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September - October 2016


V O L U M E 27, N U M B E R 5
September - October 2016






Civil Society, Nonprofit Organizations, and Citizenship in China: An Editorial Introduction to the China Issue

TacoBrandsen & RuthSimsa


Continuity and Change in China’s Civic Engagement from a ‘State in Society’ Perspective

MagnusDau & StephanieBräuer

Original Paper

Carrots and Sticks: A Case Study of Government-Caused Danwei Tradition in Chinese NGOs

MengliXiao & HaozhouLin

Original Paper

Advocacy Coalitions and Policy Change in China: A Case Study of Anti-incinerator Protest in Guangzhou


Original Paper

Web 2.0 and Political Engagement in China

FengshiWu & ShenYang

Original Paper

Microblogging-Based Civic Participation on Environment in China: A Case Study of the PM 2.5 Campaign

IrinaFedorenko & YixianSun

Original Paper

Becoming Public: Tactical Innovation in the Beijing Anti-domestic Violence Movement


Original Paper

Instrumental Civil Rights and Institutionalized Participation in China: A Case Study of Protest in Wukan Village

RuoyunHua, YuxinHou & GuoshengDeng

Original Paper

Alienation of Civic Engagement in China? Case Studies on Social Governance in Hangzhou

BaoYang, YufeiHe & WenjinLong

Original Paper

Public Policies, Stakeholder Interest, and Nonprofit Development: The Case of Trade Associations in Shanghai, China

TingZhao, LiliWang & GeorgeM.Thomas

Original Paper

Mapping the Level of Development of Grassroots NPOs in China


Original Paper

Understanding Service Contracting and Its Impact on NGO Development in China

RongZhao, ZhongshengWu & ChuanjinTao

Original Paper

The Effects of Resources, Political Opportunities and Organisational Ecology on the Growth Trajectories of AIDS NGOs in China


Red Cross Society in Imperial China, 1904–1912: A Historical Analysis


Original Paper

Beyond the Abolition of Dual Administration: The Challenges to NGO Governance in 21st Century China

YongjiaoYang, MickWilkinson & XiongxiongZhang

Original Paper

Students’ Willingness for Future Volunteering in Hong Kong

WaiHangLing & WingHongChui

Original Paper

Bridging Cultures Through Unpaid Labor: US Volunteer Teachers’ Experiences in China’s Yunnan Province

LizJackson & GenejaneAdarlo

Original Paper

Faith-Based Organization and Transnational Voluntarism in China: A Case Study of the Malaysia Airline MH370 Incident

ChengpangLee & LingHan

Original Paper

Exploring Factors that Influence Voluntary Disclosure by Chinese Foundations

LinNie, HelenK.Liu & WenhaoCheng

Original Paper

Evaluation of Corporate Governance in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan: A Comparative Study of Educational Foundations

XiXu & RongtianLiu

Information, Community, and Action on Sina-Weibo: How Chinese Philanthropic NGOs Use Social Media

HuiquanZhou & QuanxiaoPan

Original Paper

Relational Management Mechanisms for Strategic Alliances Among Nonprofit Organizations

Jung-NungChang, Dah-HsianSeetoo, Chwo-MingYu & Chia-YiCheng

Original Paper

Termination of Nonprofit Alliances: Evidence from China

MingHu, ChaoGuo & AngelaBies

Original Paper

Investigating Philanthropy Initiatives in Chinese Higher Education


Book Review

Jianxing Yu, Jun Zhou, and Hua Jiang: A Path for Chinese Civil Society: A Case Study on Industrial Associations in Wenzhou, China (2012)


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