Working Papers Series Volume V
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VOLUME V - Bangkok, Thailand, 2006

"Civil Society and Human Security: Raum Jai"
The Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand
July 9-12, 2006


Krishna P. Adhikari (NEPAL / UNITED KINGDOM) and Ram Risal (NEPAL)

Securing the Future? An Exploration of Prevalence and Sustainability of Community Based Organisations in Nepal

Mario Aquino Alves (BRAZIL) and Philip Hiroshi Ueno (BRAZIL)

Japanese Community Third Sector Organizations in Sao Paulo and Their Role in Immigration

Tatiana Araújo Reis (BRAZIL) and Genauto de Carvalho França Filho (BRAZIL)
La spécificité de la soutenabilité dans les expériences d’économie solidaire: le cas de la COOPAED

Hadara Bar-Mor (ISRAEL) and Esther Iecovich (ISRAEL)

The Relationship Between Formalization and Awareness of Fiduciary Duties of Board Members of Nonprofit Organizations

Patrick Bond (South Africa)

‘Global Governance’ or the World Social Forum: Divergent Analysis, Strategy and Tactics

Woods Bowman (USA)

The Economic Value of Volunteered Time to Organizations

Kathy L. Brock (CANADA) and Kernaghan Webb (CANADA)

Creating Sustainable Relations Among the Public, Private and Nonprofit  Sectors to Prevent Human Tragedy: The Global Road Safety Initiative

Eleanor Brown (USA)
Donors, Ideologues, and Bureaucrats: The Principal-Agent Relationship between Government and the Nonprofit Sector

Paul Bullen and Jenny Onyx (AUSTRALIA)
Social Capital: The Measurement Tool

Jacqueline Butcher (MEXICO)
Myths and Realities of Citizen Participation in Mexico: The Volunteer Effect

Jorge Cadena Roa (MEXICO)
Evaluación del Desempeño de los Movimientos Sociales

Sky Croeser (AUSTRALIA)
The Global Justice Movement  - Providing Human Security to the Least Secure? Networked Activism and the Opposition to Genetically Modified Crops in Karnataka, India

Anna Davies (IRELAND)
Civil Society and the Politics of Waste Management in Ireland:Constraint, Concern and Conflict

Freda Donoghue (IRELAND), Andrew O’Regan (IRELAND) and Edwina Hughes (IRELAND)
Social Capital and County Identity in Ireland

Wendy Earles (AUSTRALIA)
Third Sector Shaping Revisited: A 20-year Window into Organizational Change

Angela Ellis-Paine (UNITED KINGDOM), Michael Locke (UNITED KINGDOM) and Veronique Jochum (UNITED KINGDOM)
Volunteering, Active Citizenship and Community Cohesion: From Theory to Practice

Charmain Estment (SOUTH AFRICA)
The Conflict and Governance Facility (CAGE)-An Evolving Model for Productive Dialogue

Javier Fabra Mata (SPAIN)
Global Civil Society for Peace and Human Rights: Communicative Dimensions and Performative Effects of the International Accompaniment of Peace Brigades International in Colombia and Sri Lanka

Ferenc Farkas (HUNGARY) and Mónika Molnar (HUNGARY)
The Accountability Movement and its Implications to the Governance Practices of the Hungarian Third Sector

Glenna H. Graves (USA)
Culture and Mentalite Considerations in Community Development

Muslim Philanthropy and Social Security: Prospects, Practices, and Pitfalls

Theodore J. Hopkins Jr. (USA)
The Third Sector, Community Development and Social Justice

Delwar Hossain (BANGLADESH)
State, Civil Society Empowerment and Human Security: Evidence from Bangladesh

Joanna Howard (UNITED KINGDOM), Marilyn Taylor (UNITED KINGDOM), Antaoneta Mateeva (BULGARIA), Christopher Miller (UNITED KINGDOM), Rumen Petrov (BULGARIA), Mojgan Rahbari, Luis Serra (EL SALVADOR)
Non-governmental Actors and the Political Dimension: Navigating the Tensions in New Governance Spaces

Muhammad Asif Iqbal (PAKISTAN)
The Ideological Divide of the Nonprofit Sector in Pakistan

Apuuli Phillip Kasaija (UGANDA)
Civil Society and Conflict Resolution: The Role of the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) in the Northern Uganda Conflict

Krystyna Kietlińska (POLAND), Krystyna Piotrowska-Marczak (POLAND) and Bożena Mikołajczyk (POLAND)
Economic Consequences of Changes in the Civic Society Institutions in Poland

Patrick Kilby (AUSTRALIA)
Civil Society Governance: NGO Values and Accountability for Empowerment

Nancy T. Kinney (USA)
The Political Dimensions of Donor Nation Support for Humanitarian INGOs

M.A.Uday Kumar (INDIA)
A Self-Sustainable Civil Society through Rising Consciouness: A Study of Soligara Abhivrudhdhi Sangha (SAS) in India

Jeffrey Leiter (USA)
Nonprofit Isomorphism:  An Australian – United States Comparison

Crossing the Boundaries Between Third Sector and State: Reflections From An Ongoing Life-work History Research Project

Duncan McDuie-Ra (AUSTRALIA)
The Politics of Civil Society Beyond the State: Gender, Identity, and Insecurity

Débora Nacif de Carvalho (BRAZIL) and Ivan Beck Ckagnazaroff (BRAZIL)
Sustainability and Effectiveness of Environmental NGOs - The Influence of the Managerial Process

Sachiko Nakagawa (JAPAN) and Ikuyo Kaneko (JAPAN)
Can NPOs Provide "Trust” in Uncertainty? : Case Study of Japanese Nonprofit Business based on Consumers’ Perspective

Janice Lay Hui Nga (MALAYSIA/UNITED KINGDOM) and Victor Terry King (UNITED KINGDOM)
Youth Organisations’ Participation in the Nation Building of Malaysia

Theo Schuyt (NETHERLANDS), Marieke de Boer (NETHERLANDS), Elvira Wilthagen (NETHERLANDS) and Karin van Zanen (NETHERLANDS)
Mapping the Philanthropic Contributions of Service Clubs: The Dutch Case

Kristin Strømsnes (NORWAY) and Dag Wollebæk (NORWAY)
Mapping Voluntarism – Scandinavia in Comparison

Kristin Strømsnes (NORWAY), Per Selle (NORWAY) and Gunnar Grendstad (NORWAY)
Norwegian Environmentalism Between State and Local Community: Why Greenpeace Failed in Norway

Koichi Suwa (JAPAN), Tomohide Atsumi (JAPAN) and Yoshihiro Seki (JAPAN)
Disaster Volunteers and Two Types of Interest

Marco Tavanti (USA) and Rosemary Hollinger (USA)
Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities of Inter-Sectoral Partnerships for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Winston Tseng (USA) and Howard Pinderhughes (USA)
Restricted Incorporation: Chinese and Vietnamese Community Service Organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area

Philip Hiroshi Ueno (BRAZIL) and Martina Rillo Otero (BRAZIL)
Social Technology in Brazil: A Ground-based Concept

Natalie Unterstell (BRAZIL) and Mário Aquino Alves (BRAZIL)
Whose Fortune is at the Bottom of the Pyramid?

Georg von Schnurbein (AUSTRIA)
Governance in Trade Associations and Unions (Work in Progress)

Deena White (CANADA)
Governing Advocacy and Dissent in the Partnership State: Canadian Stories

Dennis R. Young (USA)
How Nonprofit Organizations Manage Risk


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