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The University of Muenster

The 11th International ISTR Conference will take place in and around the University of Muenster.



The University of Münster with the full name "Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (abbreviated WWU Münster)” is located in the Münsterland, a rural and plane area of North Rhine-Westphalia which is in the Middle-West of Germany. From Münster, there are only 65 km to take to the Dutch Border.

With around 270,000 inhabitants and about 48,000 students, Münster is the largest city in the Münsterland. As an academic and cultural city, Münster offers a wide variety of museums, theatres and events. The city is also well-known as Germany’s bicycle capital – after all, statistically every inhabitant owns four bicycles. The historic city center, Lake "Aa” and the moated castles in the surrounding region have made Münster very popular as a leisure center.

Founded in 1780, the WWU Münster is a university with tradition. There are 250 courses of study, 15 departments in seven faculties and in addition to the aforementioned 48,000 students there is a staff of 5.000 including 565 professors. The university counts over 550 partnership agreements with universities and other academic institutions all over the world, from Enschede in the neighboring Netherlands to Vientiane in Laos. The research profile of the WWU Münster is marked by a considerable number of research focal points of proven excellence – in the humanities (including the theological faculties), in law, business administration, natural sciences, mathematics and medicine.

The special characteristic of Münster’s university is that all the departments and faculties are scattered over about 200 buildings and several hundred institutions over the whole city of Münster covering 264,000 qm² of useable space. Today, the baroque palace of Münster, formerly built according to the plans of Johann Conrad Schlaun and Wilhem Ferdinand Lipper as prince-bishop residence, is used as main administration building of the WWU Münster. In front of the palace, there is the second largest inner-city place of Europe which is regularly used for events like the Münster’s fun fair "Send” or national dressage competitions or local summer events like "Münster à la carte” and concerts.

City and university are closely interrelated and maybe there is a greater dependence of the city on the university than vice-versa. So, the university is one of the main employers of Münster and its surrounding. And it is certainly the influence of the academic and student surrounding that Münster got in 2004 the LivCom-Award according to which it is the city most worth living in.


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