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MEETING: Tuesday, 29 September 2020 

9:00 am Mexico City.  Check your time zone.

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Co-responsibility in building the public good in Latin America and the Caribbean 

Compiled by Daniel Barragán, Anabel Cruz & Susan Appe

Building on our last special issue on the third sector and third sector organizations in Gobernar: The Journal of Latin American Public Policy and Governance (volume 2, Issue 3; Appe, Barragán & Cruz, 2018) we present a new collection of articles, most of which were presented at the 12th International Society for Third-Sector Research’s Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean held in Medellin, Colombia in July 2019. The special issue is a reaction to the current situation in Latin America. The region as a whole has gone through a series of important changes in political, social, economic, cultural, and environmental dimensions. The field of third sector studies and governance more generally has a role in producing knowledge about these changes. The questions that emerge generate discussion about of the role of all sectors in the conceptualization and achievement of the public good. The overarching question that drives this special issue is: How does co-responsibility in building and working towards the public good happen in the region? 

For open access to the special issue and all of its contributions, see:


Gobernar: The Journal of Latin American Public Policy and Governance is a biannual, open access and peer-reviewed journal published jointly by the Department of Public Administration at Binghamton University, State University of New York-USA and the Department of Government and Political Science at EAFIT University in Med



12th Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Conference

12.º Conferencia Regional del ISTR para América Latinay el Caribe

3-5 JULY 2019

Universidad EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia


Co-responsibility in building the public good in Latin America and the Caribbean/  Corresponsabilidad en la construcción de lo público  en América Latina y el Caribe


English      Spanish


Final Conference Program

CONFERENCE PHOTO ALBUM - Click here to view

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On Civil Society: joint responsibility in the construction of the public in Latin America and the Caribbean

Daniel Díaz Vera, PhD Researcher, Global Development Institute

In the first week of July, Medellín hosted the 12th Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of the  International Society for Third Sector Research. With the backing of the  SEED  Conference support fund, I had the opportunity to participate both in the Conference and the Doctoral Seminar that took place before it.

Some of the topics that were addressed included the transparency of the organisations; the role of corporate social responsibility; legal frameworks; volunteering; social innovation; and relations between the public and the private. Also covered was the contribution of civil society to the maintenance and strengthening of democracy amid the South American political turbulence.

To read the full blog, please click here.


Mi experiencia en el Seminario de estudiantes de Doctorado ISTR Medellín

Guadalupe López Aguilar, Anáhuac University, Mexico

Sencillamente, la mejor de las experiencias académicas que he vivido, el intercambio de experiencias, conocimientos y opiniones desde diversas perspectivas. Poder compartir cuestionamientos e inquietudes con colegas de Latinoamérica que promueven el desarrollo del tercer sector en contextos similares, con sus particularidades a nivel local, con tanto en común, necesidades, obstáculos, oportunidades y objetivos.

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ISTR Latin America and the Caribbean PhD Seminar

ISTR hosted a PhD Seminar for 15 students on July 2-3, 2019 just prior to the 12th ISTR-LAC Regional Conference.  These PhD Seminars are designed to both support students in the Third Sector and to strengthen the network for the next generation of scholars.

The PhD Seminar provides doctoral students with the opportunity to engage with senior scholars and peers in extensive intellectual and methodological discussion on their doctoral research, to consider the main theories and developments in the field, to reflect upon publication and career strategies, and to provide a unique opportunity to network within the international ISTR research community and civil society in general. 

To read the full report, please click here.




Co-responsibility in building the public good in Latin America and the Caribbean, the 12th Regional Conference of the ISTR

Highlights from the event and comments on the development of the research field in the region are shared by Jorge Villalobos and Romina Farías from Cemefi in this blog post. Read More.

What is the role of the State in the processes of moral and material reconstruction after an armed conflict, and how do survivors and displaced people live together? This was one of the questions that Julieta Lemaitre raised during the inaugural conference of the 12th. Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research, ISTR, of the Latin American and Caribbean network, that took place from July 2 to 5 at the EAFIT University of Medellin in Colombia.

To read the full article, click  here


2019 Keynote Address

El Estado siempre llega tarde:  Julieta Lemaitre Ripoll

Keynote respondent: Ruben Fernandez Andrade


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Post-Conference Publication Opportunities
Following the conference, authors are invited to revise their papers in the light of conference feedback with an eye to an appropriate submission to Voluntas, the peer-reviewed official journal of ISTR, or any other journals in the field.  Publication decisions are the sole discretion of such journals and ISTR does not participate in the editorial decisions on such submissions.

Papers presented at the Conference are also invited to be considered for a Special Issue in the peer-reviewed journal: Gobernar: The Journal of Latin American Public Policy and Governance. The deadline for paper submissions to the special edition editors is August 1, 2019. Please click here to read the full call and submission details.


At the conference.....

El Programa ELLAS-Mujeres y Filantropía con base en CEDES, Buenos Aires, Argentina- ha lanzado  este año el Premio GENEROSAS 2019. El objetivo del premio es visibilizar y apoyar a mujeres de toda América Latina hispanoparlante y de la comunidad latina de Estados Unidos que ejercen un liderazgo en sus comunidades. Mujeres que  luchan por una sociedad con otros códigos de cooperación, acción, consumo y producción apoyándose en la movilización de recursos locales. De las 83 nominadas, 23 de ellas han sido elegidas para formar parte de un libro. La ganadora del primer premio Lucinda Mamani Choque (Bolivia) estará presente en la entrega del premio en la conferencia de Medellín. Leer más aquí.

The ELLAS-Women and Philanthropy program –based at CEDES in Argentina- launched this year the GENEROSAS (Generous women) award. The purpose of the award is to give visibility and support to women in Spanish speaking Latin America and Latino women in the U.S. that are leading initiatives in their communities with other codes of cooperation, action, consumption and production, and mobilizing local resources for that. From 83 nominees, 23 have been selected to be included in a book. The winner of the award,  Lucinda Mamani Choque (Bolivia), will be present for the award ceremony during the conference in Medellin. Read more here.


PhD Seminar / Seminario para Estudiantes de Doctorado

July 2-3, 2019

Call for Contributions - ENGLISH

Convocatoria de InvestigaciónESPA ÑOL


ISTR Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Secretariat

Centro de Investigación y Estudios sobre Sociedad Civil (CIESC) at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus 

  Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (Cemefi)


To contact the LAC Secretariat, email



Gobernar: The Journal of Latin American Public Policy and Governance

This is a biannual, open access and peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the publication of original articles that present qualitative or quantitative research, case studies, survey articles, studies of effective pedagogy, conceptual framework, analytical models, and empirical research, as well as book reviews. Gobernar aims to build a debate about governance outside the traditional contexts of strong states and well-ordered societies. It seeks submissions of papers that have Latin-American relevance or significance for Latin Americanists around the world. The journal is devoted to the dissemination of research articles from the broad range of disciplines related to Public Policy and Governance. It aims to provide an intellectual platform for scholars in those fields.

To learn more, visit


Boletín de la Coordinación para América Latina y el Caribbean:


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ISTR LAC Network Secretariat Transition 
Taking Stock and Moving Forward


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 Latin America & the Caribbean Network at the 12th International Conference, Stockholm



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