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Muenster 2014 - Abstracts


Civil Society and the Citizen



Abstracts - Papers 


Åberg, Pelle, Ersta Sköndal University College, The Institute for Civil Society Studies 
Promoting Active Fathers. Civil Society Organizations Filling A Discursive Void In Contemporary North-Western Russia

AbouAssi, Khaldoun, The Bush School of Government & Public Service; Bies, Angela, Indiana University School of Philanthropy
Relationships, Resources And The Legitimacy Of NGOs:  Reflexive, Coercive, And Normative Isomorphism In Shaping NGO Self-Regulation


Acheson, Nick, University of Ulster
‘Who Is Speaking To Whom About What And Where And Why’: An Exploration Of Agency And The Third Sector In Post-Banking Crisis Welfare Reform.

Ackerman, Jacqueline, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
Million-Dollar Philanthropy And Giving In A Cross-National Perspective

Aiken, Mike
Private Corporations Shaping Public Policy: How Can Third Sector Organisations Influence For-Profit Organizations?

Alampay, Erwin A., NCPAG
Models Of Collaboration Between Volunteers And Local Government In Climate Change Adaptation In The Philippines

Alessandrini, Megan, University of Tasmania
Collaborating For Success?

Alix, Nicole, Confrontations Europe
Women In SSE: Labour Forces Or Agents Of Social Transformation?

Appe, Susan, Binghamton University; Rubaii, Nadia, Binghamton University; Cook, Kerry, Binghamton University Solidarity Before, During, And After International Service-Learning Within Public Affairs Education: Why It Is Necessary And How It Can Be Achieved

Arnesson, Johanna, University of Gothenburg - Department of Journalism, Media and CommunicationShopping For Change – Commodifying Practices And Individual Responsibility In Non- Profit Fundraising Discourse

Babis, Deby, Hebrew University in Jerusalem
The Dynamics Of Ethnic Organizations Among Native Populations: The Case Of Indigenous Doctors In Bolivia

Bahng, Grace, Azusa Pacific University
What Can Humanitarian Assistance Professionals Learn From The New Public Administration Movement

Baumüller, Josef, University of Vienna; Haring, Nikolai, FHWien of WKW, Institute for Management, Austria
Enhancing Third Sector Accountability Through Financial Accounting – Regulations And Practices In German-Speaking Countries

Beijerman, Martine
NGOs As Democratic Legitimizers Of International Law-Making - Elements Of Critique

Bekkers, Rene, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; DeWit, Arjen, VU University Amsterdam
Look Who’s Crowding-Out! Correlates Of Willingness To Substitute Declining Government Contributions To Charitable Organizations

Bekkers, Rene, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Religion Nurtures Some Forms Of Prosociality, Education Does Not

Benenson, Jodi, Brandeis University
Civic Engagement: A Mechanism For Economic Mobility?

Benevolenski, Vladimir, Higher school of economics 
Government Regulation In The Russian Nonprofit Sector: The Case Of Socially Oriented NGOs

Berglund, Anna-Karin, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions; Campbell, Colin, Social Entrepreneur Network Scotland (Senscot); Svanberg  Malin, Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting 
Creating Space For Collaborative Governance And Abundant Communities

Betzler, Diana, Zurich School of Applied Sciences; Gmuer, Markus, Verbandsmanagementinstitut (VMI) 
Professionalism And Rationalization In Fundraising Management: A Contingency View Of Fundraising Capability

Bies, Angela, Indiana University; Jiangang Zhu, Sun Yat-sen University; Belsky, Shenyu, Southern China Program; Guo, Chao; Mesch, Debra, Indiana University - Purdue University; Witkowski, Gregory, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy; Katz, Robert, Indiana University School of Law
Foundation-University Partnership As An Approach To Building Third Sector Capacity In China

Bijos, Leila, Universidade Católica de Brasilia
Civil Society And Citizen Participation - Addressing Public Issues In Brazil

Boccacin, Lucia, Universitat Cattolica del S. Cuore
Third Sector And New Relational Processes: Partnerships, Co-Production And Governance

Boccacin, Lucia, Universitat Cattolica del S. Cuore; Rossi, Giovanna, Universita Cattolica del S. Cuore; Bramanti, Donatella, Università Cattolica of Milan
Active Aging And Third Sector Organizations: A Quantitative Study In Italy

Boenigk, Silke, University of Hamburg; Becker, Annika, University of Hamburg
Germany’s Top 100 Nonprofit Brands – How Do Brand Awareness And Strengths Effect Trust And Giving Behavior?

Bolton, Victoria, University of Southampton
The Relationship Between Volunteering And Political Activity Through Time

Boullosa, Rosana de Freitas, Federal University of Bahia (UFBA)/ Escola de admi
How Can We Think Public Policy From Civil Society? Proposal, Movements And Challenges

Boullosa, Rosana de Freitas, Federal University of Bahia (UFBA)/ Escola de admi; Pereira, Iago Itã, Universidade Federal da Bahia; Araujo, Edgilson Tavares de, Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo / Cath 

Civil Society Participation In Public Administration At Local Level In Brazil: Scope And Challenges Of The Implementation Of Local Management Councils

Bowers Du Toit, Nadine, University of Stellenbosch
Activating Moral Imagination : Exposed 2013 As A Faith-Based Fourth Generation Approach?

Bozer, Gil, Sapir Academic College; Kuna, Shani, Sapir Academic College
Israeli Perspective On Nonprofit Executive Succession Planning

Braeuer, Stephanie, University Duisbur-Essen
Chinese Women Activists: Between Rational Actors And Emerging Citizens?

Branigan, Elizabeth, Swinburne University of Technology
An Empirical Study Of Celebrity Philanthropy And Non-Profit Cause Endorsement In Australia


Brown, Jeffery, Florida A&M University College of Law
Conflict Early Warning Systems And The Law: Anticipating Resistance To Civil Society Action In Africa

Brown, William, Texas A&M University
Drivers Of Performance: Understanding Nonprofit Capacity

Buber-Ben David, Noga, The Hebrew University
Social-Business Entrepreneurship In Israel – Between Ideas And Practices

Buffardi, Anne, Oxfam International; Moodley, Pooven, Oxfam GB (South Africa); Buenaventura-Goldman, Marianne, Oxfam GB (South Africa)
Role And Influence Of Civil Society In 21st Century Global Policy Processes

Burger, Ronelle, Nottingham University and Stellenbosch University; Burger, Rulof, Stellenbosch University; Owens, Trudy, Nottingham University
How Do Ugandan NGOs Cushion Themselves Against Financial Risks?

Carmichael, Calum, Carleton University
Who Gives: Another Rationale For Rewarding And Regulating Charitable And Political Contributions Separately

Carvalho, Amélia Oliveira, Porto Polytechnic – ESTGF-IPP, CIICESI; Rodrigues, Lúcia Lima, University of Minho, Portugal; Branco, Manuel Castelo, University of Porto, Portugal
The Influence Of Foundations Characteristics In Disclosure Process: The Case Of Portugal

Caselli, Marco, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Civil Society And The Construction Of Europe Between Myth And Reality: An Italian Research

Castillo, Elizabeth, University of San Diego
How To Become Sustainable: The Promise Of Intangible Capital


Chamberlain, Susanna, Griffith University 
Intersecting Worlds: Social Enterprise And Narrative Therapy/Community Work


Chen, Jie, University of Western Australia 
The Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement: New Direction After Thirty Years

Chen, Jose Chiu-C, Tunghai University
Social Loafing Phenomenon And Lean-Thinking Model In A Taiwan Non-Profit Organization

Chien, Herlin, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
Adversarial, Managerial, Network Or Collaborative Governance? Examining Relation Between The State And Civil Society

Chuang, Su Chong, National Chiayi University
No Safety No Trust: Anticipating The Third Sector For More Public Trust Onto Making Food Safety Mechanisms And The Policy

Claeye, Frederik, Lille Catholic University
Becoming Professional: Examining Competing Institutional Logics In Non-Profit Organizations In South Africa.

Clifford, David, University of Southampton
International Connections Of Philanthropy: The Global Geography Of UK Charities Working Overseas

Clifford, David, University of Southampton; Mohan, John, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham 
The Sources Of Charities’ Income: An Organization-Level Perspective

Connolly, Iolani (Lani), Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas/ UTD

Helping Girls Grow: Factors Influencing Initial And Continued Involvement In Girl Scouting Among New Volunteers

Cornforth, Christopher, Open University; Macmillan, Rob, University of Birmingham

The Evolving Relationship Between Chairs And Chief Executives: A Negotiated Order Perspective

Cruz, Anabel, Instituto de Comunicacion y Desarrollo (ICD); Bettoni, Analia, Instituto de Comunicación y Desarrollo (ICD) 

¿Participación, Cogestión O Cooptación? La Relación De La Sociedad Civil Con El Estado En Uruguay

Curtiss, Jarmila, Institute of Ag. Development
Size, Structure And Integration Of Rural Non-Profit Organizations In Local Governance: Survey Results From The Czech Republic

Dai, Haijing

The Discontents Of Integration: Boundary Work And Welfare Stigma At Reformed Elder Homes In China

Dale, Elizabeth J, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

The Story Behind The Gift: An Exploratory Study Of Gender, Discourse, And Million-Dollar Donations

Damian, Elena, Soclife Research Training Group

Understanding Volunteering Variation In Europe: A Multilevel Approach Of The Structural And Cultural Determinants Of Volunteering

Danley, Stephen, Rutgers-Camden University

Networks As Negotiations, Not Pixie Dust

Dasegowdanakoplu, Poornananda, Kuvempu University

Media Framing Of Development-Induced Displacement


de Gilder, Dick, VU University; Schuyt, Theo, VU University

Strategic Corporate Philanthropy: Questioning The Dominance Of Economic Explanations For Corporate Giving

Deitrick, Laura, University of San Diego; Carter-Kahl, Sue, University of San Diego

Volunteer Matching: Exploring The Intersection Of Volunteer Preferences And Organizational Needs

Dekker, Paul, Netherlands Institute for Social Research | SCP & Tilburg University

Patterns Of Social And Political Involvement: Further Conceptual And Empirical Explorations In A Western European Country


Derbal, Nora, Free University of Berlin, Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies; Schreier, Christian

The Maecenata Institute Forschungscollegium - An Interdisciplinary Approach Towards Theorizing Civil Society


Deren Van Het Hof, Secil, Akdeniz University

The Role Of Media Publicity Of NGOs In Enhancing Participation In Turkey

Dill, Ann, Brown University

Bio-Citizens Or Health Consumers? How CSOs Negotiate State And Individual Responsibility For Health In Croatia

Dobrai, Katalin, University of Pecs, Hungary; Farkas, Ferenc, University of Pecs, Hungary; Kurucz, Zsuzsanna, University of Pecs Hungary

The Relationship Between Individual And Organizational Development – Findings Of A Large Sample Research

Domaradzka, Anna, University of Warsaw; Wijkstrom, Filip, Stockholm School of Economics 

New Urban Movement As A Field Negotiated Into Existence: The Case Of Poland

Domingo, Ma. Oliva, University of the Philippines

Governance and Social Transformation: How Do Citizens Participate?

Donegani, Chiara Paola, Catholic Univeristy of Milan

Italian Cooperatives Challenged By The Crisis. A Matter Of Size?

Donegani, Chiara Paola, Catholic Univeristy of Milan; Balduzzi, Paolo, Catholic University, Milan 

The Effects Of Boards Decision Making On The Efficiency Of Italian Foundations

Dreesbach, Suska Claudia, University of Hamburg; Scheck, Barbara, University of Hamburg

Corporate Volunteering – What's In For The Employees?

Dury, Sarah, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Nico, De Witte, University College Ghent; Liesbeth, De Donder, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Smetcoren, Vrije, An-Sofie Universiteit Brussel; Brosens Dorien, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Emily Verté, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Van Regenmortel, Sofie, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Verté, Dominique Vrije, Universiteit Brussel 

Social Participation In Later Life: A Co-Occurring Perspective.

Einarsson, Stefan Lennart, Stockholm School of Economics
Governance Within Multi-Tiered Federative Membership-Based Organizations

Eikenberry, Angela, University of Kent
Giving Circles In The UK And US: Mapping Landscapes And Exploring Differences In Collaborative Giving

Ekhator, Eghosa, Law School,University of Hull
Compulsory Acquisition Of Private Lands In Nigeria: The Roles Of NGOs In Reducing The Negative Impacts On Affected Communities

Eller, Helene, Oesterreichischer Alpenverein
Corporate Governance In Non-Profit-Organizations In Europe By Focusing The Governance Model

Erakovic, Ljiljana, The University of Auckland Business School
Charting New Waters: Building for the Future, Responding to the Unknown


Faulk, Lewis, American University; Janis, Amanda, American University
Understanding Grantseeking and Grantmaking in Competitive Nonprofit Markets

Fazekas, Erzsebet, University at Albany, SUNY
Giving In Smart Ways: How Does Industry Shape The Philanthropy Of Giving Pledgers?

Fazekas, Erzsebet, University at Albany, SUNY
Civil Society Spreads Here Like Cancer: Civil Society Meanings Among Nonprofit Developers In Hungary

Ferreira, Silvia, Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra
Changes In The Fields And Frames Of Volunteering: A View From A Country With Low Volunteering Tradition

Ferreira, Silvia, Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra
From Governance To Social Entrepreneurship: A New Landscape For The Third Sector In A Welfare State Under Structural Adjustment

Fisher Melton, Julie, Kettering Foundation
Civil Society And Loyal Opposition

Forbes, Deb, Newcastle University
A Study On Employer Supported Volunteering In The UK

Förster, Sarah, Centre for Social Investment at the University of Heidelberg; Striebing, Clemens Centre of Social Investment at the University of Heidelberg; Kolleck, Nina, Hertie School of Governance; Mangold, Janina, Hertie School of Governance; Scheunemann, Petra, CSI Centre for Social Investment; Brix, Julia, Hertie School of Governance

Positions And Contributions Of German Foundations: About The Social Embedding Of Foundations.

Frank, Peter, Wingate University; Shockley, Gordon, Arizona State University
Social Entrepreneurship And The Advancement Of Civil Society: Polycentricity And Dispersed Knowledge

Froehlich, Christian, Södertörn University

Informal Groups And Social Initiatives In Russian Civil Society - An Alternative Path To Democracy?

Froelich, Karen, North Dakota State University

Centralization in Nonprofit Organizations: Reducing the Role of Citizen Participation?

Gawell, Malin, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute; Hulgard, Lars, Roskilde University 

Social Entrepreneurship - Addressing Symptoms Of Or Solutions To Wicked Problems?

Gidron, Benjamin, School of Business Administration

Is There A Common Value Base For Third Sector Organizations?

Glänzel, Gunnar, Centre for Social Investment at the University of Heidelberg; Schmitz, Björn, Philiomondo

Investment-Readiness Of Social Innovation In Europe And Its Implications: An Evidence-Based Investigation

Gooding, Kate

Civil Society Involvement In Policy Making: The Role Of Research And Ideas Of ‘Evidence Based Advocacy’

Green, Jenny, University of Technology, Sydney

The Role Of Not-For-Profit Disability Organizations In The Careers Of People With Disability And Implications For Measuring Social Impact

Greenspan, Itay, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Berger, Ida E., Ryerson University

Participatory Philanthropy: A Nonprofit-Centered Conceptual Framework For Charity Sports Events

Greiling, Dorothea, Johannes Kepler University Linz; Stötzer, Sandra, Johannes Kepler University Linz

Stakeholder Accountability Of Austrian NPOs

Grizzle, Cleopatra, Rutgers University-SPAA

Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts And Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

Haas, Benjamin, Universiteit Leiden; Fischer, Jorn, University of Cologne

Subsidiarity, Public Accountability and Political Responsibility: A Systematic Mapping of the Relationship between Civil Society and the State in German International Volunteer Service Programmes

Habraken, Rik, CIDIN Radboud University Nijmegen, Visser, Marjolein, CIDIN Radboud University Nijmegen; Schulpen, Lau, CIDIN, Radboud University Nijmegen

Dutch NGOs In Kenya – Determinants Of Provincial Allocations

Haddad, Tania, American University of Beirut

Civil Society And The State Of Lebanon

Haider, Wahida Haifa

Iniciativas De Jóvenes Y Su Relación Con El Liderazgo Social En Las Organizaciones De La Sociedad Civil En Jordania

Harlock, Jenny, University of Birmingham

Contracts, Competition And Commissioning In Public Services Delivery: Implications For Third Sector Organizations In England

Harrison, Yvonne, SUNY at Albany, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy; Murray, Vic, University of Victoria 

Changes In The Performance Of Nonprofit Organization Boards Of Directors: The Effects Of Online Board Performance Self-Assessment

Hass, Rabea, Hertie School of Governance & Center for Social Investment, Heidelberg University; Hielscher, Hanna, Center for Social Investment, Heidelberg University; Klink, Dennis, Center for Social Investment, Heidelberg University 

The Roles Of Civil Society In German Reform Processes

Hass, Rabea, Hertie School of Governance & Center for Social Investment, Heidelberg University; Bettina, Julia Eberhardt, CSI Heidelberg

Internationalization Of Voluntary Services And Social Change

Hattori, Atsuko, Center for Active Community

How Did Social Finance Effect On Revitalization Of The 3.11 Tsunami Disaster In Japan? : A Study Of Social Investment Fund And The Outcome.

Hayman, Rachel, INTRAC - The International NGO Training and Research

Can Philanthropy Fill The Gap? CSO Sustainability And Changing Aid Dynamics

Hazenberg, Richard, University of Northampton

Empathic Social Enterprise: The Role Of Empathy And Shared Intentionality

Hazenberg, Richard, University of Northampton; Hall, Kelly, University of Birmingham

Public Service Mutuals: Partnerships, Collaboration And Service-User Outcomes.

Helm, Scott, University of Missouri - Kansas City; Never, Brent, University of Illinois at Springfield

The Institutional Antecedents To Social Entrepreneurship: An Experimental Study

Henriksen, Lars, Aalborg University; Fridberg, Torben, Danish National Institute of Welfare Research 

Trends In Danish Volunteering From 2004 To 2012. Empirical Individual Level Evidence.

Hermans, Rosemary, Swinburne University of Technology

The Paradoxical Nature Of An Innovative Civil Society In A Risk-Averse Environment

Hernandez Baqueiro, Alberto, Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey; Zenil, Monica, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Ciudad de Mexico 

Inventario De Prácticas De Participación Ciudadana En El Desarrollo Comunitario En México

Hernandez Baqueiro, Alberto, Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey

Third Sector Transparency In Mexico: Evaluating Governmental And Nongovernmental Initiatives

Hersey, Leigh, University of Memphis

Using Classroom Philanthropy To Build Civil Society

Hetherington, Linda Jane

Use Of Volunteers In Third Sector Organisations Following The 2010 UK Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR)

Hill, Matthew, Institute for Volunteering Research; Paine, Angela Ellis Institute for Volunteering Research 

Shifting Sands: Volunteering In The UK’s Changing Public Service Delivery Landscape

Ho, Meng-Han

Social Capital And Non-Profit Business Collaboration: Case Study On The Social Marketplaces In Germany

Hoefer, Richard, University of Texas - Arlington

Building Administrative Capacity: A Pilot Study To Assess And Augment Administrative Skills

Hoelz, Martin, Heidelberg University; Serrano-Velarde, Kathia, CSI, University of Heidelberg; Schwarz, Miriam, CSI, University of Heidelberg

Positioning Strategies Of Research Funding Institutions In Germany (1955-2005)

Hogg, Eddy, University of Kent

Philanthropic Journeys: Exploring High-Income Professionals’ Pathways To The Giving Of Time And Money

Hogg, Eddy, University of Kent

Constant, Serial And Trigger Volunteers: Modeling Volunteering Across The Life Course

Hoolwerf, Barry, VU University Amsterdam

Government And Foundations; Collaboration Or Conflict? Developing A Theoretical Model To Understand The Relationship Between Foundations And Governments.

Horowitz-Rozen, Shani, Bar Ilan University

The Third Sector And The Mass Media: Coverage Of Philanthropic Giving During National Holidays

Howard, Jo, University of Bristol

Theorising the role of citizens in collaborative governance and policymaking: towards a framework for cross-national comparative work.

Hrafnsdottir, Steinunn, University of Iceland; Kristmundsson, Omar, University of Iceland

What Is The Role Of Volunteers In Icelandic Non-Profit Organizations Providing Welfare Services?

Hu, Ming, U of Wisconsin-Madison; Bies, Angela, Indiana University School of Philanthropy 

Building Cross-Sectoral Collaboration Through Academic Engagement: A Case Study Of The Sichuan Earthquake

Huang, Chang-Yu, Department of Business Management, National Sun Yat-Sen University; Kao, Ming-Rea Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages - Graduate Institute of International Business and Cultural; Wei-Ting Huang, Wendy, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages; Chen, Vivian Yu-Wen, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

From Opportunity To Entrepreneurship: Exploring Dynamic Processes Of Social Entrepreneurship

Imamura, Hajime, Toyo University

Accumulation Of The Relational Skills In Japan For Promoting Horizontal Solidarity Of Civil Society Organizations

Ishida, Yu, Akashi National College of Technology; Baba, Hideaki, Aichi Gakusen University 

Financial Information Of CSOs And Donors’ Decision Making

Ivanova, Ekaterina A., WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

The Role Of Professional And Business Associations In A Transitional Democracy: Empirical Evidence From Russia

Jakobson, Lev National Research University Higher School of Economics; Konovalova, Evgeniya, National Research University Higher School of Economics; Korneeva, Irina, National Research University Higher School of Economics

Involvement In The Third Sector And Civil Practices In Russia

Jegers, Marc, Vrije Universiteit Brussels; Wellens, Lore, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Downward Accountability Of Belgian Nonprofit Organizations: A Survey Based Analysis

Johns, Adele, University South Australia; Gurd, Bruce, University of South Australia

Good Governance, Board Dynamics And The Engagement In Financial Management. (Australia & International)

Kaim, Agnieszka, The Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Public Grants And The Relations Between NGOs. The Case Of Poland

Kamerāde, Daiga, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham; Crotty, Jo, Salford Business School; Ljubownikow, Sergej, Nottingham Trent Univeristy

Unexpected Changes In Participation In Civil Society Organizations In Post-Soviet Countries

Kamerāde, Daiga, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham
A Good Place To Be A Man? Gender, Work And Subjective Wellbeing In The Third Sector Organizations

Kang, Chulhee, Yonsei University; Park, Tae Kuen, Yonsei University; Oh, Yang Rae, Yonsei University
Giving Korea: Estimating Total Amounts Of Giving & Volunteering In Korea


Kang, Chulhee, Yonsei University; Hwang, Jimin, Yonsei University; Lee, Kyounghye, Yonsei University 
Gender Differences In Volunteering Behavior: Analysis On Korean Population

Karayiannis, Yiannis, Univeristy of Crete; Loukidou, Aikaterini, Athens Kapodistrian University 
The Path To Democracy: Civil Society And Politics In Greece, 1974-1977

Katz, Hagai, Ben Gurion University
Antecedents Of Entrepreneurial Social Engagement Among Young Adults


Katz, Hagai, Ben Gurion University; Yogev, Hila, Israeli Center for Third Sector Research (ICTR)
Person, Job And Organization Effects On Wages In The Third Sector Workforce

Kehl, Konstantin, CSI - University of Heidelberg

Civil Society In The Social Investment State: A Typology And Comparison Of Policy Incentives

Kehl, Konstantin, CSI - University of Heidelberg; Stahlschmidt, Stephan, Humboldt University

The Monetary Value Of Volunteering In Informal Care: The Well-Being Valuation Revisited

Kehl, Konstantin, CSI - University of Heidelberg

Civil Society And Social Policy Reform: Is There A Discrepancy Between The Political Soapbox And Specific Policy Discourse?

Kiwumulo, Peter Kabala, Uganda Christian University

Factors That Influence The Contribution Of Civil Society Organizations To Public Policy Formulation The Case Of Uganda

Kleres, Jochen

Modes Of Civic Action: An Emotions And Power Perspective

Koller, Edeltraud

Can Economic Necessities Limit Ethical Requirements? Business Decisions In A Benedictine Monastery

Koller, Edeltraud

How Can Roman Catholic Church Be Developed By Changes In Society? An Economic Analysis

Kou, Xiaonan, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy; Carnagua, Stephen, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Osili, Una, IUPUI 

Globalizing Corporate Philanthropy: What Factors Drive Corporate Giving Overseas?

Krasnopolskaya, Irina, National Research University Higher School of Economics

State Of Corporate Social Responsibility In Institutional Structure Of Russian Society: Influence On Civil Society Sphere

Krasynska, Svetlana, University of San Diego

Civil Society And The Rule Of Law: Ukraine’s Third Sector’s Legislative Environment

Krieger, Morgana Martins, State University of Santa Cruz

Recent Civil Society Networks In Brazil: Strengthening Democracy Through Social Control And Public Engagement

Kuhn, Berthold, Xiamen University, School of Public Affairs; Zhang ,Yangyong, Xiamen University 

Capacity Building Of Non-Governmental Organisations In China. Concepts And Evolution.

Kunin, Johana, IDAES/UNSAM

Latin American “Cardboard Publishers”: Transnational Cultural Networks

Kvartiuk, Vasyl, Liebniz-Institute of Agricultural Development

Participation And Local Governance Outcomes In Transition

Lagerspetz, Mikko, Åbo Akademi University; Keedus, Liisi, Tallinn University; Sundblom, Dan, Åbo Akademi University; Rikmann, Erle, Estonian Institute of Humanities; Sundback Susan, Åbo Akademi University 

When Activism Fades Out: Causes Of Closure Of Voluntary Associations In Finland And Estonia

Lam, Swee-Sum, Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Social Entrepreneurship And Social Enterprise: Meanings, Models And Measures

Landong, Jemima Dacayanan, Development Academy of the Philippines

Partners In Community Development: Examining Hometown Association And Local Government Collaboration In Paniqui, Tarlac

Lang, Richard, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Institute for Innovation Management; Mullins, David, University of Birmingham

The Role Of Citizen Participation In The Governance Of Community-Led Housing Fields In England

Lappalainen, Pertti, Dept of phil and sos sci, University of Jyväskylä

Formal Or Genuine Participation: Citizen Engagement

Larroude, Elisa, Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV) - Escola de Administracao de Empresas de Sao Paulo (EAESP)

Which Are More Accountable To Citizens: Corporate Foundations Or Civil Society Organizations?

Leonard, Rosemary, University of Western Sydney

Perceptions By Attendees Of Christian Churches’ Role In Social Welfare And Environmental Activities In Australia

Leonard, Rosemary University of Western Sydney; Johansson, Stina, Umeå Universitet 

Understanding Gendered Spaces In The Third Sector In Terms Of Agency AndCommunion: Studies From Sweden And Australia

Leskinen, Anna

Studies Of Contemporary Russian Civil Society: Critical Review

Li, Yang, NGO Research Center of Tsinghua University

An Amazing Governance Model Of Social Enterprise: A Case Study Of The Canyou Group In Shenzhen, China

Libby, Pat, University of San Diego; Deitrick, Laura, University of San Diego; Mano, Rita, University of Haifa

A Comparative Analysis Of Legislative Advocacy Strategies Used By U.S. And Israeli Nonprofits: An Exploratory Study

Lin, Shelley Hui-Yin, Sun Yen-Sen University; Kao, Ming-Rea, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages - Graduate Institute of International  Business and Cultural


‘Entrepreneuring’ In Citizen Participation: A Case In Chi-Mei Community In Taiwan

Lindenmeier, Jörg, University of Freiburg; Gebele, Christoph, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg; Drevs, Florian, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg; Tscheulin, Dieter Kurt, Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg

Joining The Boycott? Effects Of Stimulus-Induced Negative Affect And Ethical Evaluation On Boycott Intentions

Ljubownikow, Sergej, Nottingham Trent Univeristy

Managing Volunteers In A Hostile Context: The Experience Of Russian NPOs

Loukidou, Aikaterini, Athens Kapodistrian University

New Examples Of Collective Action In Greece: Challenging The Traditional Patterns Of Civil Society- State Relationship

Lütjens-Schilling, Lena, University of Hamburg

The Importance Of Civil Society For Social Innovation: An Interdisciplinary Approach To Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Analysis

Mano, Rita, University of Haifa

Social media, social causes, giving behavior and money contributions

Massie, Ruth, Cass Business School; Palmer, Paul, City University; Melville, Rob, Cass Business School; Jung, Tobias, Cass Business School 
Taking Stock: A Critical Examination Of Board Governance In The UK’s Top-500 Nonprofits


Matancevic, Jelena, University of Zagreb

Social Innovation In Local Welfare System: A Case Of Zagreb

Mathias, John, University of Michigan

Printing People's Struggles: Alternative Media And The Production Of A Genre Of Civil Society Activism In Kerala, India

Mazzanti, Giovanni Maria, University of Bologna

The Partnership Between Third Sector, Local Government And University In The Utilisation Of Confiscated Goods, Previously Owned By Mafias: The Innovative Case Of Forlì.

McCalman, Janya, James Cook University; Bainbridge, Roxanne The Cairns Institute; Tsey, Komla The Cairns Institute; Brown, Catherine The Cairns Institute

Improving Aboriginal Australian Community Governance Through Strengthening Aboriginal And Government Capacity

Meinhard, Agnes, Ryerson University; O'Connor, Pauline, Ryerson University

Effective Governance Of Hybrid Organizational Forms: The Case Of Social Enterprises In Canada

Melville, Rob, Cass Business School

Taking Stock: A Critical Examination Of Board Governance In The UK’s Top-500 Nonprofits

Milbourne, Linda, Birkbeck College

Curbing Autonomy, Silencing Dissent? Recasting Roles Of State And Civil Society Under The UK Coalition Government

Mitchell, Christina E, University of San Diego

Paper Submission Working Title: Exploring The Complexity Of Post-Civil War Civil Society Through The Success Of The Association For Justice And Reconciliation (AJR)


Mlcek, Susan Huhana, Charles Sturt University 

Citizens At Play In The Delivery Of Community Services Through Information And Neighbourhood Centres

Morgan, Gareth G, Sheffield Hallam University; Cordery, Carolyn, Victoria University of Wellington; Fowler, Carolyn J., Victoria University of Wellington

The development of incorporated structures for charities: a 100 year comparison of the UK and New Zealand

Morgan, Gareth G, Sheffield Hallam University; Crawford, Louise University of Dundee; Breen, Oonagh University College Dublin; Cordery, Carolyn, Victoria University of Wellington

Should NPOs Follow International Standards For Financial Reporting? A Multinational Study Of Views

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Changing Identity And Determinants Of Local United Way Allocations: An Empirical Analysis


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The Impact Of Aid Reduction And Donor Exit On Civil Society In Developing Countries

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Collective Action And The Sustainability Of Co-Production

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Value Creation In Mission-Based Organizations Operating In Market Environments—The Case Of Microfinance Organizations


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The Discourse Of „Gift“, And The Discourse Of „Control“: Contested Reception Of The Philanthropic Activity Of George Soros In Post-Communist Czechoslovakia In The Early 1990s

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Volunteers' Perspectives On Work And Leisure

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Citizens In Action: Lessons In Urban Local Governance From Women In A Slum Resettlement Site

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The Third Sector And The Welfare State In Germany: Still The Era Of Corporatist Partnership?

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Learning More About Who Really Governs And How: Power, Influence, And The Dominant Coalition

Rey Garcia, Marta, Universidade da Coruna

Social Responsibility And Non-Profit Organizations

Richea, Maria-Magdalena

The Nonmonetary Compensation Structure For Volunteer Work: A Comparative Analysis Between Manager’s Perception Vs. Volunteer’s Perception

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Walking the line: Civil Society Organizations Engaging with the State on Violence and Crime in Post-Transition South Africa

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Understanding The Brazilian Evaluation Field And Its Professionals Through Social Network Analysis


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Políticas De Participación Ciudadana Local En Argentina

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Facets Of Member Value: Which Organizations Consider Which Type Of Member Most Valuable?

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How Are Social Innovations Diffused? A Role Of Social Entrepreneurs

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Introducing The ‘Neo-Contingency Approach’ To Community Development

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Social Enterprises. Work Integration Social Enterprises In Spain And Their Public Aids.


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The Role Of Human, Social And Cultural Capital In Understanding The How And Why Of Volunteering In South Africa

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Empathic Social Enterprise: The Role Of Empathy And Shared Intentionality


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Problems In The Third Sector Human Resource Management Cause Turnover Intentions - Case Finland

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Finding A Nonprofit Policy Voice: The Case Of Settlement Services In Three Canadian Provinces

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Roles And Functions Of Intermediary Organizations In Collaborative Governance: The Case Of Japan

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Pierre Bourdieu’s Theoretical Contribution To The Analysis Of Voluntary Associations

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Updating The Legal Framework For Civil Society In East Asia Reflections Since October 2013

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Simsa, Ruth, University of Economics, Vienna

Protest Movements And Social Media – The Spanish Case

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Third Sector Accountability: Manipulation And Disinterest

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Domestic Election Observation In Russia: Springboard For Democratization?

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Rockefeller Foundation And The Promotion Of Social Sciences In Interwar Czechoslovakia

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Evidence Of A Volunteering Legacy From A Major Sporting Event: Rugby World Cup 2011


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The State And Universities As Institution Of And Its’ Roles In Civil Society.

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Aligning Policy With Social Action In Health And Social Care In England, UK - Does The Theory Of Change Work?

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Studies, Philanthropic, VU University Amsterdam

The Role Of Foundations In Supporting Research In Europe. Findings From EUFORI Study (European Foundations For Research And Innovation Study)

Studies, Philanthropic, VU University Amsterdam

He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune? A Study Of Dutch Foundations Supporting Research And Innovation

Szekely, Tunde, Sapientia - Hungarian University of Transylvania

Hungarian Minority Civil Society In Romania And Slovakia

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Modeling Social Enterprises As A Hybrid Organization

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Transforming Civil Society Organisations To Political Entrepreneurs: Promoting Collaborative Governance In Africa

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Teodósio, Armindo dos Santos de Sousa, Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais

Knowledge And Power At The Civil Society: A Study About Brazilian Professionals In The NGOs

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Financial Vulnerability Among Performing Arts Organizations

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Giving Patterns Of Million Dollar Gifts For International Development-An Empirical Study Of U.S. Donor's Strategic Giving

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The Growth Industry Of Going Abroad To Volunteer: Trends And Implications For The Global South

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Between Markets And Charity: Understanding The Hybridization Of Social Good Provision

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In-Not-For-Profits We Trust/ The Perception Of Trustworthiness Of Not-For- Profit Organizations

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Contribution Of NGO In Social Transformation :“An Analysis Of Urban Poor Of Kurar Village, Malad (E), Mumbai”.

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Changing Identity And Determinants Of Local United Way Allocations: An Empirical Analysis

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Evaluating The Uses Of The Web As A Tool For Transparency And Accountability Within Social Organizations

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Conceptualizing “Social Entrepreneurship”, Its Evolution And Quantification In Europe

Villajos Girona, Esther, University of Valencia

The Snowball Of Social Entrepreneurship. From Myth To Reality

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Caring For The Future - Challenges For Childcare Professionals In The Wake Of Inclusive Education

Wegner, Martina, Hochschule München

The Bavarian Volunteer Card – More Than A Bonus Program? Results Of Empirical Research On The Systematic Implementation Of A Volunteer Card In Bavaria, Germany

Willems, Jurgen, Free University Brussels; Andersson, Fredrik, Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management 

Towards An Understanding And Measurement Of Autonomy In Nonprofit Ventures

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Impact Of Nonprofit Reputational Capacity On Stakeholder Decisions: Definition, Propositions And Experimental Testing

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Philanthropic Foundations: Issues For Governance In The Public Interest

Yanay-Ventura, Galit, Emek-Yezreel College

Volunteer Management As A Means Of Civic Empowerment

Yanay-Ventura, Galit, Emek-Yezreel College

From Organization Clients To Volunteers – Philanthropy In The "First Person"

Yerbury, Hilary, University of Technology Sydney; Burridge, Nina, University of Technology, Sydney


Activist Academics And The Creation Of New Knowledge

Zheng, Leping, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Collaborative Governance: A New Approach To Good Society

Zhou, Huiquan, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Xu, Ying, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

From Doing Good For Fun To Doing Good Professionally: Grassroots Philanthropic Organizations In China

Zychlinski, Ester, Ariel University Center; Kagan, Maya, Ariel University

Twenty Years Later: Volunteering And Its Motivation Amongst FSU Immigrants And Native-Born Israelis 


Abstracts - Panels

A statistical framework for the analysis of the Third Sector: the findings of the 2011 Italian Census 


The third sector and their relations with other institutional sectors of the economy
Gian Paolo Barbetta, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore; Andrea Mancini, ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics; Franco Lorenzini, Istat 

Measuring  the social enterprises: the statistical contribution
Nereo Zamaro, Italian National Institute of Statistics; Carlo Borzaga, ISSAN - Istituto Studi Sviluppo; GIULIO ECCHIA, DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA 

Volunteering and civic participation
Sabrina Stoppiello, ISTAT; Ugo Ascoli, University of Ancona; Manuela Nicosia, Istat 

Profiling the social impact of non-profit  activities: measurement, constraints and research directions
Andrea Bassi, University of Bologna; Massimo Lori, Italian National Statistical Institute (ISTAT); Ilaria Vannini, Active Citizenship Foundation (FONDACA)

Barefoot and pregnant: Towards the end of civil society? Gender in authoritarian regimes 


Political Opportunity Structures and Gender in Civil Society
Angelika von Wahl, Lafayette 

“I’m Here too, Girlfriend”: Reclaiming Public Spaces for the Gendering of Civil Society in Turkey
Joyce Marie Mushaben, University of Missouri-St. Louis 

Challenging gender roles in hybrid regimes: Nicaragua’s women’s movement under scrutiny
Katharina Obuch, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster 

Neoliberalization and global health: health politics and gender in authoritarian states
Alexia J Duten, Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster

Blurring boundaries between civil society & market: volunteering as an instrument for NPOs, employees and the company 


Motivations and barriers to participate in corporate volunteering: The employee perspective
Lucas Meijs, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Macquarie Graduate School of Management 

Opportunities and challenges for NPO while engaging in corporate volunteering
Lonneke Roza, Rotterdam School Of Management, Erasmus University; Lesley Hustinx, Department of Sociology - Ghent University; Itamar Shachar, Gent University 

Explaining the relationship between volunteering and the workplace; combining an employee and employer perspective
Lonneke Roza, Rotterdam School Of Management, Erasmus University; Lucas Meijs, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Citizen Participation and the Right to the City: experiences from the Latin American Network for Just, Democratic and Sustainable Cities 


Perspectivas y Contradicciones de la Participación Ciudadana para el Control Social: análisis del Movimiento Nossa BH en la promoción del "derecho a la ciudad" -
Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Administração - Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, Belo 

Goals Plans and Programs as innovations in accountability processes in the local level. Experiences within the Latin American Network for Just, Democratic and Sustainable cities
Pamela Cáceres, Universidad Católica de Córdoba 

Accountability social, gobernanza urbana y ciudadanía en America Latina.  Análisis comparado de casos.
Andres Hernandez Quinones; Javier Pereira Bruno, América Solidaria Uruguay 

Democratization of urban governance: perspectives in the constitution of the Floripa Te Quero Bem movement
Paula Chies Schommer, UDESC - ESAG

Civil Society and Innovative Local Public Administration: Local Housing and Childcare Policies compared 


1) “Gaining legitimacy for urban upscale objectives and city marketing through extended partnerships”
Friedrich Paulsen, Münster University – Institute for Political Science Scharnhorststraße 100 

2) “Pushing for innovation – the role of citizens in local housing and childcare policies in Warsaw”
Anna Domaradzka, University of Warsaw; Ilona Matysiak, Institute for Social Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland 

3) Local governance of childcare expansion in Austria:  The role of knowledge and ideas
Sonja Blum, University of Vienna  - Austria Institute for Family Studies 

4) "Private initiatives, governance and service delivery at local levels – new developments within the childcare services in Zagreb"
Jelena Matancevic, University of Zagreb

Comparative Studies on Control and Legitimacy of Foundations in Europe 


Corporate foundation board members: how does their background legitimize the foundation?
Lucas Meijs, Erasmus University Rotterdam 

The moving debate on foundation accountability in the UK
Catherina Pharoah, Sir John Cass Business School 

Strengthening Legitimacy through Independence? The Governance of Corporate Foundations
Georg von Schnurbein, University of Basel; Steffen Bethmann, University Basel 

Control and legitimacy in family foundations: how do we know families are behaving strategically?
Marta Rey Garcia, Universidade da Coruna; Nuria Puig-Raposo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Corporate Philanthropy across Contexts: Roots, Evolutions and Prospects 


A Contemporary History of Corporate Philanthropy in France: Key Changes over the Past Thirty Years
Arthur Gautier, ESSEC Business School 

How Do Changes in Corporate Philanthropy Influence Financial Firm Performance? The Case of the Netherlands
Pamala Wiepking, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam / Rotterdam School of Management / Department of B-SM; Theo Schuyt, VU University; Dick de Gilder, VU University; Lucas Meijs, Erasmus University Rotterdam 

The Evolution of Corporate Philanthropy in Germany: An Institutional Perspective
Johanna Mair, Hertie School of Governance; Miriam Wolf, Hertie School of Governance

Does philanthropic activity have an expiration date? 


What were the Influences of the State and the Market on the fate of Endowments in Germany from the sixteenth century to the twentieth century?
Thomas Adam, The University of Texas at Arlington 

Foundations that (may) fail. Lessons from the Italian foundations of banking origin.
Gian Paolo Barbetta, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore 

Getting to Zero: a case study of spend out
Diana Leat, City University Business School 

Are Foundations for Ever? Some Historical and Theoretical Considerations
Rupert Strachwitz, Maecenata Institut

European crisis and protests: The birth of a critical European civil society? 


Europeanisation of social movements and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis: The Case of Spain and Greece
Angela Bourne, Roskilde University, Denmark; Sevasti Chatzoupoulou, Roskilde University, Denmark 

15M Movement: Spanish political activism and its links with other Euro countries
Javier Toret, Open University of Barcelona – UOC; Ramón Feenstra, Jaume I University, Castellón (Spain) 

Social movements and Trade Unions: the European crisis and the lack of political activism in Germany
Heike Walk, Technische Universität Berlin; Michauk Elke, Institut for Protest and Social Movement Studies –IPB 

Four Phases of Portuguese Anti-Austerity Protest Organization and its Relation to Social Movement Activism Abroad
Britta Baumgarten, Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology at the Lisbon University Institute

Exploring civil society in hybrid regimes:  Theoretical challenges, methodological pitfalls, and empirical evidence 


Reforming the criminal justice system in authoritarian regimes: How do NGOs utilise enforcement gaps?
Mariella Falkenhain,; Hertie School of Governance


Between “militancy and survival”: The challenges of civil society organizations in hybrid regimes.  The case of Nicaragua.
Katharina Obuch, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster 

Comparing social movements in democratic and hybrid regimes: the methodological contribution of discursive opportunities
Ekaterina Tarasova, Södertörn University

Global civil society and the law of open societies – a theoretical approach in the context of globalization. 


Global Civil Society and its external governance relations with the state: a theoretical approach.
Rafael Edelmann Baptista, University of Sao Paulo 

The intervention of Civil Society Organizations in International Investment Arbitrations: ‘amicus curiae’ or litigant?
Gustavo Henrique Justino de Oliveira, Universidade de São Paulo 

The combat of corruption in the context of globalization: the role of Civil Society Organizations.
Laura Mendes Amando de Barros, Sao Paulo University

Government-Third Sector Relationships A Comparative Perspective 


Government-Nonprofit Relations: Advancing the Field
Steven Rathgeb Smith, American Political Science Association; Kirsten Gronbjerg, Indiana University 

Government-third sector partnerships: evidence and comparisons
Taco Brandsen, Radboud University Nijmegen 

Management as Legitimacy: Government Funding for Development NGOs
David Suarez, University of Washington; Mary Kay Gugerty, University of Washington

How can social capital make community resilience different?: Exploring coping strategies of civil society in disaster management


Individual philanthropy at a crossroad
Naoko Okuyama, Kobe University 

Role of information in mobilizing voluntary actions: Findings from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
Aya Okada, Doshisha University; Louise Comfort, University of Pittsburgh

Social Capital during the post-disaster resilience and disaster prevention
Naim Kapucu, University of Central Florida; Erna Burçak Başbuğ Erkan, Middle East Technical University

Hybridity and Third Sector Organizations 


The Re-hybridization of Society: The Case of Swedish Civil Society
Filip Wijkstrom, Stockholm School of Economics 

Hybridity and Nonprofit Organizations: The Research Agenda
Steven Rathgeb Smith, American Political Science Association 

Lost in muddling through. The new hybridity of nonprofits in Western welfare states.
Ingo Bode, University of Kassel

International Panel on Challenges and Methods in Blood Donor Management 


Urban Blood Donor Groups
Silke Boenigk, University of Hamburg; Sigrun Leipnitz, University of Hamburg 

Win-back strategies for blood donation services
Michel Clement, University of Hamburg; Edlira Shehu, University of Hamburg; Ann-Christin Langmaack, University of Hamburg 

Methods for the Recruitment of Blood Donors from Minority Groups
Wim de Kort, Sanquin Research Department of Donor Studies 

Methods and Key Figures of Blood Donor Management
Wolfgang Rüstig, Manager of the German Red Cross Blood  Donation Service North-East

Interrelations of the “social” and the “political” in Russian civil society 


NGO Interaction with Government Agencies and NGO´s Role in Alleviation of Social Problems in Russia
Irina V. Mersianova, National Research University Higher School of Economics 

Post-Soviet “Political”? The Role of (Socially Oriented) Civil Society Organizations in Small-town Russia
Meri Kulmala, Aleksanteri Institute 

“Attraction and rejection“ - Diffusion of global models of disability and advocacy into Russian civil society organizations
Christian Fröhlich, Södertörn University 

Why do they care? Framing in social-sector NGOs in Russia
Ulla Pape, Ruhr University Bochum

Is the time of the third sector as a bearer of citizen interests now over? Civil society, the third sector and protest movements after the financial crisis of 2008/09 


The talking cure: How do third sector organizations talk about change and to whom and with what effect? Observations from evidence in Ontario and Northern Ireland.
Nick Acheson, University of Ulster; Rachel Laforest, Queen's University 

2011:  Civic Protest and the Radicalisation of Civil Society
Fred Powell, National University of Ireland, Cork 

Comparing protest movements and political activism: What can we learn from Istanbul’s Gezi Park?
Markus Ketola, University of Ulster 

Solidarity and citizen expression in a market economy: the English case
Marilyn Taylor, University of the West of England

Longitudinal studies of voluntary action in the UK: a mixed-methods panel 


Reflexive, not committed: longitudinal patterns of individuals’ involvement in voluntary associations in Great Britain
Daiga Kamerade, University of Salford 

What a difference a day makes: mixed methods research on social participation in the 1958 British birth cohort
John Mohan, Third Sector Research Centre; Victoria Bolton, University of Southampton 

A mixed-methods, longitudinal study of volunteering in the UK since 1981: comparing periods of economic adversity and relative prosperity
Rose Lindsey, University of Southampton; John Mohan, Third Sector Research Centre; Liz Metcalfe, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Southampton

Managing Labour, Governing Participation: Paid and Unpaid Work in the Third Sector 


Landscapes of Voluntarism: work, place and space in the third sector
Pauline Leonard, University of Southampton; Susan Halford 

Beyond the third sector: developing a theoretically informed account of unpaid work
Rebecca Taylor, Research Felllow, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham, UK

Governing the third sector: New technologies, but also new alliances?
Lesley Hustinx, Department of Sociology - Ghent University; Els DeWaele, Ghent University 

Employee volunteering for employability: civic participation and the restructuring of the labor market
Itamar Shachar, Gent University; Lesley Hustinx, Department of Sociology - Ghent University

Beyond the third sector: developing a theoretically informed account of unpaid work
Rebecca Taylor, Research Felllow, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham, UK

New arenas for producing knowledge: CSOs as producers and users of research and other evidence 


Evidence and its use by NGOs: conceptual conundrums, quality quandaries and capacity constraints
Rachel Hayman, INTRAC 

Forms of knowledge concerning evaluation of NGO progammes in Southern civil societies
Tiina Kontinen, University of Jyväskylä 

Using NGO service delivery to generate research data: the experience of NGOs in Malawi
Kate Gooding, University of Leeds 

Are NGO Private? Does the increasing participation of NGOs in human service policy research and development contribute to the privatisation of the welfare state?
Ruth Philips, The University of Sydney; Susan Goodwin, The University of Sydney

New Perspectives on Philanthropic Foundations 


From Self-Help and Leverage to Self-Help and Leverage: Two Hundred Years of U.S. Foundations
David C. Hammack, Case Western Reserve University 

American Foundations Respond to Policy and Funding Change
Steven Rathgeb Smith, American Political Science Association 

UK Foundations today – Love in a cold climate
Catherina Pharoah, Sir John Cass Business School 

German Foundations and Civil Society
Helmut Anheier, Hertie School of Governance

Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organization Education around the World 


Credit-based Civil Society Education in a Nordic Context: Why is there so little?
Johan Hvenmark, Ersta Skondal University College; Ola Segnestam Larsson, Ersta Skondal University College 

Civil Society Education in the Republic of Lebanon: A Preliminary Review
Tania Haddad, American University of Beirut; Thomas W Haase, American University of Beirut 

Nonprofit sector higher education in Central Europe
Tereza Pospisilova, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague; Magdaléna Jantulová-Šťovíčková, Masaryk University 

Caribbean and Latin American NGO Academic Programs
Norman Dolch, University of North Texas; Mariela Nunez-Janes, University of North Texas; David Franco, University of North Texas; Helen Wise, Louisiana University at Shreveport

Nonprofit welfare and active citizenship in Scandinavia 


The changing role of nonprofit welfare in the Scandinavian welfare model and consequences for active citizenship
Karl Henrik Sivesind, Institute for Social Research 

Nonprofit organizations in Danish welfare provision – explaining differences across welfare areas
Malene Thøgersen, Centre for Sports, Health and Civil Society, University of Southern Denmark 

Welfare providers: Distinctive goals and values in the regulated state?
Håkon Dalby Trætteberg, Institute for Social Research

Perseverance or perversion? Comparative perspectives on the evolving Third sector in a neo-liberal world 


The emergence of the third sector corporation? The marginalisation of civic agency and spaces for counter-movements in liberal and post-corporatist Europe
Mike Aiken 

The Impact of a Neo-Liberal Economic Regime on the Third Sector in Israel: Three Indicative Illustrations
Benjamin Gidron, School of Business Administration 

New tensions for the third sector in Mexico
Cristina Puga, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico 

Towards a neoliberal third sector? International lessons from recent developments in China
Ingo Bode, University of Kassel

Regulatory Waves 1:  Comparative Perspectives on State Regulation and Self-Regulation Policies in the Nonprofit Sector 


Regulation and Self-Regulation in the Chinese Nonprofit Sector:  Some Initial Observations
Mark Sidel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Crosscurrents of Nonprofit Regulation in Mexico
Michael Layton, ITAM 

Calm seas or choppy waters ahead? Balancing charity statutory regulation, co-regulation and self-regulation in the UK
Alison Dunn, Newcastle University 

Regulatory waves towards the nonprofit sector in Israel
Nissan Limor, Center for Civic Responsibility at the Center for Academic; Noy Brindt, University of Haifa

Regulatory Waves 2:  Comparative Perspectives on State Regulation and Self-Regulation Policies in the Nonprofit Sector 


From Zero to 100: The Accelerated Pace of Charity Law Reform in Canada
Adam Parachin, University of Western Ontario 

Waiting for the Big Wave: A Fifty Year Retrospective on the Ebbs and Flow of Irish Charity Regulation
Oonagh Breen, University College Dublin 

Mapping the Regulators:  Charitable Solicitations Regulations in the American States
Putnam Barber, Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, University of Washington; Megan Farwell, University of Washington 

Comparative Ideational Currents: How ideas about philanthropy move regulatory regimes
Susan D Phillips, Carleton University; Steven Rathgeb Smith, American Political Science Association

Religion: Barring or enabling women's emancipation


Religion in the lives of women:status of women in Muslim personal law
BC Manjula, St Agnes College 

Using religious messages to address gender-based violence: The case of the Solomon Islands
Patrick Kilby, Australian National University; Joyce Wu, Australian National University 

A study with  reference to migrant women in India.
Rekha Gaonkar, M.E.S. College of Arts& Commerce 

Developing an iconography of subversion
Christina Schwabenland, London Metropolitan University

Religion and volunteering Contested and ambiguous relations 


Volunteering as a choice ... made in conversation
Jacques Haers, Universitair Centrum Sint-Ignatius Antwerpen 

Volunteering in religious organizations: what does it bring to society? Calculating social yield
Welmoet Boender, Universiteit Utrecht 

Making church happen. Architectural methods to transform Flanders’ parish churches into civic collectives
Roel De Ridder, Hasselt University, PHL University College

Social Innovation and the Third Sector – identifying shared challenges and potentials


Innovation or Isomorphism? Tensions and paradoxes in third sector organisational development
Pete Alcock, University of Birmingham; Jeremy Kendall, University of Kent 

Social innovation as social enterprise - Limiting or opening the space of social change?
Lars Hulgard, Roskilde University 

Social Innovation and the Third Sector – strategies of public and welfare policies towards social innovations
Volker Then, Universitat Heidelberg; georg mildenberger, university heidelberg 


Survival of the fittest? Social innovations and urban governance 


The governance of social challenges in Malmö
Ola Segnestam Larsson, Ersta Skondal University College 

Conflicting governance of social and economic challenges in Milan.  Just a step in the transition from the growth machine paradigm towards a social innovation approach?
Roberta Cucca, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Polytechnic of Milan; Giuliana Costa 

Transition from governance of innovation to the growth machine – the case of Münster
Danielle Gluns, Institute for Political Science, University of Münster; Patrick Boadu, Institute for Political Science, University of Münster; Christina Rentzsch, University of Muenster 

Solidarity as consensus: Sectorialising social vulnerability in Geneva
Sandro Cattacin, Université de Genève

The German Civil Society- characteristics and current trends in the third sector 


Germany: Towards a divided Civil Society?
Dr. Holger Krimmer 

The German Debate on Participation, Citizen Involvement and Social Movements
Heike Walk, Technische Universität Berlin 

Trans-sector networking and associative democracy – Purposes and experiences of the “National Network for Civic Engagement”
Ansgar Klein, Humboldt-Universität Berlin

The National, the Transnational, and the Local: What is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? 


Conceptualizing Global Civil Society in Interwar Europe: Nationalist goals of Internationalism
Peter Christian Weber, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy 

Giving Until it Hurts? Philanthropy, Violence and Global Civil Society
Gregory Witkowski, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy 

Foundations of Democracy?  Egyptian philanthropic foundations and the limits of the transnational diffusion of institutional logics
Catherine E Herrold, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

The outcomes and policy implications of a cross-national study into philanthropic giving: evidence from 28 countries 


Generous People, Generous Nations: A cross-national study of philanthropy
Pamala Wiepking, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam / Rotterdam School of Management / Department of B-SM; Femida Handy, University of Pennsylvania 

The influence of religious contexts on philanthropic behavior
Henrietta Gronlund, University of Helsinki; Anne Pessi, University of Helsinki 

The influence of fiscal incentives on philanthropy across nations
Michael Layton, ITAM 

Encouraging generosity: the practice and organisation of fundraising across nations
Beth Breeze, University of Kent; Wendy Scaife, Queensland University of Technology

The role of CSOs in women's emancipation: challenging or maintaining the status quo? 


Introduction to the panel
Christina Schwabenland, London Metropolitan University; Chris Lange, Alice-Salomon-University for Applied Sciences; Sachiko Nakagawa, Keio University; Jennifer Onyx, University of Technology Sydney

Empowerment’ as women’s emancipation?: A global study on the influence of feminism in women’s NGOs

Ruth Phillips, University of Sydney 

A women’s NGO as an incubator: promoting identity-based associations in civil society of Nepal
Masako Tanaka, Sophia University 

The role of civil society organizations in emancipating Portuguese Roma women
Raquel Rego

The Social Origins of the Nonprofit Sector: Past, Present and Future


The Social Origins of the Nonprofit Sector and Charitable Giving
Christopher Einolf, DePaul University 

Swedes support human rights and Austrians donate to environmental protection?  Understanding cross-country differences in private charitable giving
Michaela Neumayr, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) 

The role of the non-profit sector in the past, present, and future of the Nordic welfare state -  the case of Finland
Henrietta Gronlund, University of Helsinki; Anne Pessi, University of Helsinki

User Voices 


Citizens Research Groups: A critical reflection on supporting the development of research groups run by and for citizens
Carol Munn-Giddings, Anglia Ruskin University 

Some civic functions of self-help groups
Thomasina Borkman, George Mason University 

Role-play as advocacy: Expanding the community of empathy beyond the mutual-help group boundary
Tehseen Noorani, Dept. of Mental Health, Johns Hopkins School of Public health 

Nonprofit Performance:  Bringing the User Back In.
Lehn Benjamin, IUPUI Lilly Family School of Philanthropy; Dave C. Campbell, University of California, Davis

Variations in civic engagement: What’s at stake in the Swedish case? 


Charitable giving and volunteering – how they relate in a Scandinavian context
Johan Vamstad, Ersta Skondal University College 

Activity breeds activity? Cumulative citizenship and relations between volunteering and study circle participation in Sweden.
Pelle Åberg, Ersta Sköndal University College, The Institute for Civil Society Studies 

Links between volunteering and informal helping in Sweden: a 20-year perspective
Magnus Jegermalm, Ersta Skondal University College 

From membership to corporate volunteering: Citizens seeking new forms to manifest their civic engagement
Johan Hvenmark, Ersta Skondal University College

Volunteering as Civic Engagement: The Challenges of Innovation in the Social Economy. Case Study Comparisons from Lebanon, Romania and the United States. 


Volunteerism in Social Enterprises in the Arab World: The Case of Lebanon.
Tania Haddad, American University of Beirut 

Volunteering with social enterprises in Romania
Mihai Lisetchi, AID-ONG; Nicolae Bibu, West University of Timisoara; Marian Nastase, Bucharest University 

North-South Partnerships within a Grassroots Social Enterprise Cooperative
Susan Appe, Binghamton University 

Civil society participation in the fight against Mafia in Sicily. Libera Terra's experience and the civilizing role of the market.
Maria Olivella Rizza, University of Catania

What Bang for the Buck? Processes of Marketization and Financialization in the Third Sector 


Social Enterprise and Democracy
Angela M. Eikenberry, University of Nebraska at Omaha 

Social Impact Bonds: a critical exploration
Jim Clifford, GECES Subgroup on Social Impact Measurement for Social Enterprise, European Commission, and Not-for-; Tobias Jung, Cass Business School 

Understanding Merits and Limitations of SROI Analysis
Florentine Maier, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business; Christian Schober, NPO Competence Center, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business; Ruth Simsa, Vienna University of Economics and Business Admini; Reinhard Millner

Financialization of Philanthropy: The Case of Social Investment
Ekkehard Thümler, CSI Heidelberg; Nicole Bögelein, Institute for Criminology, University of Cologne

What do self-help/mutual aid groups contribute to creating and sustaining civil society? 


Civil participation and self-help groups: A German and UK case study
Jurgen Matzat, Kontaktstelle für Selbsthilfegruppen 

What are the relationships between self-help/mutual aid groups and professionals? Case studies from five countries
Tomofumi Oka, Sophia University, Department of Social Services 

What do self-help/mutual aid groups offer to citizens themselves?
Thomasina Borkman, George Mason University; Carol Munn-Giddings, Anglia Ruskin University



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