Istanbul Abstracts - 2010
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ISTR 9th International Conference
July 7-10, 2010
Kadir Has University
Istanbul, Turkey



A bridge to integration? Interreligious initiatives in Germany's civil society
Eva Maria Hinterhuber*
A Comparative Analysis of Global Faith-Based and Secular Civil Society Organisations in Pakistan and Bangladesh
Karim Sajjad Sheikh*
A Comparative Analysis on Philanthropy in East Asia: What Matters to the Practice of Philanthropy and Its Transformation?
Naoto Yamauchi*, Naoko Okuyama, Cheng Zui, Hungchun Huang, Sun Youn Lee
"A Model for the Analysis and Evaluation of the Performance of Associations"
Matilde Luna, Crstina Puga, Jose Luis Velasco, Jorge Cadena, Sara Gordon, Gloria Guadarrama, Carlos Chavez, Ricardo Tirado, Alejandro Natal*, Miguel Armando Lopez
A remarkably stable civic engagement - Sweden in prosperity and recession
Lars Svedberg*, Magnus Jegermalm, Johan von Essen
A social quality approach as (re)integration of civil society, the market and the state
Peter Herrmann*, Wendy Earles
A Strategic Unity: The Problems of Constructing the Third Sector in the UK
Pete Alcock, Jeremy Kendall*
A study on the responses to employees' volunteer activities in Korea
Chang-Soon Hwang*
Accountability at the Civil Society Organizations: A case study In Brazil
Cláudia Nadas*, Marcela Paolino, Paula Rocha
Active Citizenship: An Empirical Investigation
Jenny Onyx*, Sue Kenny, Kevin Brown
Active Membership in Flux in Swedish Civil Society – but how far can our understanding of membership and volunteer work be pushed before becoming something else?
Johan Hvenmark, Johan von Essen*
Addressing Food Security in Brazil: A Collaborative Approach
Agnes Meinhard*, Cecilia Rocha, Derek Nowrat
AGG Panel on Gender and Migration
Patrick Kilby*, Latika Mangrulkar, Sisay Gebre-Egziabher, Reiko Ogawa, Rekha Ramesh Gaonkar
AGG Panel on Gender, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship
Patrick Kilby*, Sachiko Nakagawa, Triparna Vasavada, Inmaculada García, Carmen Marcuello Servós, Isabel Saz, Jason Ketter
Aging, Voluntary Action and the Third Sector in the United States and Europe
Christopher J. Einolf*, Pamala Wiepking, Russell N. James, Rene Bekkers, John Wilson
Akshya Pathra : solution to hunger illeterecy illhealth and unemployment
Ananthapadhmanabhanabha Achar*
Algunas condicionantes de las INGO en la rendición de cuentas a nivel internacional.
Ana Cecilia Koc Meza, Juan David Gómez Quinteros*
American and French Third Sector facing the Millenium growth and the financial, economic and social crises. Do they react differently?
Edith Archambault*
American philanthropic foundations and the weimar Republic. First hesitant steps toward a global civil society?
Peter Weber*
An analysis of the co-operative sector in Ireland
Bridget Carroll*
An empirical assessment of the impact of voluntary principals on organizational objectives and governance in nonprofit organizations
Jurgen Willems*, Gert Huybrechts, Marc Jegers, Tim Vantilborgh, Roland Pepermans
An Ethnographic Study on the Anti-Professionalism of Self-help Groups for Family Survivors of Suicide in Japan
Tomofumi Oka*

Análisis de Convergencia de los Sistemas de Protección Social en Europa
Emma Juaneda*, Carmen Marcuello Servós, Pilar Pujol

Análisis de la capacidad de generación de empleo de las cooperativas en España: Una comparación con el empleo generado por la economía en su conjunto
Millan Diaz Foncea*, Carmen Marcuello Servós

"Análisis de los fondos recibidos por las ONGD españolas en tiempos de crisis”
Millán Díaz Foncea, Juan David Gómez Quintero, Ana Koc Meza, Tomás Gimeno Lázaro*
Analisis del Potencial Innovador en la Economia Social: Papel de sus Valores Idiosincrasicos
Carmen Marcuello Servós*, Mª Isabel Saz Gil
Antecedents, Events, and Consequences of ExecutiveSuccession in a Nonprofit Organization
Joseph C Santora*, James C. Sarros, Mark Esposito, Rosemary A Clemens, William J Seaton
Applying NGO Accountability and Capacity Standards in the Republic of the Marshall Islands: A Case Study of NGO and Civil Society Development in a Semi-peripheral Nation
Richard Bush*
Asia at the Nexus: The Third Sector and Emerging Dynamics of Social Change
Maria Gwenetha Pusta*
Assessing voluntary work in later life: findings from the Belgian Aging Studies
Sarah Dury*, Dominique Verté, Tine Buffel, Liesbeth De Donder, Nico De Witte
Associations' leaders in France:origin, profile and trajectory
Muriel Tabariés*
Between Democracy and Governance: Participation, Partnership and Paradox Panel I : Policy and Politics
Deena White*, Rachel Laforest, Håkan Johansson, John Casey, Ann-Christine Hartzén
Between democracy and governance: participation, partnership and paradox Panel II : Representation and Contestation
Deena White*, Nicholas Acheson, Roberto Scaramuzzino, Beatriz Balian de Tagtachian
Between Tradition and Innovation. African Indigenous financing models; the case of Kenya in comparative perspective.
Giuliana Gemelli*, William Plater, David K. Some, Kefa Chepkwony, Omar Bortolazzi
Brazilian Civil Society Councils: Their Roles and Challenges in the Succession Process
Luana Vieira, Selma Moreira, Silvia Sá*, Graziella Comini
Bridging operations: practices of negotiating accountability at the interface between beneficiaries in emerging and INGO in developed countries
Urs Peter Jäger, Nina Hug*
Building A Community-Focused, Collaborative and Impartial Framework for NGO Accountability
Niaz Murtaza*, Michael Austin
Building Civil Society Through Collaboration
Dwight Burlingame*, Robert Ashcraft, Patrick Rooney, Barbara Ibrahim
Building on Knowledge in Strengthening Civil Society Around the World
Jacob Mwathi Mati*, Michael Hoelscher, Megan MacGarry, Naoto Yamauchi, Midori Matsushima
Building Third Sector Research Capacity to address the challenges and opportunities of social cohesion, working with established communities as well as with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers: opportunities and challenges of working via government sponsored programmes to strengthen civil society and to promote active citizenship.
Marjorie Mayo*, Zoraida Bendek, Carol Packham
Burma: Cross-border civil society for Burmese democracy struggle
Sai Thet Oo*
Business Ventures by NPOs, Social Businesses, Social Cooperatives - Different Forms of Hybrid Organizations Combining Social and Business Goals: Some Insights from a Survey in Israel
Benjamin Gidron*, Dikla Yogev
"But we were successful!" Examining the closure of nascent social enterprises in a metatheoretical perspective.
Heather Douglas*
Can the third sector exist in local multisectoral partnerships? Challenges of mutual observation in network governance.
Silvia Ferreira*
Capacity Building for Nonprofit Sector and Organizations under Financial Stress
Naim Kapucu*
Challenges and Opportunities Confronting the Third Sector and Civil Society under the Treaty of Lisbon
Lia Versteegh*
Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Fair Trade Movement in Japan
Tatsuya Watanabe*
"Challenges and opportunities for Environmentally-focused Social Economy Enterprises (ESEEs) in the wake of the Celtic Tiger"
Anna Ray Davies, Susan Mullin*
Challenges and Opportunities of Volunteer Work in Spain: Analysis of Volunteering in Young People and Children
Carmen Marcuello Servós*, Mª Isabel Saz Gil
Challenges and Weaknesses of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Africa : The Case of Indigenous NGOs in Ethiopia
Sisay Gebre-Egziabher*
Challenges in the Icelandic Non-Profit Sector
Steinunn Hrafnsdóttir*, Ómar H. Kristmundsson
Challenges of High and Late Modern Religiosity in Volunteering - The Case of Sweden
Johan von Essen, Julia Grosse*
Challenging the Opportunities of the Delphi Method in Third Sector Research: The Case of Philanthropic Foundations
Hanna Schneider*, Reinhard Millner
Changing Political Culture by Combating Corruption: The Role of Democratization NGOs in South Africa, Tajikistan and Argentina
Julie Fisher Melton*
Charting Government-Third Sector Relations for Effectiveness: Canada, England, and the United States
Kathy Brock*
Civic Driven Change and the Political Interface
Alan Fowler*, Kees Fowler, Alfonso Gumucio-Dagron
Civil Polity, Civil Society and Climate Change
Ian McGregor*
Civil society and local governance in post-communist settings: theoretical perspectives and empirical challenges
Egle Vaidelyte*, Egle Butkeviciene
Civil Society and Race in Brazil: the role of NGOs and social movements in the translation of affirmative action policies
Mário Aquino Alves*, Marcus Vinícius Peinado Gomes
Civil Society as a metaphor of the "Good Society." The limits of a normative concept and the case of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Peter Weber*
Civil Society as a Stakeholder in the Development of Welfare Mix in Croatia
Gojko Bezovan*
Civil Society Collaboration and Contestation for Climate Change Action: From the Grassroots to Global Policy Coalitions.
Melissa Edwards*, Ian McGregor, Nina Hall
Civil Society in the Age of Obama
Civil Society Organisations in the winds of (sea) change - sheltered from or driven by globalisation
Ingo Bode*, Martin Steinbereithner, Florentine Maier, Michael Meyer, Kari Steen-Johnsen, Bernard Enjolras, Gemma Donnely-Cox, Philippe Eynaud
Civil Society Organizations and Local Government Building Social Control: Movement "Nossa" and Accountability in three Brazilian cities
Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio*, Gabriela De Brelàz, Danielle Fiabane
Civil Society Organizations in Turkey: assessing interactions and impact in environmental politics
Hande Paker*, Zeynep Kadirbeyoglu, Begum Ozkaynak, Fikret Adaman
Civil Society Organizations´incidence in public policy: a comparative analysis in Latinamerica
Lorena Cortes*
Civil society participation in human rights public policy making and implementation in Latin America
Alberto Hernandez Baqueiro*
Civil Society, Active Citizens and Community Governance
Leping Zheng*, Feilian Cao
Civil Society, Islam, and Democracy in Turkey: The Case of Civil Society Organizations
Sema Akboga*
Civil Society, State Capacity, and the Function of Government in Social Entrepreneurship
Gordon Shockley*, Peter Frank
Civil Society, Women and Islamisation in Indonesia: Reformasi and the Anti-Pornography Controversy
Julia Suryakusuma*
Combating the Downturn: Earned Income Reliance and Nonprofit Survivability during the Recession
David B. Howard*, Hyeon Jong Kil
Community-based Philanthropic Organizations in Urban Asian Communities
Lili Wang*, Elizabeth Graddy, Don Morgan
Comparative Philanthropy Law and the Tax-Centrism of the American Third Sector
Alyssa DiRusso*
Comparative Study on Volunteerism of the Youth in Japan, Korea and Canada
Wataru Ozawa*
Competitive Intelligence in France: challenges for NGOs.
Sophie Larivet*
Conceptualizing Solidarity Economy and Mapping Its Diversity
Craig Borowiak*
Confidence in Civil Society: The Challenge of Corruption
Yevgenya Paturyan*
Conflict and Nonprofit-Organisations: Civil Society Options of Community Mediation Organisations
Georg Albers*
Contribucion de organizacions del tercer sector a la calidad educativa
Beatriz Balian de Tagtachian*
Co-producing Safeness?Order Partnerships in German local governance arrangements
Matthias Freise*
Co-production, Active Citizenship and the Developmental Welfare State: A Case Study of Youth Policy in Ireland
Fred Powell*, Martin Geoghegan, Margaret Scanlon, Katharina Swirak
Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility; trade off or line up?
Theo Schuyt*, Dick De Gilder, Frank De Bakker
Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Capital in Local Disaster Management
Yu Ishida*
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Third Sector: The Portuguese case
Isabel Nicolau, Ana Simaens*, Alzira Duarte, Carmen Lages, Gonçalo Pernas
Corridors of Power: The Institutional Framework of Partnerships for Development
Willem Elbers*
Creating a giving culture among teenagers in Europe; push or pull?A comparative analysis of service learning programs in the UK and in the Netherlands.
Rene Bekkers, Esra Dursun*
Crisis in the women's movement in Soouth Korea?
Kyungja Jung*
Critique et re-signification du concept de Société Civile à partir de la realité brésilienne
Gustavo Madeiro*, Rodrigo Guimarães
CSO strategy and CSO accountability: do we have a deal?
Elisa R. A. Larroude*, Fernando M. Ruiz, Fernando do Amaral Nogueira
Deconstructing Social Capital Discourse and a Case for the Solidarity Economy
Carissa van den Berk Clark*, Loretta Pyles
"Democracy is a Club and Women are Not Invited”: The Sexual Politics of Legitimacy, Civil Society and Women’s Collective Agency in Afghanistan
Joyce Wu*
Demographic change and representation in policy making: Challenges and opportunities for seniors' organisations in a changing Australia
Andrea Petriwskyj*
Determinants of Volunteering beyond Gender and Education
Paul Rameder*, Michaela Neumayr
Theory of Joining and Membership in Deviant Nonprofit Groups: One Major Challenge Confronting Research On and the Functioning of the Third Sector and Civil Society
David Horton Smith*, Robert A. Stebbins
Developing knowledge transfer for the third sector : models and measurement
Alex Murdock*, Fergus Lyon, Charles Jardine, Michael Knight, Robin John
Development - concept and impacts on community based research and researchers
Angela Weber*, Roberto Hermman
Development Aid and Civil Society in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Study of the Inga Hydropower Project as a Poverty Reduction Strategy
Baruti Amisi*
Different motives, different expectations? The influence of volunteer functional motives on the psychological contract
Tim Vantilborgh*, Roland Pepermans, Jurgen Willems, Gert Huybrechts, Marc Jegers
Difficultés et Possibilités de l'économie solidaire dans la revitalisation sociale et économique du centre d'une ville moyenne
Pierre-André Tremblay*, Suzanne Tremblay
Dimensiones y desafíos del voluntariado en América Latina
Anabel Cruz*, Lucia Perez
Dispensing ‘charity’: the fiscal limitations of an all-or-nothing concept
Calum Carmichael*
Displacement issues in media: the missing agenda
Poornananda Dasegowdanakoplu*
Do nonprofit organisations manage earnings? An empirical study.
Marc Jegers*
Do people invest in local public goods with long-Term Benefits? Experimental Evidence From a Shanty Town in Peru.
Thomas de Hoop*, Luuk van Kempen, Ricardo Fort
Does the EU matter for national third sectors in Europe?
Jeremy Kendall*
Does Workfare policy work for economic independence of people with disabilities? A lesson from the challenge combining arts by the intellectually disabled with businesses
Nobuko Kanaya*
Donors in a Dictatorship: Giving, Civil Society, and Peace Cultures in Communist East Germany
Gregory R. Witkowski*
Dos caras de una misma moneda: Ayuda oficial para el desarrollo y deuda externa en la cooperacion para el desarrollo
Carmen Marcuello Servós, Jesús Clemente Lopez, Mariana Filgueira Chiossoni*
Dynamics of Civil Society Governance in Nepal
Tek Nath Dhakal*, Ishtiaq Jamil
Educación Inicial y Desarrollo Sustentable.
Gabriela Etchebehere*
Education policy processes in South East Asia and the South Pacific: Civil Society Struggles with Time and Space
Alex McCormick*
El ambito femenino del empleo en las OSC en Mexico.
Clar Ines Charry*
El papel de las organizaciones de la sociedad civil en la gobernabilidad democrática de méxico
El Tercer Sector en el desarrollo social en España en el contexto del Modelo Social Europeo
vicente marbán*
Elderly Volunteering and Well-being: A Cross-European Comparison Based on the SHARE Data
Debbie Haski-Leventhal*
Elevation of health awareness among rural adolescent girls in Bangladesh: Does Adolescent Development Program of BRAC intervention Matter?
Emerging Opportunities for Non-profit Management Education: The Deviating Case of Sweden
Ola Segnestam Larsson*, Johan Hvenmark, Jan Ström
Employment in the third sector: the case of Porto University graduates in Administration, Humanities and Social Sciences
Cristina Parente*
Enabling and Empowering Older People as Independent and Active Citizens: The Rhetoric and the Reality
Robert Dalziel*
Entrepreneurial Strategies in the Amazon Area: Economic growth, environmental preservation and local development
Graziella Maria Comini, Anita Maria Moura*, Maria Augusta Pimentel Miglino
"Entrepreneurship in French non profit organizations dealing with medical, health and social sectors"
Madina Rival*
Estonian village movement and civil law partnerships
Ülle Lepp*
Ethical Climate in Nonprofit and Government Sectors: A Comparative Study Between Japan and UK.
Rosario Laratta*
Europe without barriers - the participation of organised civil society
adriano propersi*, gabrio quattropani, stefano zamagni
Evaluar la eslc y ong en la teoria institucional: modelo de valor y utilidades economicas
Cristian Eugenio Orellana Pino*
Evaluating crisis containment in nonprofit organizations in Israel: the effects of organizational competency and managerial competence.
Rita Mano*
Exploring Change in Institutionalized Practices in Difficult Times : United Way Adoption of Competitive Funding
Laurie Paarlberg*, Stephen Meinhold
Exploring the Link between the Types of Donors and Organizational Signals -- A Survey Study of Gernamn Donors
Alexandra Mannsky*, Robert Strohmeyer
Exporting Civil Society, Globalizing the Nonprofit Sector: Eastern Europe as a Laboratory
Erzsebet Fazekas*
Externalidades regionales que inhiben la articulación de redes en osc: fortalecer la captación de recursos en la region metropolitana de Santiago de Chile
Cristian Eugenio Orellana Pino*, Jose Orellana Pino
Fair Trade in Mexico: A bottom-up approach to Community Development
Carlos Chavez Becker*, Alejandro Natal Martínez
Family and Association: A Hybrid Nonprofit Organization in Taiwan
Ming-Rea Kao, Chang-Yu Huang*
Filling the gaps? The role of third sector on the individual level. Case of Polish women’s CSOs.
Anna Domaradzka*
Follow the Leader : The Contradictory Influence of Donor Dependency on Country Choice by Dutch NGDOs
Ruerd Ruerd*, Bart Loman
Forms of social capital as actors' and community's resources in a small locality in Finland
Tomi Kankainen, Martti Siisiäinen*, Veli-Matii Salminen
Foundations building Social Capital: Opportunities, Ability, and Motivation
Georg von Schnurbein*
From Change Agents to Method Actors: The Effect of Transnational NGO Leadership Style on Constraint Responsiveness
Christiane Pagé*, Margaret G. Hermann
From clubhouse to cheque-book? A quantitative study of new forms of civic engagement in Flanders (Belgium)
Dries Van den Bosch*, Lesley Hustinx
From innovation to legitimacy. Innovative Nonprofit Organizations and Institutional Expectations
Anahid Aghamanoukjan*
From SARS Epidemic to Sichuan Earthquake - Chinese Civil Society's Responses to Disaster
Kin-man Chan*
From the Civil Society to the Public Administration. A New Pattern of Political Recruitment in Mexico
Héctor Villarreal*
From Where Do I Come: The Identity of Younger Generations in the ’48 Area
Sobhi Sger*
Funding NGOs, funding conflict? Reflections on European Union civil society funding in Turkey
Markus Ketola*
Funding Suffrage Reform: Women and Philanthropy in the U.S., 1880-1920
Kathleen McCarthy*
Gender in Civil Society: a driver or an afterthought in the discourse - some reflections from India.
Patrick Kilby*
Gender pay gap in the Third Sector - theoretical explanation and empirical evidence from Switzerland and Germany
Markus Gmür*
Género, calidad y responsabilidad social de las organizaciones: brechas e inequidades
Anabel Cruz*, Cecilia Wenzel
Gestión del factor comunidad en la economia solidaria
Hernando Emilio Zabala*, Olga Lucía Arboleda, Gladys Bedoya
Giving and Volunteering in Mexico: Time, Talent and Treasure
Jacqueline Butcher*
"Global Means - Local Ends": Patterns of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Foreign Multinational Enterprises (FMNE's) Operating in Israel"
Global or Local? The Role of nonprofit entrepreneurship in developing civil society
Peter Frank*, Gordon Shockley
Globalization, Agricultural Communities and Opportunities for Empowerment: Lessons from Third Sector and Community Responses to the Patenting of Plant Varieties in Bilar, Bohol
Maria Ela Atienza*
Governance and Participation Models in Second Level Organizations
Emma Juaneda*, Carmen Marcuello Servós, Pilar Pujol
Governance at a distance and the changing role of voluntary associations in Finland
Martti Siisiäinen*
Government Dependency of Nonprofits: A Review of the Evidence and Proposal for a new Conceptual Framework
Stefan Toepler*
Government-Nonprofit Partnerships and the Social Capital Theory in the Context of Disaster Management
Triparna Vasavada, Sohee Kim*
Gulf Charitable Organizations : Challenges and Opportunities (Field study to evaluate major factors impacting charitable foundations in Gulf region)
Khalid Al Serihi*, bdulfatah Mohamed
Gulf Philanthropy: Structural, Domestic, and Global Challenges
Riham Khafagy*
Health Consumer and Patient Organisations participating in Health Care Development:The Contribution of Patients to Accountabilityand Democracy.
Alf Trojan*, Christopher Kofahl
Healthy community organization : escape from political dilemma .A case of village in the north of Thailand.
Siwarak Siwarom*
Hispanic Volunteering in the United States: Comparing the Current Population Survey, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, and the AIM Giving and Volunteering Survey
Lili Wang*, Carlton Yoshioka, Robert Ashcraft
Historical Institutionalism and Social Enterprise Development: Towards a Comparative Framework for Social Enterprise
Janelle Kerlin*
HIV, Gender and Sustainable Livelihood
Priya Anand*
HIV/AIDS epidemic in Vietnam: Challenge and opportunity for third sector organizations
Thu Hong Khuat, Bach Duong Le*
Holambra: lessons from the Social Economy for a sustainable city
Rosane Keppke*, Celso Capato
How can social enterprises become a "bridge" between marginalized people and society?
Sachiko Nakagawa*
How can universities integrate social entrepreneurship into their agenda?
Nakiye Boyacigiller*, Wendy Kuran, Wolfgang Bielefeld
How can we measure success of new social economy movement in political process of institutionalization?
Hyungsik Eum*
How different traditions of self-help/mutual aid research can inform and contribute to Third Sector knowledge
Thomasina Borkman*, Carol Munn-Giddings
How does the museum shop come across?The analysis of museum shop visitors' behaviour and attitudes.
Renate Buber, Monika Knassmueller*
How Does Transnational Philanthropy Lead Change? A Case Study of North American Jewish Philanthropic Support of the Israeli Arab Sector
Elizabeth Levi*
How manage Third Sector Organizations in Contexts of Crisis? Comparative and Communication Study on Cuban and Costa Rican NGOs.
Lenay Alexandra Blason*
How Nonprofit Organizations Manage Financial Surpluses and Why It Matters
Woods Bowman, Howard Tuckman, Dennis Young*
How Service Learning Relates to the Third Sector: Multi-national Practice and Research
Robert Bringle*, Julie Hatcher, Amani Elshimi, Mabel Erasmus, Lorraine McIlrath
How the Partnership Works under emergency? - The relationship between Government and Nonprofit organizations
Lu-Yi Hsieh*, Ying-Hao Huang
Human Resource Development in Nonprofit Organizations: Three Country Comparison of the U.S., Canada, and Japan
Yuko Nishide*, Junro Nishide
Hybrid Careers: How Chief Executive Officers of Faith Based Organizations Characterize their Career Drivers
Urs Peter Jäger*, Hendrik Höver, Markus Strauch, Andreas Schröer
Immigrants' integration into civil society organizations
Monica Ruffa*
Impact of Economic Crisis on Giving: Trend Analysis of Individual Giving and Volunteering in Korea
Chulhee Kang*, Jiyoun Ku, Heewon Chung, Seungjong Cho
Impact of Globalization on Land and Water and Identity Crisis of Marginalized People: Case Studies in India
Impact of Media on INGOs During Disasters
Tracy Cooper*
Impact of solidarity-based Government Programme, SGSY( Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana) ,on women and backward sections of society in Vasai Taluka, District Thane,( Maharashtra, India)
Bhavana Trivedi*
In Search of 'Frames of Sensitivity'
Christina Schwabenland*
In search of... the social in ‘social economy': exploration of the boundaries, scope and definitions of the social economy in the UK and Canada
Jan Myers*
In The Subaltern Voice (TSV): Third Sector researchers calling from the margins.
Maria Humphries*, Suzanne Grant
Individual Giving & Volunteering in Korea during Global Financial Crisis
Chulhee Kang*, Minkyung Bae, Juhee Cho
Initiatives partenariales entre le tiers secteur et l'État visant la participation sociale des personnes vulnérables au Québec : un renouvellement de politiques pour les personnes handicapées.
Lucie Dumais*, Jean Dumais
Innovation and social enterprises: Motivation, processes and new challenges
Fergus Lyon*, Leandro Sepulveda, Ian Vickers
Innovation, collaboration and co-production: NGOs as ‘boundary riders' between civil society and the state
Lorraine Kerr*, Ed Carson
Institutional Choice for Rural Development:Public-Private Partnership on Taiwanese Experiences
Kun-Jung Liao*, Ally Chuang
Institutional Reforms - New Challenges and Opportunities in the Interaction between Municipalities and Voluntary Associations
Malene Thøgersen*, Klaus Levinsen
Interlocking directorates in the nonprofit sector: ‘small world' characteristics and governance
Jurgen Willems*, Gert Huybrechts, Marc Jegers, Tim Vantilborgh, Roland Pepermans
International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs): A Historiographic Analysis of the Development of These Organizations and the Impacts of Crises on Their Operations
Fernando Nogueira*, Fernando Ruiz, Fábio Mariotto
International Perspectives on Third Sector Capacity Building: Strategies for Social Change?
Joanna Howard*, Udan Fernando, Marilyn Taylor, Wendy Earles
International Responses to Natural Disasters
Una Osili*, Lijuan Wu, Chen Qihong, Julianna Koksarova, Ben Curran, Bill Schneider
Inter-sectoral partnership as a viable solution to tackle issues related with the provision of civic amenities: An empirical study of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.
Swati Pitale*
Is Metropolitan Sprawl Bad for Civic Life? Evidence from Three Norwegian Cities
Dag Wollebæk*, Kristin Strømsnes
Islamic Volunteering and Charitable Giving in the Netherlands
Christine Carabain*
Isomorphic processes and discursive strategies: Swedish study associations caught between civil society, the state and the market
Pelle Åberg*, Johan von Essen
La efectividad del cooperativismo como política reductora de pobreza en el distrito Capital de Venezuela
Alejandro Marquez Velazquez*
La qualité de l'emploi dans les organisations de l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire : premiers jalons sur données françaises
Ekaterina Melnik*, Francesca Petrella, Nadine Richez-Battesti

Las profesiones emergentes en el tercer sector y las oportunidades de empleo en el sector

Le microcrédit « social »: Un nouvel outil bancaire au service de la cohésion sociale ?
Learning to measure? Examining the challenges of measuring performance whilst supporting organizational learning in UK nonprofits
Claire Moxham*
Legal Issues Faced by Foundations Today in Different European Countries
Chiara Prele*, Alison Dunn, Anna Mazgal, Francesco A. Schurr
Legal Reformation: Main Challenge for Third Sector in Islamic Republic of Iran
Zahra Maranlou*
Les Associations pour le Maintien de l'Agriculture Paysanne (AMAP) en France : une dynamique socio-économique innovante à la lumière du cadre théorique du réseau EMESFrench Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) associations : an innovative socio-economics dynamics enlighted by EMES's research network theoretical framework
Lhuillier Vincent*
Les déterminants de la qualité de l'emploi dans les organisations de l'Economie sociale et solidaire
Ekaterina Melnik*, Francesca Petrella, Nadine Richez-Battesti
Les ONG de coopération internationale, l'économie sociale et l'économie solidaire : Deux approches connues, une nouvelle application
Olga Navarro-Flores*
Les organismes du tiers secteur face à la nouvelle gestion publique dans le secteur du soutien à domicile au Québec.
Sebastien Savard*, Denis Bourque, Danielle Maltais, Marielle Tremblay, René Lachapelle
Local Fundraising in Developing Countries; Attractive Market Opportunities?
Arie de Kluijver*
Looking After Each Other: The Role of (Invisible) Care Work in the Community
Christina Schwabenland*, Stina Johansson, Florence Degavre, Rosemary Leonard, Lev Turner
Los retos de la relación de la sociedad civil con el Estado en el Uruguay: ¿nuevos paradigmas de participación?
Anabel Cruz*, Lucia Perez
Managerialism in the 21st Century: New Insights
K.E.H. (Karen) Maas*, Johan Hvenmark, Michael Meyers, Florentine Maier, Kellie Liket
Mapping Australia's social investment landscape - challenges and opportunities
Nicola Brackertz*, Michael Moran
Mapping the Relationship between Government and Private Nonprofit Organizations and the Impact on Organizational Autonomy and Innovative Behaviour: An Empirical Research in the 13 Biggest Flemish Cities
Bram Verscheure*, Joris De Corte
Mapping the role of gender in caring networks of older people receiving services from Third Sector organisations
Rosemary Leonard*, Debbie Horsfall, Susan Evans, Lisa Armitage, Kerrie Nooonan
Mapping the third sector in John R. Commons' typology of transactions
Vladislav Valentinov*
Marco Financiero Institucional para organizaciones de Economía Social y del Tercer Sector en México
Humberto Muñoz Grandé*
Measuring the concepts "Civic-Minded Graduate" and "Civic-Minded Professional": Developing quantitative and qualitative measures to advance research
Julie Hatcher*, Robert Bringle, Kathryn Steinberg
Meeting Peoples Needs Best? The Impact of New Public Management on the Third Sector
Taco Brandsen*, Annette Zimmer
Micro-Finance and Women Empowerment: Role of Non-Government Organisations
Manjula Bolthajjira Chengappa*
Migrants as civil society actors in the country of origin: How do host country opportunity structures affect migrant civil society actors from the Great Lakes region?
Marieke van Houte*, Anna Orrnert, Jana Schildt
Money = Freedom?: The role of resource mobilization in building more accountable and transformative organizations in South Asia.
Katherine Hay*, Suzanne Taylor
Multi-stakeholder Co-operatives and Their Capital Base: Evidence from China
Li Zhao*, Patrick Develtere
Muslim Charitable Foundations in West Asia: Innovations, Lessons and Challenges
Abdulaziz El Jaouhari*, Sami Hasan
Muslim Philanthropy and Human Development: Replicable Lessons from the Gulf
Sami Hasan*, Abdulaziz El Jaouhari
Navigating on different spaces: the movements of NGO activists and government professionals in the Brazilian HIV/Aids Policy
Luiz Claudio Campos*, Patrícia Mendonça, Mario Alves
New Donor Strategies: Changes in the NGO sector in Kyrgyzstan
Kanykey Jailobaeva*
News from the Front Line: a consideration of the current position of the UK Third Sector by those who are managing and delivering services.
Cheryl Simmill-Binning*, Ian Paylor
NGO Governance in Bangladesh: Quest for Accountability and Transparency
Sk. Tawfique M. Haque*
NGO Governance in Nepal: Convoluted Exercise for Ideal Desire Under the Theme of Challenges and Opportunities Confronting the Third Sector and Civil Society
Govind Prasad Dhakal*, Shree Krishna Shrestha
NGO Leadership Education: International Perspectives
Roseanne Mirabella*, Naoto Yamauchi, Jenny Onyx, Chiku Malunga
NGOs and Microcredit: Issues and Challenges
Gopalakrishna Joshi*
NGOs and the focus on gender: Does it really have an impact?
Triparna Vasavada*, Glòria Estapé- Dubreuil, Consol Torreguitart-Mirada, Patrick Kilby, Joyce Wu
Nonprofit Competition and the Allocation of Philanthropic Resources
Dennis Young*, Bruce Seaman, Janet Johnson, Amanda Wilsker, Lewis Faulk, Nicholas Harvey
NPO’s – Government relations in the Czech RepublicWhy Do You Work in the Third Sector?: A Theoretical Model and a Case Study in China
Nuevos desafíos y oportunidades para la rendición de cuentas y transparencia de las organizaciones del Tercer Sector
C. Esther Falcón Pérez, Juana Fuentes Perdomo*

Observatory of Charity in Gulf States
International Center for Researches and Studies medad center*
Opportunities and Challenges for E-fundraising in Gulf Charity Organizations
Khalid Mjathil*
Organizaciones de la sociedad civil y publicidad; elementos que determinan el éxito de una campaña publicitaria
Fabiola Fernández Guerra Carrillo*
Organizaciones del Tercer Sector en Arte para la Transformación Social en América Latina. Integrando visiones de académicos y no académicos.
Mario Roitter*
Organizational Commitment in Social Third Sector: Structural Analysis
Leonor González, Emma Juaneda*, Carmen Marcuello Servós
Our Common Commons:The Role of Volunteer Centers and Community Foundations inSustaining Volunteer Energy
Jeffrey Brudney*, Lucas Meijs
Outsider, missing link or panacea? Some reflections about the place of social enterprise (with)in and in relation to the Third Sector
Leandro Sepulveda*
Participación en la Gestión presupuestal. Retórica o realidad
cristina penso*
Participatory Philanthropy: Identity Re-Creation through Recreation
Ida Berger*, Lakshmi Ramarajan
Partners and Opponents: Managing social justice and economic values in the value plural operating context of nonprofit social services
Jenny GREEN*
Partnership, Social Capital and Good Practices among Public, Private and the Third Sector: a Case-Study in Social Cohesion
Giovanna Rossi, Lucia Boccacin*
Pathways in International NGO Leadership
Deborah Edward*
Peer Pressure and the African Peer Review Mechanism: The Role of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria's APRM Process
Mouzayian Khalil*
Philanthropic Foundations and Government: Interrelations and Involvement in Social Policymaking in Israel
Michal Almog-Bar, Ester Zychlinski*
Philanthropic Practices in Russia: Public Attitudes, Involvement and Government Policy
Lev Jakobson*, Irina Mersianova, Vladimir Benevolenskiy
Philanthropy in the changing world: changing attitude to giving?
Vladimir Hyanek, Marie Hladka*
Philanthropy in the Irish Migration NGO Sector: An Enabler of Political Equality?
Niamh McCrea*
Philanthropy: A New Player in Egyptian Development
Mona Atia*, Dina Sherif
Place Attachment and Philanthropy: A study of 1st Generation Haitian-Americans and 1st Generation Haitian-Canadians
Darlye Élise Innocent*, Megha Budruk
Pluralist logics and organizational dynamics in CSOs: challenges for governance
Kari Steen-Johnsen*, John Michael Amis
"Potential" Environmental Volunteers: A Market for Growth
Melanie Randle*
Poverty Alleviation through Micro-Credit Programme of SHGS: A Case Study of Sabala (NGO) in Bijapur District of Karnataka
T.D. Thimmaiya*, K. Sivachithappa, V. Rajagopal
"Power over, power to, power with": Postcolonial feminist strategies for addressing gender inequalities - Revisiting Feminist Theory
Ruth Phillips*
Predicting the Financial Vulnerability of Canadian Social Service Charities
Derya Kahraman*, Keith Seel
Private Development Initiatives- effective or not?
Sara Kinsbergen*, Lau Schulpen
Procesos participativos y cambio social: desafíos para los movimientos sociales latinoamericanos
Lázaro Magdiel Bacallao Pino*
Professional Competencies of Management in Social Service Organizations
Andreas Langer*
Promotion of Rural Livelihood through Non Governmental Organisations
Public-Private Partnership in Service Provisioning: Islamic Civil Society Organizations as Agents of Educational Reform in Northern Nigeria
Sulaiman Khalid*
Putting Social Emergence in: A Linkage between Individual and Society in Social Entrepreneurship
Ming-Rea Kao, Chang-Yu Huang*
Raising One's Voice to The Insistent Hand of Neo-Colonialism
Andrina Thomas*, Maria Humphries
Raising Volunteer's Motivation as an Opportunity for Implementing the Full Potential of Volunteering in Organisation
Jon Ender*, Laidi Surva, Kristina Mänd
Rates of participation in volunteering and characteristics of volunteers: European comparisons
Lionel Prouteau, Cesaltina Pires, Boguslawa Sardinha*
Rationing and Philanthropy: problems, principles, practices
Tobias Jung*, Jenny Harrow, Stephen Osborne
Reivindicar derechos o ejecutar proyectos: las disyuntivas del tercer sector en colombia
Juan David Gómez-Quintero*, Nuria Espeleta Fernández
Relationship between volunteering & co-production in Europe
victor pestoff*
Religion and civil society in Europe
Paul Dekker*, Charlotte Engel, Veerle Draulans, Loek Halman, Lars Trägårdh
Rethinking American Foundations: Domestic Constraints, International Impacts
David Hammack*, Helmut Anheier, Stefan Toepler, Lehn Benjamin, Steven Heydemann, Steven Rathgeb Smith
Rethinking the Extension of the Public Sphere
Kevin Gray*
Rights-based Activism and Inter-organizational Alliances in Turkey's Civil Society
Melinda Negron-Gonzales*
Role of Dairy Industry in Poverty Alleviation of Rural People - A Case Study
M. Chowdegowda*, K. Sivachithappa
Role of social capital in cross-sector partnerships overarching the primary, secondary and tertiary industries
Yuko Nishide*
Salary Commensurate with Social Capital
Yoshiho Matsunaga*
Seeking an INGO's Opportunity in developing the Public Health Sector in Timor-Leste - Insights from Community Health Education Activities
Naoki Suzuki, Kana Taniguchi*
Self Help Group- a ray of hope in despair for small tea growers in West Bengal
Kanchan Dutt*
Shall we walk together
Antonio Sama*, Adrian Adams
Should there still be an ‘N’ in NGO? NGO-State relationships in the field of development co-operation. The Flemish case, 1976-2000.
Jan Van de Poel*
Similarities and differences: Comparing and Contrasting Emmaus, the Global Social Enterprise across Europe
Alex Murdock*, Juan Carlos Peréz Mendiguren Castresana, Guilio Ecctria, Kristian Mancinone, Sara Rago, Ulrica Levander, Alaine Amintas, Elisa Chiaf
Small Water Projects Can Do Big Things: Watershed Management in India
Ronald Fernandes*, Sandra Bykowski
Social Accounting for Nonprofits in Times of the Current Economic Crisis in India
Social Capital and Civic Engagement in Central Florida
melike erdogan*
Social Capital and Community-run Services
Richard Lang*
"Social Capital and Philanthropy in Mexico: A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Social Capital on Philanthropic Behavior"
Michael D. Layton*, Alejandro Moreno
Social Entrepreneurship as Social Innovation in Lithuania
Egle Butkeviciene*, Egle Vaidelyte
Social entrepreneurship in America: effects of Ideology and economic crisis
Tamara G. Nezhina*
Social Policy Research in Human Service NGOs
Ruth Phillips*, Susan Goodwin
Social Security Measures & Civil Society Action: The Case of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in India
Bhumika Jhamb, Archna Kumar*
Social Transformation and Solid Waste Management in Latin America
Graziella Maria Comini, Anita Maria Moura*, Rosa Maria Fischer, Monica Bose
Social Value Creation Requires Socialization of Strategy and Social Technology Innovation
Jer San Hu*, Mei Hwa Chen, Tzu Yang Chang
Soci(et)al Entrepreneurship - Action grounded in needs, opportunities and/or perceived necessities?
Malin Gawell*
Societal entrepreneurship in and beyond civil society - the example of innovative youth work in Sweden
Charlotte Engel*, Anders Kassman, Marie Nordfeldt
Socio-environmental Net in Mineral-metallurgical: Diversity of Interests, Conflicts and Perspectives
Denise PEREIRA*, Miguel ANDRADE, Ricardo RIBEIRO
Solidarity-based Economy in Japan: Concepts, Actual State and Perspective of the Future
Solutions for sustainability: Emergent mechanisms for locally-situated (dis)organising.
Melissa Edwards*, Jenny Onyx
State and third sector institutions' goals in dealing with problems of households' living conditions-- The case of Poland
Stochastic Frontier in Non-profit Performance Assessment: An Application to Homeowners Associations in Russia
Leonid Polishchuk*, Ekaterina Borisova
"Stories of change for assessing programme impact: Most Significant Change (MSC) technique as a tool for monitoring and evaluation of development programmes"
Archna Kumar*, Mridula Seth
Strategies in Brazilian Nonprofit Hospitals: Convergence of the Social Mission and Sustainability
Victor Meyer Jr.*, Lucilaine Pascucci, J. Patrick Murphy, Cássia Veiga
Strengthening Civil Society in Southern Italy. Can Community Foundations foster an innovation process?
Deborah Bolognesi*
Supporting democracy by supporting civil society organizations: going beyond the usual suspect? A comparative study of internationally funded CSOs in Ghana and Indonesia.
Jelmer Kamstra*
Sustainable Consumption in the Brazilian Case: civil society organizations and companies in the environmental mobilization
Daniela Viegas, Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio*
Teaching how to fish: Strategic Practices and Social Entrepreneurship, a Brazilian Experience
Alexandra Esperança Meira*, Victor Meyer Jr., Lucilaine Pascucci
Tensiones y retos en las organizaciones de la sociedad civil abocadas a la prestación de servicios
The behavior gap between the nonprofit and for-profit providers in Japanese quasi-market.
Masanari Sakurai*
The Behaviour of NGOs in Response to Exogenous Shocks: A Study of Grassroots Organizations and Local NGOs in the Philippines
Gloricris "Cris" Abbu*
The Brazilian Strategic Philanthropy Field: recent developments and challenges
Paula Chies Schommer*, Fernando do Amaral Nogueira
The Challenges of Fundraising Regulation in Comparative Context
Oonagh B. Breen*, Putnam Barber, Susan D. Phillips, Myles McGregor Lowndes
The Challenges of the Nonprofit Boards
Núria Valls*, Pau Vidal
The conception of the W.I.S.E. political measure in Portugal– The weaknesses of the political process and challenges to the third sector
Carlota Quintão*
The Contribution of Corporation Law to Civil Society
Woods Bowman*
The Contribution of the Higher Education Institutions to Knowledge Transfer between People of Different Cultures
Katalin Dobrai*, Gyongyi Pozsgai
The Crisis and the Third Sector: An Opportunity for Social Transformation
Pau Vidal*, Laia Grabulosa, Núria Valls
The Design of Management Control Systems in Non-profit Organizations: How Can Trust and Control Be Balanced?
Gerhard Speckbacher*, Pia Offenberger
The dynamics of the dispute between conflicting projects of civil society: the OSCIP case in Brazil
Natalia Massaco Koga*, Mario Aquino Alves
The Economics of Stewardship and the Theory of the Nonprofit Firm
Eleanor Brown*
The Emergence of Associational Life in México's Wild West: Pioneering Civic Participation, Sea Turtle Conservation, and Environmental Awareness in Baja California Sur
Andrew Schneller*, Patricia Baum
The EQUAL-program, a new opportunity structure for immigrant organizations?
Roberto Scaramuzzino*
The Forest for the Trees? The Forest Stewardship Council at Fifteen, State/Corporate/Civil Society Balance in Emerging Global Environmental Governance Regimes
Sandra Moog*, Steffen Boehm
The Formation Strategy of Early US Community Foundations and How the Concept Spread
Eleanor Sacks*
The Give and Take of Government Funding on Private Giving in the United States: Challenges for the International Subsector
Leigh Hersey*
The Impact of Global Civil Society on Local Practices: The Case of Turkey
Ahmet Icduygu*, Deniz Sert, Ozlem Altan-Olcay, Hande Paker
The Impact of Network of Stakeholder Relationships on Third Sector Organizations
Ana Simaens*
The International Volunteer Impacts Survey
Benjamin Lough*, Amanda Moore McBride, Margaret Sherraden
"The Law of the Third Sector" - Challenges and opportunities at the end of the first decade of the new millennium?
Francesco A. Schurr*
The Life Course Development of Prosocial Behavior:Evidence from a Major Qualitative Study in the United States
Christopher Einolf*
The Marginalized Sector? The Third Sector in the Marketized State
Uday Desai*, Keith Snavely
The newness of new social movements: Squaring an intriguing circle?
Kai-hon Ng*
The Next Frontier: Women and Philanthropy in India
Priya Anand*
The Nonprofit Brand Value Chain - Just black boxes or real insights?
Bernd Helmig, Hellen P. Scholz*
The Nordic civil society regime in comparative and historical perspective
Karl Henrik Sivesind*, Per Selle, Lars Trägårdh, Risto Alapuro, Dag Wollebæk
The Paradox of Democratic Participation in NPO: Tools for Action-Research that Sustain Double Empowerment.
Imke Hindrichs*, Daniela Converso, Cristina Girardo
The Political Activities of NGOs and Nonprofit Organizations: Comparative Perspectives from Diverse Regions of the World
Mark Sidel*, Doug Rutzen, David Moore, Aldo Panfichi, Alison Dunn, Saad Eddin Ibrahim
The Politics of Social Policy Development in Hong Kong: Mobilization by Civil Society in a Semi-Democracy
Eliza W.Y. Lee*
The Positioning of Youth Organisations in the Malaysian Political System
Janice L. H. Nga*, Victor T. King, Michael J. G. Parnwell
The possibility of "professionalized advocacy community" in Japan: From the comparison of advocacy-oriented NPO in the human services in Osaka and California
Hiroshi Takabata*
The potential for civil society development by religiously motivated international partnerships
Nancy Kinney*
The poverty of remote and regional people, especially Indigenous people, makes for a very poor civil society
Susan Mlcek*
The Redeemed Christian Church of Power? Pentecostalism, Civil Society and Political Legitimacy in Africa
Ebenezer Obadare*, Wale Adebanwi
The Role of Local Nonprofit Organizations in the European Capitals of Culture project
Ferenc Farkas*, Katalin Dobrai
"The Role of Modern Waqf (endowment) Institutions in the Arab world's development"(A case study of the Awqaf Public Foundation in Kuwait)
Abdelfateh Tebani*
The Role of NGOs in Thailand In the Current Economic and Financial Crisis
Mokbul Ahmad*
The Role of the Public, Private and Nonprofit Sectors in a Theory of Governance
Larry Watson*
The Role of the Third Sector in Integrating Immigrants
Agnes Meinhard*, Farhat Faridi
The Shifting Winds of Aid in Africa ....are CSOs partners, service providers or protectors of democracy?
Bev Russell*, Veronica Sigamoney
The Social Origins of Civil Society: Explaining Variations in the Size and Structure of the Global Civil Society Sector
Lester M. Salamon*, S. Wojciech Sokolowski, Paula Kabala, Mario Roitter
The Social Professions in the Republic of Ireland: Theory, Challenge and Opportunity
Catherine Forde*
The Social Revolution in Israeli Contract and Business Law
Eli Bukspan*
The State of Giving Research in Europe: Drawing an Interdisciplinary Picture
Michael Neumayr*, Beth Breeze, Sarah Borgloh, Pamala Wiepking
The Sustainable Food Movement: The Locavore, Slow Food, and Food First Solutions to the Global Food Crisis
Marco Tavanti*, Liz Schuering
The Third Sector and democratic participation –Muslim organizations and integration policy in Germany
Jennifer Eschweiler*
The Third Sector and Public Space in Nigeria
Victor Adefemi Isumonah*
The Third Sector, Neoliberalism and Inequality in Latin America: a comparative analysis Brazil - Bolivia
Leila Bijos*, Cecilia Bijos
The Third Sector's Role in Strengthening Consumer-Led Social Responsibility
David Ehrlich*, Amy Kunzer
The ties that bind: how the state structures civil society through tax-law, conditional contributions, and service contracts
Lars Trägårdh, Johan Vamstad*
The turtle in us: Ethnical diversity and social capital in Norway
Kristin Strømsnes*, Elisabeth Ivarsflaten
The World Bank Palestinian NGO Project, 1998-2009 A Case study in Corporate Social Responsibility
Nitza Nachmias*
Theoretical Underpinnings of NGOs and Social Enterprises: A Comparative Approach
Junki Kim*
Third Sector & Public Sector in Home Care Public policy in Canada, a Relationship of Co-construction or Instrumentalization : An Interprovincial comparative analysis
Yves Vaillancourt*, Christian Jetté
Third Sector & Public Sector in Home Care Public policy in Canada, a Relationship of Co-construction or Instrumentalization : The Quebec Case
Christian Jetté*, Yves Vaillancourt
Third Sector Organizations Facing Turbulent Environments: Culture, Sports and Social Services in Five European Countries
Adalbert Evers*, Annette Zimmer, Simone Baglioni, Cathy Pharoah, Lars Svedberg, Lars-Erik Olsson, Steven Rathgeb Smith
Title: Autonomous or Dependent: Isomorphic processes of the partnership between State and voluntary organizations
Massimo Lori*
Title: Participative Policy-making and regional-level strategic planning in Australia, Canada, and USA
Megan Alessandrini*
Título del trabajo: Nuevos actores sociales: las redes de acción pública como promotoras deldesarrollo social comunitario.Autor: Edgar Esquivel Solís
Edgar Esquivel*
To be or not to be a taxpayer? - That is the question of Czech NPOs.
Zuzana Prouzova*, Simona Skarabelova, Tereza Sinkyrikova
Towards a Midrange Theory for Social Marketing Effectiveness
Bernd Helmig, Julia Thaler*
Towards a Model of Strategic Corporate Giving
Bernd Helmig, Vera Hinz*, Alexander Haas, Peter S. H. Leeflang
Transnational activism and trade politics: The role of Development NGOs in challenging EU trade agreements with West Africa and Central America
Maria Celina Del Felice*
Transnational NGOs Against Child Sex Trafficking - Challenges and Opportunities of Advocacy Networks for Social Change?
Deanna Davy*
Trust and accountability in organized philanthropy
Andreas Schroeer*, Susan Verducci
Typhoon, Natural Disaster and NGOs' Actions in Taiwan
Shih-Jung Hsu*, Li-Min Liao
Understanding collective action: Toward an economics of the rural third sector
Constantine Iliopoulos, Vladislav Valentinov*
Understanding contemporary civil society. The changing societal embeddedness of the third sector, seen from a German perspective
Ingo Bode*
Venture Philanthropy - Possibilities for Swiss foundations to release more seed capital
Daniela Schönenberg*
Voluntariado universitario, multiculturalidad y desarrollo sostenible
María Teresa Méndez Landa*, Pedro José Oqueliz Rosas, Emilo De Paz Castillo
Voluntary Work in civil Society: Saudi women Volunteers as a social Capital
Suad Afif*
Volunteers' Self-esteem predicts service in stigmatizing contexts
Patrick C. Dwyer*, Mark Snyder, Allen M. Omoto
What are the Similarities and Differences Resulting from the Respective Applications of (1) Marketing Theory and (2) Appreciative Inquiry, to Nonprofit Organisation Primary Activity - and Do the Differences Matter?
Ian Bruce*, Hanna Nel
What does it mean to collaborate and how is it being done? A study of 176 nonprofit interorganizational collaborations across the United States.
Ramya Ramanath*
What happens when a non-profit organisation contracts the state as service provider to community?
Wendy Earles, Jo Baulderstone*
Why Do You Work in the Third Sector?: A Theoretical Model and a Case Study in China
Ran Zhang*, Jenny Green
Women and Philanthropy: A U.S. and Turkey Perspective
Debra Mesch*, Amy Singer, Sevinc Sevda Kilicalp
Women United: New Role for Women's Organizations in Kazakhstan
Aigerim R. Ibrayeva*, Tamara G. Nezhina
Women, Social Movements and Protests in the Niger Delta Region: Challenges and Prospects for Development.
Toyin Oluwaniyi*
Worse than expected - proliferation of aid donors
Lau Schulpen*, Sara Kinsbergen, Bart Loman
Young social entrepreneurs - identity and action
Hilary Yerbury*, Nina Burridge
Youth Civil Society Organizations, Neoliberalism and Neoliberal Governmentality in Contemporary Turkey
Umit Aydogmus*
Youth Organisations as a Starting Point for Involvement in Formal Politics in Malaysia
Janice L. H. Nga*, Janice L. H. Nga, Victor T. King, Michael J. G. Parnwell
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