: Recreating Civil Society/Government Relationships

Phiroshaw Camay (SOUTH AFRICA) and Anne Gordon (SOUTH AFRICA)
Civil Society as Advocate of Social Change in Pre- and Post-transition Societies: Building Sound Governance in South Africa

Helen Cameron (UNITED KINGDOM) with Phillip Escott (UNITED KINGDOM)
The Community Involvement of Church Attenders: Findings from the English 2001 Church Life Profile
with Appendices

Joseph J. Capuno (PHILIPPINES), Maria Melody Garcia (PHILIPPINES), Janette S. Sardalla (PHILIPPINES) and Lorna G. Villamil (PHILIPPINES)
The Development Payoffs of Good Governance: Emerging Results of a Social Experiment in Two Philippine Provinces

Paul Chaney (WALES)
Social Capital and the Participation of Marginalized Groups in Government: A Study of the Statutory Partnership between the Third Sector and Devolved Government in Wales

Kathryn Chinnock (USA) and Lester M. Salamon (USA)
Determinants of Nonprofit Impact: A Preliminary Analysis

Evelina Dagnino (BRAZIL)
Civil Society and Public Sphere in Brazil. Limits and Possibilities

Irina Dezhina (RUSSIA)
American Science Foundations in Russia as Driving Forces of International Transfer in Knowledge and Professional Skills

Freda Donoghue (IRELAND)
Nonprofit Organisations as Builders of Social Capital and Channels of Expression: The Case of Ireland

Kyle Farmbry (USA)
Border Regionalism and the Nonprofit Sector: The Case of San Diego - Tijuana Twin Cities

Giving and Volunteering among Filipinos

Anne Floquet (BENIN)
Les Entreprises Sociales entre Repli et Rançonnement: Analyse Comparative Multisectorielle au Bénin (Afrique de l'Ouest) / Social Enterprises between Racket and Retraction: A Comparative Analysis in Benin (West Africa)

Alan Fowler (SOUTH AFRICA), Njuguna Ng'ethe (KENYA) and Jeremiah Owiti (KENYA)
Determinants of Civic Leadership in Africa: An Exploratory Study of NGDOs in Kenya. A Search for Relevant Theory

Alan Fowler (SOUTH AFRICA)
Mapping Civil Society: Facing Problems of Research Bias and Operational Complexity

Sisay Gebre-Egziabher (ETHIOPIA)
The Role of Civil Society Organisations in Democratisation Process in Ethiopia

Margaret Gibelman (USA) and Sheldon Gelman (USA)
Preventive Medicine: Scientific Conduct in Third Sector Research

Paola Grenier (UNITED KINGDOM)
The Function of Social Entrepreneurship in the UK

Daniel Gropper (ARGENTINA)
El Sector Religión en Argentina: Su Importancia como Empleador y como Generador de Actividad Económica

Radka (Langhammerova) Havlova (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The Role of Civil Society in Overcoming Cultural Differences and Promoting Intercultural Awareness and Tolerance in the Czech Republic

Volkhart Finn Heinrich (GERMANY/SOUTH AFRICA)
Managing Trade-offs. Challenges Faced in Designing the Implementation Approach of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index

Eva Hollerweger (AUSTRIA), Hyun-Joo Nam (AUSTRIA) and Birgit Trukeschitz (AUSTRIA)
Employment in the Third Sector in Austria. The Relative Role of Nonprofit Employment Within Child Care Facilities

Steven Howlett (UNITED KINGDOM) and Angela Ellis (UNITED KINGDOM)
Theory versus Practice: Exploring the Role of Volunteering in Engendering Citizenship

Lesley Hustinx (BELGIUM) and Frans Lammertyn (BELGIUM)
Explaining Differences in Styles of Volunteering: The Case of the Flemish Red Cross Volunteers

Leon Irish (USA) and Karla Simon (USA)
Legal Issues Affecting Volunteers

Nihal Jain (INDIA) and Kalpana Jain (INDIA)
Social Capital in Community-based Institutions: Trends and Emerging Lessons from Western India

Diane Johnson (USA) and Pamela Zappardino (USA)
Community Organizing: Innovation & Effectiveness in Building Community Capacities, Leveraging Community Resources and Facilitating Civic Engagement

Kiyoko Kamimura (JAPAN) and Naoto Yamauchi (JAPAN)
The Nonprofit Labor Market in Japan: Findings from New Survey Data

Hisayo Katsui (JAPAN/FINLAND)
Disability NGOs and International Perspectives. Political, Economical and International Explanation for the Need of 'Directly Applicable Aid and Advice'

Pankaja Kulabkar (INDIA)
NGOs and Urban Planning in India: The Case of Pune's Development Plan

Laís Vanessa C. de Figueirêdo Lopes (BRAZIL)
Compendium of Third Sector Legislation -- Analysis of the Existing Laws and Regulation in Brazil

James Loveday Laghi (PERU)
Ciudadanía y Trabajo Voluntario en el Perú: Facetas de una Práctica Heterogénea

Mark Lyons (AUSTRALIA) and Susan Hocking (AUSTRALIA)
Asian Philanthropy. A Four-Country Study

Qiusha Ma (CHINA/USA)
Classification, Regulation and Managerial Structure: A Preliminary Enquiry on NGO Governance in China

Manzurul Mannan (BANGLADESH)
Cooperative Antagonism: A Southern Perspective on Problematic Dialogue between Programers and Researchers in

Yoshiho Matsunaga (JAPAN) and Naoto Yamauchi (JAPAN)
What Determines the Size of the Nonprofit Sector? A Cross-country Analysis of the Government Failure Theory and the Interdependence Theory

Agnes Meinhard (CANADA) and Mary Foster (CANADA)
Responses of Canada's Voluntary Organizations to Shifts in Social Policy: A Provincial Perspective

Gabriela Moreira Pereira (PORTUGAL)
The Portuguese Misericórdias: General Characterisation and Some Insights into Non-profit Governance

Nitza Nachmias (ISRAEL)
The Israel Government Control of NGOs: The Use of Inducements and Sanctions in Regulating the Third Sector

Charity Law Review and Civil Society: Paving the Way from Alienation to Social Inclusion in Northern Ireland; the Resonance with Experience in Australia

Charities, from a Muting of Dissent to Advocates for Social Change: The Particular Experience in Northern Ireland and the General Lessons from the Common Law Charity Law Reviews

Jenny Onyx (AUSTRALIA) and Rosemary Leonard (AUSTRALIA)
The Relationship between Formal and Informal Volunteering: A Social Capital Framework

Jeremaiah Opiniano (PHILIPPINES)
The Dynamics of Transnational Philanthropy by Migrant Workers to their Communities of Origin: The Case of Pozorrubio, Philippines

Cathy Pharoah (UNITED KINGDOM) and Duncan Scott (UNITED KINGDOM)
Social Enterprise in the Voluntary and Community Sectors: Challenges for Policy and Practice

Steven Robins (SOUTH AFRICA)
Grounding 'Globalization from Below': 'Global Citizens' in Local Spaces

Wladyslaw Roczniak (POLAND/USA)
Civic or Religious? The Issues of Governance in Late Medieval and Early Modern Hospitals: The Case of Poland

Andréa Leite Rodrigues (BRAZIL) and Mario Aquino Alves (BRAZIL)
Fairy Tale Organizations: Myth and Reality in Brazilian Third Sector Organizations

Mario Roitter (ARGENTINA)
Apuntes para Contribuir a (Des)Cifrar el Sector no Lucrativo Argentino en el Contexto Latinoamericano

Adrian Sargeant (UNITED KINGDOM) and Stephen Lee (UNITED KINGDOM)
Trust in the Voluntary Sector: A Relationship to Giving?

Christina Stecker (GERMANY)
Gendering Work and Social Commitment

Soledad Teixidó (CHILE), Reinalina Chavarri (CHILE) and Andrea Castro (CHILE)
Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en Chile: Perspectivas para una Matriz de Análisis

Fletcher Tembo (UNITED KINGDOM)
Revealing the Impact of Interface Representations, Identities and Use-Values on the Poor: A Research Agenda for

Usha Thakkar (INDIA)
Engendering Politics for Good Governance: Advocacy by Women for Social and Political Change

Maria Tysiachniouk (RUSSIA)
Citizen Involvement in Watershed Protection in Russia and the USA

Michael Vilain (GERMANY)
Nonprofit-Management: Current Challenges for Personnel Management in German Welfare Organisations

Fredrick Wanyama (KENYA)
The Third Sector and the Transformation of Governance in Africa: The Case of Community-based Organizations in Kenya

David Worth (AUSTRALIA)
The Construction of Political Effectiveness -- Insights from Australian Advocacy Organisations

Susanne Ziemek (GERMANY)
Economic Theories on Motivations for Volunteering -- A Cross-Country Analysis

Annette Zimmer (GERMANY) and Thorsten Hallmann (GERMANY)
Trapped in an Identity Gap? Self-Perception and Self-Esteem of Nonprofit-Organizations in Changing Environments
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