Law and Regulation Affinity Group
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News from the Amsterdam Conference

Chaired by Mark Sidel, 20 participants with a strong interest in law, regulation and self-regulation attended this meeting.  Another 10 expressed interest but couldn’t attend.  The group talked informally about law and regulatory matters of mutual interest, including questions about nonprofit law research and translation and coding of laws and regulations; the possibility of regional meetings on nonprofit law issues; the fate of the European statute on foundations; and other matters.  Potential panels at the 2020 ISTR conference in Montreal, and perhaps activities elsewhere, may develop from this conversation.  The group plans to establish a listserve - stay tuned for more info!


News from the Stockholm Conference

Law and Regulation Affinity Group – ISTR 2016 Stockholm

The ISTR Law and Regulation Affinity Group met informally in Stockholm, as it generally does at each ISTR international conference. Traditionally the group has been a means for those interested in law, regulation, self-regulation and related topics to meet people with common interests; the group has not carried out programming as a group, organized panels, or conducted other activities. (If attendees wanted to organize more activities next time, in 2018, that would certainly be a possibility.)

At this meeting, participants introduced themselves and then talked informally about topics of interest, including fundraising regulation and a couple of other themes. A good time was had by all.

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News from the Istanbul Conference

The Legal Interest Group met over an informational lunch and provided brief updates on their work.  The group also discussed developing a mechanism (listserve and/or webpage) to exchange information on developments in the field, conferences, events and publications; the possibility of more law and regulation panels at the 2012 ISTR conference; a possible Voluntas special issue on issues of law and regulation; continuing and deepening the ISTR/ICNL project to develop an index of non profit law teachers in various countries and their teaching syllabi; and other possibilities.

News from the Barcelona Conference

The Legal Affinity Group met in Barcelona and heard from each other about their work; discussed the state of nonprofit law research and teaching in various countries; and agreed to stay in touch in between ISTR international conferences. The group discussed a joint project between ICNL and ISTR to collect nonprofit law syllabi from around the world (outside the US, which is being handled by NYU) and provide information on methods and sources of nonprofit law teaching. The people gathered for the affinity group meeting generally concurred that gathering such syllabi and other information on nonprofit law teaching would be useful, and ICNL and ISTR will proceed to begin that work (coordinated by Doug Rutzen and Mark Sidel).

The Legal Affinity Group welcomes other ISTR members. Please contact Mark Sidel at In connection with the ISTR Legal Affinity Group, we plan to convene a meeting of colleagues teaching in this area at the next ISTR international conference in 2010, and to continue discussions of ways we can work together.

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