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With the help of ISTR, we have set up a first infrastructure for the ISTR PhD Seminar Alumni Network for all of you who got to know each other in Siena (2012), Muenster (2014), and/or Stockholm (2016). Our aim: continuing to build on the amazing relationships, learning and connections we made during each seminar. And we hope that by linking up to a wider network we can extend many of these benefits even further and across the individual seminar years.

For now, we – a team of four (Lesley Alborough, Mieke Berghmans, Ruth Hansen, and Christiane Rudmann) at this point – have been ‘getting organized’ on Facebook , LinkedIn  and with a listserve through ISTR to share with you information on conferences, summer schools, calls for papers, job openings, and possible meet-ups, to name a few. We hope to facilitate dynamic exchange of thought and interaction between the alumni. Maybe this network will help you find that sparring partner with whom you can test your ideas, that one pdf which you could never find, or that cartoon on post-PhD life! Opportunities for exchange and sharing between PhD Alumni, that’s what we want to create. Please make sure your email address connected to your ISTR profile is current and join us on facebook, LinkedIn, here on the ISTR platform, and/or at ERNOP in Copenhagen, DK in July, a conference Lesley and Margery will both attend. Please feel free to contact Lesley at lja24 [at] to plan a get together and help launch the idea of ISTR PhD Seminar Alumni Network meet-ups!


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