November - December 2015


V O L U M E 26, N U M B E R 6
November - December 2015



Original Paper

Welfare Mix and Hybridity. Flexible Adjustments to Changed Environments. Introduction to the Special Issue

LarsSkovHenriksen, StevenRathgebSmith & AnnetteZimmer

Original paper

Welfare Mix as a Contested Terrain: Political Positions on Government–Non-profit Relations at National and Local Levels in a Social Democratic Welfare State

HåkanJohansson, MalinArvidson & StaffanJohansson

Original Paper

Public, For-Profit, and Nonprofit Welfare Institutions in Norway: Distinctive Goals and Steering Mechanisms or Hybridity in a Dominant State


Original paper

Explaining Collaboration and Commitment in Danish Non-Profit Organizations: Linking Institutional Environments to Outcomes


Original Paper

Managing Hybridity in a Changing Welfare Mix: Everyday Practices in an Entrepreneurial Nonprofit in Belgium

LesleyHustinx & ElsDe Waele

Original Paper

Performance Accountability as a Driver for Changes in Nonprofit–Government Relationships: An Empirical Insight from Austria

DorotheaGreiling & SandraStötzer

Original Paper

When Doing Good Becomes a State Affair: Voluntary Service in Germany

RabeaHaß & KathiaSerrano-Velarde

Original Paper

Dangerous, Commendable or Compliant: How Nordic People Think About Volunteers as Providers of Public Welfare Services


Original Paper

Welfare Mixes and Hybridity: Analytical and Managerial Implications



How do Service Providers and Clients Perceive Interorganizational Networks?

JenniferIhm, MichelleShumate, JuliaBello-Bravo, YannickAtouba, NiangoMalickBa, ClémentineL.Dabire-Binso & BarryRobertPittendrigh

Original Paper

Community Service Provision by Political Associations Representing Minorities in the Middle East and North Africa

ShawnTeresaFlanigan, VictorAsal & MitchellBrown

Original Article

SROI as a Method for Evaluation Research: Understanding Merits and Limitations

FlorentineMaier, ChristianSchober, RuthSimsa & ReinhardMillner

Original Paper

NGO Accountability in Bangladesh: Two Contrasting Cases

MonirMir & SwapanKumarBala

Original Paper

Immigrant Associations and Co-development Policies. Among the Opportunities for Strengthening and the Risks of Cooptation in the Case of Valencia Region (Spain)

JoanLacomba, AlejandraBoni, AlexisCloquell & CarlosSoledad

Original Paper

The Strategic Orientations of US-Based NGOs


Original Paper

Stages and Pathways of Development of Nonprofit Organizations: An Integrative Model


Original Paper

Board of Directors and Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations Model: Preliminary Evidence from Nonprofit Organizations in Developing Countries


Original Paper

Does CSR Matter for Nonprofit Organizations? Testing the Link Between CSR Performance and Trustworthiness in the Nonprofit Versus For-Profit Domain

NickLin-Hi, JacobHörisch & IgorBlumberg

Original Paper

Accountability in Korean NPOs: Perceptions and Strategies of NPO Leaders

BokgyoJeong & KevinKearns

Original Paper

Foundations and the Charisma of Giving: A Historical Sociology of Philanthropy in Germany and the United States


Original Paper

Organizational Capacity and Organizational Ambition in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sports Clubs

A.L.Balduck, S.Lucidarme, M.Marlier & A.Willem

Original Paper

Memory of the Quality of Group Experiences During Childhood and Adolescence in Predicting Volunteerism in Young Adults

DanielaMarzana, MaríaL.Vecina, ElenaMarta & FernandoChacón

Original Paper

Marriage of the Unwilling? The Paradox of Local Government and NGO Relations in Ghana

JusticeNyigmahBawole & FarhadHossain

Original Paper

Contesting Parallel Worlds: Time to Abandon the Distinction Between the ‘International’ and ‘Domestic’ Contexts of Third Sector Scholarship?


Original Paper

Investing in Volunteering: Measuring Social Returns of Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Management

GiacomoManetti, MarcoBellucci, ElenaComo & LucaBagnoli

Original Paper

Funding Allocations in Israel: An Empirical Assessment of the New Philanthropy Approach



Erratum to: Social Capital and Subjective Well-Being in Japan

MidoriMatsushima & YoshihoMatsunaga

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