Toronto - Abstracts - 2004
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Contesting Citizenship and Civil Society in a Divided World

ISTR 7th International Conference
July 11-14, 2004
Ryerson University and York University
Toronto, Canada

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Acheson, Nicholas
Peace-building and Participation in Northern Ireland: Marginal Social Movements and the Policy Process Since the ‘Good Friday’ Agreement

Adebanwi, Wale
Contesting Exclusion: The Dilemmas of Citizenship in Nigeria

Ahmad, Mokbul Morshed
Roots of Funding, Roots of Trust: The Struggle for Survival and Credibility among the Religious NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in Bangladesh

Amin, Jayaraj
Disciplining Civil Society: A Study of State-Civil Society Dynamics in India

Anand, Priya
Hindu Diaspora and Religious Philanthropy in the United States

Arko-Cobbah, Albert
The role of civil society in ensuring good governance: Challenges facing public libraries

Audebrand, Iacobus
The social representation of fair trade in a business student population

Awoshakin, Tokunbo
News Media and Engaged Citizenship: The Nigerian Niger Delta Experiment

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B.C., Manjula
Women Empowerment and NGOs

Baquiero, Alberto
Sobre el uso de herramientas formales para la gestión ética en organizaciones civiles

Basava Raja, M.G.
The Persons With Disabilities – Their Struggle for Recognition, Rights and for Improving Their Quality of Life: Role of the Ngos

Bettoni, Analia
Nuevas formas de la solidaridad y participación en Uruguay: la adaptación a los cambios

Biagini, Graciela
Civil Society: Provision of Services or Citizenship Construction? AIDS, Sexual Identities and Sexual and Reproductive Health CSOs Cases

Boris, Elizabeth
United States Civil Rights and Social Action Associations: Trends in Formation, Finances, and Activities

Brubacher, Barbara
NGOs and Humanitarian Principles in an Age of Uncertainty

Bujis, Govert
The Protestant (and Other) Ethics and the Spirit of Civil Society: Expanding the Social Origins Theory

Burnley, Caroline
Devolution of Services to Children and Families: The Experience of Non-Profit Organizations in
Nanaimo, B.C.

Butcher, Jacqueline
Building Citizenship and Voluntary Participation in Mexico: Social and Economic Implications from a National Study

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Carman, Joanne
Evaluation theory and practice: A report from the field

Carniero, Christiane
Civil Society Participation in Multilateral Institutions: the Case of Dispute Settlement within the World Trade Organization.

Chesters, Graeme
Global Complexity and Global Civil Society

Chioro, Bertha
Liberal Market Reforms and the Rise of Civil Society in Zimbabwe, The Contradictory Results of Structural Transformation and Possibilities for the Future

Global Civil Society, Globalisation and Nation-state

Christiansen, Rachel
Accountability Mechanisms and Mission-Based Activity:
A Nonprofit Agency Serving Immigrants and Refugees

Clemente, Jesus
Social Capital, Economic Growth, and Nonprofit Organizations

Clohesy, William
Global Business Citizenship: A Public Role for Corporations

Cochrane, Feargal
Home Away from Home: The Role of Civil Society Within the Irish Diaspora - NGOs and the preservation of migrant identities within a globalised world.

Cook, Deborah
The European Convention and Civil Society; the view from Wales

Cruz, Anabel
Organizaciones de la sociedad civil en Honduras De la consulta a la participación

Cukier, Wendy
Complex Environments and Emergent Order in International Advocacy Efforts: The Case of an International Gun Control Coalition

Cukier, Wendy
NGOs and the Discourses of Privatization in Canada: Silences on the Rise of Private Security and Erosion of Public Policing

Curtis, Grant
The Asian Development Bank’s Cooperation with NGOs and Civil Society

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Daftary, Dolly
International Voluntary Service: Diplomacy, Development, Aid, or Self-Service?

Daly, Tamara
Out of Place: Mediating Health and Social Care at the State - Nonprofit Divide

Dalziel, Robert
Why do Tenants and Residents Associations Collaborate With Their Local Authority?

Dart, Raymond
Governance Issues in the Greening of Nonprofit Organizations: Creating An Action Research Agenda

Davister, Catherine
Integration Social Enterprises in the European Union

Deguchi, Masayuki
Who are givers? Why did they give? CSCOP Method reveals Japanese philanthropists

Dekker, Paul
Voluntary Associations and Volunteering in a Comparative Civil Society Perspective

Dezhina, Irina
Promoting Women’s Leadership in Russian Science: Impact of Grant-Awarding

Ding, Yuanzhu
How do People in China Look at "Governance” of Third Sector?

Diniz, Lisa
The Changing Face of Non-traditional NGO Governance: The Case of the Chinmaya Rural Primary Health Care and Training Centre (CRPHC&TC), India

Dunn, Alison
Single issue politics, voluntary organisations and freedom of speech: fundamental rights or fundamentally wrong? Developments from the UK

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Earles, Wendy
Escaping Parochialism – Emerging Principles and Logics for Re-Membering Local Service Provision

Earles, Wendy
Home-Based Business Enterprises and the Third Sector: Conceptual and Methodological Developments in Identifying and Profiling This Hidden Economy

Edwards, Mel
Organic Seeds for Localised Renewal

Emery, Steve
Recognition of the Rights of Deaf Communities: Citizenship and Group Rights

Esmail, Karima
Ethno-cultural Perspectives of Environmental Volunteering Initiatives (Working Title)

Evers, Adalbert
Mixed Welfare Systems and Hybrid Organisations – Changes in the Governance and Provision of Social Services

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Fedato, Maria Cristina

The Responsibility for the Development

Feeney, Melisah
Organisational Innovation in Mobilizing Resources Within Third Sector Organizations: Uncoiling the Complexities

Ferullo, Hugo
La Inclusión de la Sociedad Civil en el Pensamiento Economico Moderno

Fields, Marion
Will Greater Acknowledgement of Lifelong Learning in Civil Society Organisations Alter the Relationship between the State and Civil Society?

Flanigan, Shawn
Teresa Including Children’s Voices: Romanian NGOs as Advocates for Recognition of Children’s Issues

Fleuret, Sebastian
Associations et réseaux "institutionnels" de soins en France: Concurrence, complémentarité ou indifférence polie?

Foster, Mary
Women’s Voluntary Organizations: Bridgers, Bonders or Both

Fuentes Perdomo, Juana
Normalización Contable Internacional de las Organizaciones sin Fines de Lucro: Un Análisis Comparativo

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Gaiger, Luiz Inacio
Sens et Viabilité des Nouvelles Formes de Production Non-Capitaliste: Quelques Résultats de Recherche sur L’économie Solidaire au Brésil

Galakiewicz, Joseph
Collaboration between Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations

Gaonkar, Rekha
Role of Self-Help Groups in Empowerment Of Women

Gibelman, Margaret
Acting On Our Values: Do Human Service Professionals Volunteer?

Gibelman, Margaret
A Loss of Credibility: Patterns of Wrongdoing Among Nongovernmental Organizations

Gill, Carmen
In Partnership with the State: Violence Issues and Community-based Organizations in a Canadian Province

Graefe, Peter
Welfare Regimes and the Third Sector: Rendering Path Dependency Contingent?

Greenspan, Itay
Mediating Bedouin Futures? The roles and influence of NGOs in the conflict between the State of Israel and the Negev Bedouins

Griffith, John
Managing in a Turbulent Real World

Gronbjerg, Kirsten
Nonprofit Advocacy Organizations: Their Characteristics and Activities

Grosenick, Georgina
Delimiting Democracy? Media Representations of Volunteerism

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Hailey, John
Trees Die From The Top: International Perspectives On Ngo Leadership

Halfpenny, Peter
Philanthropy and Social Justice

Hallemaa, Helmet
Nonprofit Organizations in Regional and Civil Society Development: Estonian case and results of studies

He, Liping
Administrative Orientation or Autonomic Tendency?
Neighborhood Residents’ Committees in China

Helm, Scott
Motivations for Social Entrepreneurship: Building an Analytical Framework

Hossain, Farhad
Public, Private and Nonprofit: Institutional Analysis on the Sustainability of Development NGOs in Nepal

Hossain, Farhad
NGOs in Development: Promoting Harmony, or Tension Between Social Capital and Economic Globalization?

Hossain, Farhad
Managing Development in the Grassroots: Sustainability of Development NGOs in South Asia

Huang, Ping Der
Strategies to Grow in Chaotic Environment: The NPOs’ Lessons in Taiwan

Humphries, Maria
Human Rights Through a Platform for Action

Hustinx, Lesley
Toward A New Work Society? Predicting Opinions About Flexible Combinations of Paid and Unpaid Work Among Flemish Red Cross Volunteers

Hutchinson, Anthony
Towards a Trans-National Framework of Social Inclusion: Using Indicators and Indexes to Inform Accountability

Hvenmark, Johan
The Popular Movement Marinade: The Dominating Civil Society Framework in Sweden

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Ihrke, Douglas
Representational Effectiveness of Neighborhood Boards in Milwaukee

Ishtiaq, Jamil
Coping with the Challenges of growth and development: The role of NGOs in mitigating HIV/AIDS challenges in Uganda

Isumonah, Adefemi
A Theory of Human Life for Citizenship And Civil Society

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Jager, Urs
Structure Principles in Nonprofit Organizations – The Challenge of Integrating Mission and Market-Oriented Values In Strategizing Processes

Jamal, Haroon
Dimensions of the Nonprofit Sector in Pakistan

Johnson, Diane
Bending The Box: Non-Traditional Service Delivery, Cultural Competency & Community Health Partnerships Impacting HIV Constituents in the U.S.

Juan, Lilibeth Jovita
Government-Civil Society Interface in Poverty Alleviation Program: The CIDSS Experience in the Philippines

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Kaufman, Roni
Development of the Advocacy Sector and Socio-Political Processes in Israel

Kendall, Jeremy
The third sector and the European policy process: The TSEP research network

Khankhoje, Dilip
Advances in Women’s Leadership Styles: Implications on Subordinates’ Competencies in an NGO – An Empirical Investigation

Kietlinska, Krystyna
Public benefit (utility) organisation as a form of providing social services in a civil society

Klein, Edith
Third-Sector Construction in Post-Conflict Societies:
Incubating Non-Profit Organizations in Serbia/Montenegro

Kollman, Kelly
Same-sex Unions: The Globalization of an Idea

K.P., Shirpathi
Government - Ngo Partnership for Public Service in India: A Diagnostic Study

Kulkarni, Parashar
Ideology Mapping: A tool for Information Asymmetry (Funding) and Compatibility Measurement (Networking) in the Third Sector

Kumar, Lalit
Shifting Relationships Between the State and Nonprofit Sector – Role of Contracts Under the New Governance Paradigm

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Lampkin, Linda
A Framework for Measuring Outcomes in Civil Society Organizations

Lange, Chris
Third Sector Organizations in the Process of Regional Integration: EU-Enlargement and Social NGOs – with a focus on German NGOs

Layton, Michael
Funding Sources for Civil Society in Mexico:
Constructing a Matrix of Funders and Organizational Typology

Lee, Eliza
The State-Nonprofit Relationship in the Asian Late-Industrializers: The Case of Hong Kong and Singapore

Leonard, Rosemary
Examining the Relationship Between Social Agency and Social Capital in Third Sector Human Service Organisations

Lepp, Ulle
Non-profit associations active in the field of culture and social sphere on the threshold of change – Estonian case study

Lin, Fu Kei
Challenges and Threats for Civil Society Organized as Networks: A Case Study of Local Social and Eletronic Networks for Organizations Dealing with Children and Adolescents in Brazil

Locke, Michael
How Governments Use "Community”: A Policy Analysis, and Some Political Anxieties

Lombe, Margaret
The Knowledge Base on Civic Service: Status and Directions for Scholarship Worldwide

Lourenco, Paulo
El capital humano en Las Entidades no Lucrativas. Un Estudio Empírico del Sector Social para la Tercera Edad en Portugal

Luski, Israel
Ownership structure, economic efficiency and quality of service: Evidence from the nursing homes industry

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Macdonald, Terry
‘We the Peoples’: The Democratic Authorization and Accountability of NGOs in Global Governance

Maglio, Ivan Carlos
The City of Sao Paulo Strategic Master Plan – the Making of: From Pressure Groups to NGO’s

Magner, Michael
Dissent GONGOs in Non-Democratic Regimes

Mangrulkar, Latika
The Emerging Transnational Female Identity—Illustrations From Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Cultural Perspective

Marcuello, Carmen
Nonprofit Organizations: Social Efficiency and Social Audit

Marsal, Pablo
Major donors and main recipients concerning US foundation grants to NGOs in Argentina

Martin, Betsan
Co-citizenship: Sailing on Disturbed Waters

Mehtab, Shameena
Women Development and Civil Society Organistions: Indian Experience

Melo, Vanessa
Linking Research, Teaching and Continue Education: The experience of the PDGS – Programa de Desenvolvimento e Gestão Social, in Brazil

Mendonca, Patricia
Decentralization, State and Civil Society Relationships in Brazil: Towards Synergy?

Mirabella, Roseanne
The International Census of Nongovenmental Studies Project: A Comparative Perspective

Mkrtchyan, Anahit
How the Individual and Collective Accountability for
Civil Society in Transition is Possible?

Montserrat, Julia
Management Models for Non-Profit Organisations

Mordaunt, Jill
Crisis, Failure and Recovery in the Governance of Public and Nonprofit Organisations: The Impact of Participation

Moreschi, Barbera
Women in the Italian Nonprofit Labor Market

Morgan, Gareth
Funding for Voluntary Sector Infrastructure: A case study analysis

Morgan, Gareth
Statutory Self-Regulation in the Third Sector: The Case of Charity Independent Examiners

Moura, Maria
La Especificidad de la Gestión en Emprendimientos de la Economía Solidaria – Un Estudio Exploratorio Brasileño

Muchie, Mammo
Can Civil Society Resurrect The Emancipatory Project In Africa?

Mukasa, Apollo
Civil society, Women Empowerment and Decentralization in Uganda

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Nakagawa, Sachiko
Evaluating and Designing Effective Public-Private Partnership: Case Study of the PPP Project in the City of Yokohama, Japan

Nayak, Jayavantha
Role of Voluntary Agencies in Rural Development and Self Employment Training

Nijland, Erik Hacia
Resultados Medibles: Un Reto Para la Sociedad Civil Organizada Y las Organizaciones de Co-Financiamiento Como HIVOS

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Obadare, Ebenezer
In Search of a Public Sphere: The Fundamentalist Challenge to Civil Society in Nigeria

Ochieng, P.J.
Women’s Movement’s and Advances in National Political Leadership in Post Colonial Kenya: A Historical Perspective

Olive, Santiago Rierra
El Liderazgo Financiero De Las Cajas De Ahorro De Catalunya. Un Modelo De Empresa Del Tercer Sector
Para El Desarrollo Económico Socialmente Responsable

Onyx, Jenny
Accountability And Advocacy

Ortolani, Juliana
Micro credit and Micro finances Regulation in Brazil

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Paulos, Akalu
Deep-seated Fear in the Ethiopian Civil Society: Is Good Governance a Dream Far Away?

Phillips, Ruth
Challenges to NGOs' Legitimacy in Policy Governance in Australia: Addressing the Neo-Liberal Critique

Phillips, Susan
The Myths of Horizontal Governance: Is the Third Sector Really a Partner?

Pires, Joao
Teixeira The strengthening of the participatory democracy

Pul, Hippolyt
Belonging and Not Belonging: Citizenship and the New Forms of Exclusion, Association and Conflicts in Northern Ghana

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Raghe Mohamed, Ibrahim
Silencing of Dissent with Growing Constrains on Civic Expression

Rapetti, Sandra
Modelos de Gestión de las Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil. Una aproximación a partir de la aplicación de técnicas estadísticas multivariadas en las investigaciones realizadas sobre OSC culturales del Uruguay

Reed, Paul
On the Social Architecture of the Civic Economy

Reid, Elizabeth
Examining the Financing of U.S. Nonprofit International Development and Assistance Organizations

Reuter, Marta
Civil Society Networking Across the Old East-West Divide: Cross-Border NGO Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

The Third-Sector Portal: A Reference for the Third-Sector in Brazil

Richmond, Ted
The New Contracting Regime and the Restructuring of the Canadian NGO Sector

Ridder, Hans-Gerd
Functions of a Resource Based Human Resource Management Within Non Profit Organisations

Riker, James
Advancing Democratic Empowerment and Governance in Transnational Civil Society: Toward Meaningful North-South Research Collaborations

Rikmann, Erle
Citizenship and Political Communication in Estonia

Rikmann, Erle
The Change of Estonian Political Culture: From Idea of Nation-State to the Project "Civil Society"

Rocha de Mendonca, Luciana
Monitoring of Cross-Sector Alliances: A Brazilian Proposal

Ryan, Sherida
Initial Trust Formation in an Online Social Action Network

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Schepers, C
On The Necessity of Non-Profit Specifications in Motivation Theories: A Qualitative Analysis

Shneider, Ulrike
A Good As It Gets – Or Is It? Employment In The Nonprofit Sector Empirical Evidence For The Austrian Health Social Services Industry

Schuyt, Theo
Philanthropy and the Diversification of the Western European 'Welfare State' – Model

Schwabenland, Christina
Founders Utopias and Dystopias: The Paradox of Complicity

Scott, Katherine
Funding Matters: The Impact of Canada’s New Funding Regime on Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations

Simielli, Lara
Nonprofit Sector, Civil Society and Public Policies: A Comparative Study on the Brazilian and Canadian Experiences

Sivesind, Karl
Is there a social democratic civil society regime in the welfare field?

Skinner, Mark
Co-Opting Voluntarism: Ideology, Long-Term Care Reform and the Voluntary Sector in Ontario, Canada

Smith, Matt
Negotiating Civil Society, the State and the Market:
International Development NGOs and Reflexive Strategies for Global Citizenships

Sommerfeld, David
A Longitudinal Examination of the Dynamic Nonprofit and For-Profit Organizational Composition of the United States’ Social Service Industries since mid-1970

Sreedhara, T.N.
Constructing Civil Society-Third Sector Interface in Post-Colonial Societies With Reference To India

Stacey, Simon
The new philanthropy: Failure of vision or clear-sighted Pragmatism?

Sturtevant, Deborah
Managing Resource Relationships: Legislators Speak to Nonprofits

Swain, Pranaya
Building Authentic Partnerships: Reality or Rhetoric?

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Taillon, Ruth
Supporting Community-Based Peacebuilding in Ireland:
The Impact of the EU Peace Programmes

Tang, Fengyan
Toward Comparative Measurement of Civic Service: Application of Institutional Theory

Thompson, Susan
Third Sector Discourse(s) on Welfare Recipients: How Framing Affects the Social Policy Landscape

Timmer, Vanessa
Organizational Form as a Strategic Choice: A Case Study Comparison of Greenpeace International and Friends of the Earth International

Trukeschitz, Brigit
Service Contracts and Their Impact on Welfare Providers: A Profile of Nonprofit Contractors in Austria’s Social Service Industry

Tseng, Winston
External Dependence and Adaptation of Chinese and Vietnamese Community Based Organizations

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Unterstell, Natalie
Project Arte Baniwa: Possibilities for the Development Of the Fair Trade in Brazil

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Vasavada, Triparna
Navigating The Dynamics Of Cross-Sector Partnership: A Gender Base Analysis

Vidal, Paul
The Intersectorial Collaboration Challenge In The Social Third Sector In Catalonia (Spain)

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Wagner, Regine
Partnerships and Collaborations as Paucity Management Practice in Australian Community Based Human Service Organisations

Wanyama, Fred
Civil Society Organizations, Resource Dependency and Sustainable Livelihoods In Africa: The Evidence from Community Based Organizations in Western Kenya

Watanabe, Tatsuya
Developing Accountability Standards in the Japanese NGO Sector

Wilke, Burkhard
Monitoring Charitable Organizations: Criteria and Assessment Methods

Wilkinson-Maposa, Susan
A Search for Relevant Concepts and Theory: Understanding the Phenomena of "Help” In Low Wealth Communities – An Exploratory Study of Four Southern African Countries

Williamson, Arthur
State Building and the Development of Voluntary Action: A Comparison of the Two Jurisdictions in Ireland

Wong, Kwok-fu Sam
Empowering the Poor by Inclusion? Reconsidering the Paradoxes of Agency in Social Capital Theory

Wright, Karen
Giving Across Britain: A Multicultural Landscape

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Xavier, Thais
Intrasectoral Partnerships in the Third Sector: An Approach for Microfinance in the Brazilian Context


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Yanacopulos, Helen
Norms and the Public Face of Debt

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