Working Papers Series Volume VI
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VOLUME VI - Barcelona, Spain, 2008

"The Third Sector and Sustainable Social Change: New Frontiers for Research"
Universitat de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain 
July 9-12, 2008

ISTR Eighth International Conference and
2nd EMES-ISTR European Conference in partnership with CINEFOGO

ISTR Conference Working Papers
Volume VI
Barcelona Conference 2008

Raúl Acosta (Mexico)
The Fluid Market of Advocacy Network Research

Jenny Aimers (New Zealand) and Peter Walker (New Zealand)
Alternative Models of Accountability for Third Sector Organisations in New Zealand

Vasco Almeida (Portugal)
Capitalism, Institutional Complementarities and the Third Sector. The Private Institutions for Social Solidarity (IPSS) in Portugal

Maria Ela Atienza (Philippines)
Health Devolution, Civil Society Participation and Volunteerism: Political Opportunities and Constraints in the Philippines

Sérgio Luís Boeira (Brazil), Lucila Maria de Souza Campos (Brazil) and Charles Goudinho Vieira (Brazil)
Ethics in Organizations and in Society: Theoretical-Epistemological Contributions of Qualis A Brazilian Periodicals (2003-2006)

Oonagh B. Breen (Ireland), Patrick Ford (Scotland) and Gareth G. Morgan (United Kingdom)
Cross-Border Issues in the Regulation of Charities: Experiences from the UK and Ireland

Leslie Brown (Canada)
Accountability Practice as a Strategy for Engaging Stakeholders: The Co-operative Difference and Organizational Renewal

Luiz Claudio Campos (Brazil) and Flavio Alcoforado (Brazil)
Law, Government and Third Sector in Brazil: Improving Deficient Regulation to Promote Better Accountability

Kin-man Chan (Hong Kong) and Yan Zhou (Hong Kong)
Political Opportunity and Anti-dam Construction Movement in China

Carlos Cháves Becker (Mexico)
Relevancia Social y Gobernanza Democrática: Reflexiones Desde el Desempeño Organizacional

Matthieu De Nanteuil (Belgium)
Economie Plurielle et "Reencastrement" : Solution ou Probleme Face la Marchandisation? (In French)

Wolfgang Dörner (Germany)
A Tool for Charting out the Relationships Between Government and Third Sector Organizations in Various National Settings – Applying Social Network Analysis to National Action Plans to Fight Poverty

Anne Dujardin (Belgium)
Emergence and Roles of Non-Profit Organizations Faced with the Failure of the Post-Colonial State in French-speaking Africa. An Analysis on the Basis of the Non-Profit Literature

Wendy Earles (Australia)
Nonprofit Provider Paradigms: Excellence, Sustainability, Viability and Identity

Bernard Enjolras (Norway) and Ragnhild Holmen Waldahl (Norway)
Democratic Governance and Oligarchy in Voluntary Organizations: The Case of the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports

Teresa Encarnacion Tadem (Philippines)
Global Civil Society Movements and the Anti-Asian Development Bank Campaigns: Defining the Democratic Culture in International Financial Institutions

Didi Fahey (USA)
Parent Volunteer Patterns in USA Schools: An Ontological Exploratory Model

Giuliana Gemelli and Paolo Palenzona
Dancing with Fashion. Seeking for a New Model of Partnership and Innovation in Corporate Citizenship

Caroline Gijselinckx (Belgium)
Foundations: Catalysts of Social Change, Innovation and Civic Action? A Critical Realist Conceptualization and Empirical Analysis of the Belgian Sector of Foundations

Carmen Gill (Canada), Heather Mctiernan (Canada) and Luc Thériault (Canada)
Charitable Organizations in New Brunswick (Canada): Understanding the Landscape in Human Services Delivery

Raquel Viana Gondim (Brazil)
Mobilizing Social Capital for the Local Development of a Community of Fishermen in Northeastern Brazil: a Narrative Photographic Ethnography

Julieta Hantouch (Argentina) and María de los Ángeles Sola Álvarez (Argentina)
An Approach to Civil Society Organizations Networks in Argentina (English)
Una Aproximación a las Redes de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil en Argentina (Spanish)

Richard Hoefer (USA)
Program Evaluation for Accountability: What’s Different Now?

Lev Jakobson and Serge Sanovich
The Third Sector in Russia: a Change of Model

Henrique Joaquim (Portugal)
The Organizational Dynamics of the Catholic Church in the Field of Social Care

Nadia Johanisova (Czech Republic)
Towards an Eco-Social Enterprise?

Nicola Jones (United Kingdom) and Fletcher Tembo (United Kingdom)
Promoting Good Governance through Civil Society–Legislator Linkages. Opportunities and Challenges for Policy Engagement in Developing Country Contexts

Dirk-Jan Koch (Netherlands) and Dik Van De Koolwijk (Netherlands)
Do Country Images Affect Private Development Finance? Explaining Differences between Tanzania & the Central African Republic

Yuri Khodjamirian (Denmark)
Capital Structure of Nonprofit Organisations: A Dynamic Framework

Nancy T. Kinney (USA)
Partners Without Borders: Frontiers in Collaboration Between U.S. and Sudanese Nongovernmental Organizations

Natalia Kiryttopoulou (United Kingdom)
Strengthening Civil Society’s Accountability for Results: The Opportunity of Comparative Constituency Feedback

Berthold Kuhn (Germany)
Evaluation and Regulation of Non-Governmental Organizations in the People’s Republic of China. Towards a Certification System Compatible with International Standards?

Éva Kuti (Hungary)
Differences and Similarities between Corporate, Individual and 1% Philanthropy – Their Relevance to Fund Raising Efficiency

Leilah Landim (Brazil)
Thirty years and Recent Dilemmas: NGOs and Third Sector in Brazil (and Latin America)

Jeffrey Leiter (USA) and Julianne Payne (USA)
How Is Isomorphism in the Health Care Industry Generated Across Legal Forms, or Is It? Analysis of Australian and United States Interviews

Mark Lyons (Australia) and Ian Nivison-Smith (Australia)
Does Foreign Funding of Civil Society Encourage Democratic or Good Corporate Governance? Some Evidence from Asia

Kristen Magis (USA)
Global Civil Society: Finding Collective Voice in Diversity©

Eduardo Marino (Brazil) and Rosana Kisil (Brazil)
Local Productive Arrangements: The Silves Case

Jacob M. Mati (South Africa)
Taking the Pulse of Civil Society Worldwide: Insights from the CIVICUS Civil Society Index Project (2003-2007)

Daniel Melo (Portugal) and Renato Miguel do Carmo (Portugal)
Social Capital, the Third Sector, and Local Development: Which Link Is Missing?

Patricia Mendonça (Brazil)
Emerging Visions of Leadership: Relevant Concepts for International Development Support Organizations?

Ruth Phillips (Australia)
NGOs in a Sustainable Relationship for Sustainable Mining? : The Australian Perspective on what Happened after the MMSD Initiative

Susan D. Phillips (Canada), Rachel Laforest (Canada) and Andrew Graham (Canada)
Getting Third Sector Financing Right in Canada?:  Quiet Incrementalism and Subversive Innovation toward Reform

Andrés Ramírez (USA) and Hakan Saraoglu (USA)
An Analytic Approach to Selecting a Nonprofit

Marta Rey García (Spain)
Evaluating the Organizational Performance and Social Impact of Third Sector Organizations: A New Functional Realm for Nonprofit Marketing

David Robinson (New Zealand) and Tuwhakairiora Williams (New Zealand)
The Landscape of Civil Society - the role of community associations in providing spaces for dialogue. Spaces for Dialogue - forming views on new and conflictual issues

Lara Elena Ramos Simielli (Brazil)
Civil Society and Public Education in Brazil: A Study on the Coalition of Different Players in the Structuring and Implementation of Public Policies in Education

Kristin Strømsnes (Norway) and Dag Arne Christensen (Norway)
The Activist Group ‘Byen Vår’ and the use of ICT in the Mobilization against Advertisement-Financed Public Furnishings in Bergen

Ann Marie Thomson (USA), Antoinette Smith-tolken (South Africa), Tony Naidoo (South Africa) and Robert Bringle (USA)
Service Learning and Community Engagement: A Cross Cultural Perspective

Claudio Travaglini (Italy)
Improving NPOs’ Accountability in the enlarged EU: Towards a Common Framework for Financial Reporting in European NPOs

Pau Vidal (Spain), Núria Valls (Spain) and Laia Grabulosa (Spain)
Values as a Distinguishing Element in Nonprofit Organizations

Pau Vidal (Spain) and Sara Martínez (Spain)
An Approach to Codevelopment..The Transnational Migrating Community: Protagonist of Codevelopment

Georg von Schnurbein (Switzerland)
Perceptions of Governance in Swiss Trade Associations: A Triadic Analysis

Belinda Walker (Australia) and Wendy Earles (Australia)
Public Private Partnerships for Increasing Social Housing:  A MetaSynthesis of Qualitative Studies to Inform Non-Profit Practice in a Regional Area

Richard G. Wamai (USA)
Reforming Health Systems: The Role of NGOs in Decentralization – Lessons from Kenya and Ethiopia

Peter Christian Weber (Italy)
Terrorism and Philanthropy. Counter Terrorism Financing Regimes, International Civil Society, and Religious Fundamentalism

Jane Wheelock (United Kingdom), Mabel Lie (United Kingdom) and Susan Baines (United Kingdom)
Citizenship, Volunteering and Active Ageing

Susan Wilkinson-Maposa (South Africa) and Alan Fowler (South Africa)
Helping Principles and Practice among the Poor in Southern Africa: The Potential and Promise of Horizontal Philanthropy for a Reorientation of Concepts and Practice

Asaf Zohar (Canada), Stuart Schoenfeld (Canada) and Ilan Alleson (Israel)
Nurturing Leaders in Peacebuilding and Coexistence: The Case of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies


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