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March - April 2017


V O L U M E 28, N U M B E R 2
March - April 2017





Original Paper

‘Shopping for Change’:World Vision Canadaand Consumption-Oriented Philanthropy in the Age of Philanthrocapitalism


Original Paper

Cross-National Differences in Charitable Giving in the West and the World


Original Paper

Crowdfunding and Diaspora Philanthropy: An Integration of the Literature and Major Concepts


Original Paper

Visible Minorities and Majority Giving

BenicAmankwaa & RoseAnneDevlin

Original Paper

Examining the Association of Welfare State Expenditure, Non-profit Regimes and Charitable Giving

AstridPennerstorfer & MichaelaNeumayr

Original Paper

Charitable Giving as a Luxury Good and the Philanthropic Sphere of Influence

CrystalA.Evans, GregoryR.Evans & LorinMayo

Original Paper

Comparing the Explanatory and Predictive Power of Intention-Based Theories of Personal Monetary Donation to Charitable Organizations

TaniaM.Veludo-de-Oliveira, IbrahimS.Alhaidari, MirellaYani-de-Soriano & ShumailaY.Yousafzai

Orignal Paper

Whether and How Much to Give: Uncovering the Contrasting Determinants of the Decisions of Whether and How Much to Give to Charity with Two-Stage Alternatives to the Prevailing Tobit Model


Original Paper

Will You Trust Me?: How Individual American Donors Respond to Informational Signals Regarding Local and Global Humanitarian Charities

JoannieTremblay-Boire & AseemPrakash

Original Paper

Understanding the Dynamics of the Individual Donor’s Trust Damage in the Philanthropic Sector

JundongHou, ChiZhang & RobertAllenKing

Original Paper

Old and New Forms of Giving: Understanding Corporate Philanthropy in India

JohnGodfrey, ElizabethBranigan & SabithKhan

Original Paper

Institutionalizing Japanese Philanthropy Beyond National and Sectoral Borders: Coevolution of Philanthropy and Corporate Philanthropy from the 1970s to 1990s


Original Paper

A Concealed Wrongdoing of Corporate Philanthropy: Evidence from China

LipingXu, ShuxiaZhang, PanXu, NingLiu, GuannanZhao & LiangZhao

Original Paper

Allocative Failures: Networks and Institutions in International Grantmaking Relationships



Professionalization and Cost Efficiency of Fundraising in Charitable Organizations: The Case of Charitable Foundations in China

NaNi, QiuChen, ShujunDing & ZhenyuWu

Original Paper

Access to Philanthropic and Commercial Income Among Nonprofit Community Service Organisations


Original Paper

Efficiency Analysis of the European Food Banks: Some Managerial Results

P.González-Torre, S.Lozano & B.Adenso-Díaz

Original Paper

Strategic Leadership in Civil Society Organizations: A Research on Turkish Charities Performing International Operations

YusufBilgin, GülvedaD.Bilgin & IzzetKilinc

Book Review

P. Wiepking and F. Handy (eds): The Palgrave Handbook of Global Philanthropy


Book Review

John Mohan and Beth Breeze:The Logic of Charity: Great Expectations in Hard Times


Book Review

Lester M. Salamon: Leverage for Good. An Introduction to the New Frontiers of Philanthropy and Social Investment


Book Review

Mark S. Leclair: Philanthropy in Transition


Book Review

Samiul Hasan (ed.): Human Security and Philanthropy: Islamic Perspectives and Muslim Majority Country Practices


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