Working Papers Series Volume XI
VOLUME XI - Amsterdam, The Netherlands- July 2018

Democracy and Legitimacy:  The Role of the Third Sector in a Globalizing World
13th International Conference 

*Please note that this list is not complete.  Updates are ongoing.


Gabriel BergerLeopoldo Blugerman (Argentina)

Challenges and Tensions in Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Businesses in Nonprofit
Organizations: A Case Study from the South 


Elena Bogolyubova (USA), Kathie Carpenter (USA), Valerii Mitrofanenko (Russia)

Re-thinking Civil Society in Russia Through International and Intersectoral Collaboration in Youth Welfare in North Caucasus


Domenico Carolei (United Kingdom)

Testing the Effectiveness of Civil Society Self-Regulation. The Case of Roman Third-Sector and the Scandal "Mafia Capitale"


Maria Faina Diola, Rita Gallardo (Philippines)

Social Innovation and Social Capital in Health: Implications on Third Sector Involvement in a Public Sphere 


Maria Faina Diola, Charlie Rivas  (Philippines)

Governance Network Administration: Understanding the Concept Among Philippine Civil Society Organizations' Engagement with Government


Ksenjia Fonovic, Tania Cappadozzi (Italy)

Of Sugar and Spice, but Not Everything Nice. What Women Volunteers are Made Of


Ksenjia Fonovic, Riccardo GuidiTania Cappadozzi (Italy)

With or Without Organizations: Interpretations and Findings on Individual  Volunteering in Italy


Silvia Garcia, Una Osili, Xiaonan Kou (USA)

Measuring the Environment for Philanthropy Across Countries: How Changing Political and
Economic Landscapes Affect Charitable Giving


Ushi Ghoorah, Peter Humphreys (Australia)

Board Size and Level of Financial Disclosures: An Investigation of Australian Not-for-profit 


Megan Haddock, Wojciech Sokolowski, Lester Salamon (USA)

Measuring Direct Volunteering: Current and Future Prospects


Hiroki Komuro, Masanori Koizumi (Japan)

The Impact of Privatization on the Expansion of Public Library's Role in Japan


Berthold Kuhn (Germany)

Changing Spaces for Civil Society Organisations in China


Hanna LaitinenMinna Ruusuvirta  (Finland)

What Makes Third Sector Organizations a Species of Its Own?


Marcus Lam (USA) and Anaël Labigne (Germany)

Too much of a good thing? Examining the interactive effects of financial and relational slack 


Nina Lueck (UK)

Great Britain vs. Little England & Teamgeist vs. Indifference


Hitoshi Oguma (Japan)

Does social capital enhance the involvement of residents in public transport? : a multilevel analysis of rural area in Japan


Camila Pagina, Andre Tiago da Silva, Daniel Pinheiro, Julia De Marchi (Brazil)

Confidence and Legitimacy: Ana Analysis of Civil Society's Perception of Universities in Cordoba and Florianopolis


Daniel Pinheiro,  Camila Pagani, Julia de Marchi (Brazil)

Political Education Through Digital Platform


Melwyn Pinto (India)

The Role of Community Radio in Democratic Participation in India


Patricia Quinn (Ireland)

Benefacts: An Irish Case Study in Documenting and Addressing the Information Needs of the
Third Sector


Anne Reggiardo (Italy)

Marketisation and Reflexivity in Human Rights and Advocacy Associations. An Analysis Based
on the Italian Case


Nicole Schwarz, Hellen P. Gross, Katharina Hary, Stefanie Cramer von Clausbruch, Carolin Ackermann (Germany)

Looking into Germany’s black box – Identifying citizen groups based on their attitudes towards refugees 


Michelle Walker (USA)

Governance Teams, Fiduciary Duty, and Intellectual Property


Veronica Yepez Reyes, Juan Carlos Gonzalez (Ecuador)

Community Outreach Roadmap: An Emerging Area of Democracy and Legitimacy for the 
Ecuadorian higher Education and Third Sector



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