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A list of all journals that publish work in the areas of nonprofits and voluntary action is
available online; this list is publicly edited, and can be found here.


Alliance Magazine
Charles Keidan, Editor 

Alliance is the leading magazine for philanthropy and social investment worldwide. It provides news and analysis of what's happening in the philanthropy and social investment sectors across the world. It also acts as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences among practitioners.

As well as news and conference reports, articles, book reviews and opinion columns, each issue has a special in-depth feature on some key aspect of philanthropy and social investment, with contributors from around the world and expert guest editors. 


Jorge SousaUniversity of Alberta
English Language Editor / Rédacteur en chef anglophone

Sonia Tello-Rozas, Université du Québec à Montréal                                                                          French Language Editor / Éditrice francophone

ANSERJ is an online open access English and French peer-review publication. ANSERJ is dedicated to providing a stimulating and vibrant forum for the open dissemination of contemporary high-quality, peer-reviewed research on nonprofits and the social economy. ANSERJ is the official journal of the Association of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER) / Association de recherche sur les organismes sans but lucratif et l’économie sociale (ARES). ANSERJ is published twice a year and was launched in the fall of 2010.


Ethiopian e-Journal for Research and Innovation Foresight (Ee-JRIF)
Mammo Muchie, Editor 

It is with pride and happiness we introduce to the Ethiopian knowledge, research, quality training and higher education world the new on line and open Ethiopian electronic Journal on Research and Innovation Foresight(Ee-JRIF). Thanks to all the authors and the reviewers from home and from abroad who contributed their scientific work to the new journal, Ee-JRIF.  The publication hopes to fill the gap in knowledge of a broad range of subjects that are critical and significant to the Ethiopian situation, including, but not limited to, agriculture, forestry, ecology, water, infrastructure, development, economy, history, education, health , science and technology.


The Foundation Review

The Foundation Review is the first peer-reviewed journal of philanthropy, written by and for foundation staff and boards and those who work with them. Each quarterly issue provides peer-reviewed reports about the field of philanthropy, including reports by foundations on their own work. Browse all issues.

Our mission: To share evaluation results, tools, and knowledge about the philanthropic sector in order to improve the practice of grantmaking, yielding greater impact and innovation.

The Foundation Review is a hybrid journal, with a mix of subscriber-only and open-access content. Sponsored issues may be completely open access. Authors may pay to have articles made open access. All articles become open access two years after publication.

To learn more, visit


Gobernar: The Journal of Latin American Public Policy and Governance

This is a biannual, open access and peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the publication of original articles that present qualitative or quantitative research, case studies, survey articles, studies of effective pedagogy, conceptual framework, analytical models, and empirical research, as well as book reviews. Gobernar aims to build a debate about governance outside the traditional contexts of strong states and well-ordered societies. It seeks submissions of papers that have Latin-American relevance or significance for Latin Americanists around the world. The journal is devoted to the dissemination of research articles from the broad range of disciplines related to Public Policy and Governance. It aims to provide an intellectual platform for scholars in those fields.

To learn more, visit


International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law
Stephen Bates, Editor

The International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law (IJNL) is ICNL's journal of analysis on global civil society. IJNL addresses legal topics as well as social, cultural, political and economic issues affecting the legal environment. Our readers include attorneys, government officials, grantmakers, scholars, and activists.

The first publication of its kind, IJNL was founded in 1998 by the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law to reflect the evolving worldwide conversation about civil society. IJNL is thematically focused, with several articles in each issue addressing a single topic in depth. It features contributions from a wide array of expert writers and guest editors, and is particularly attentive to the developing world.


JANPORA - Japan NPO Research Association Nonprofit Review 
Naoto Yamauchi, Editor-in-Chief

The Japan NPO Research Association, JANPORA aims to strengthen the nonprofit, volunteering and philanthropy research, to create wider networks, and to disseminate the Nonprofit study. The Association's journal, Nonprofit Review, has been published twice a year since 2001 containing the latest theoretical and empirical research work.


Journal of Civil Society
Hakan Seckinelgin, Editor-in-Chief

A peer-reviewed journal with demanding standards, JCS provides a high profile, high impact outlet for world-class scholarship and debate on civil society. JCS seeks to improve the theoretical understanding and empirical knowledge of civil society, its nature, patterns and composition, its history, development, and relationships with the economy, the political system and society at large. A major focus of the journal is to encourage and inform the range of scholarships and approaches on civil society across disciplines and national as well as cultural boundaries.


Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing
Gillian Sullivan Mort, Editor

The Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing is a peer reviewed journal devoted to the study of the adaptation of traditional marketing principles for use by nonprofit organizations and government agencies. The journal is interested in topics including nonprofit marketing, donor and volunteer recruitment and retention, political marketing, social marketing, marketing strategy and planning, internet marketing for nonprofit organizations, public relations and media planning. The journal presents peer-reviewed primary research and abstracts and indexes of current research published elsewhere.


Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing
Jane Hudson, Editor

The International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing is guided by an international Editorial Board comprising eminent experts from voluntary organisations, agencies, consultancies and academic institutions. The Board rigorously reviews each submission, ensuring that it is cutting edge, relevant and accessible.


The Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership (JNEL) 
Editor-in-Chief:Dr. Norman A. Dolch, University of North Texas
Managing Editor:Dr. Raymond A. Poff, Western Kentucky University 

The Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership publishes quality manuscripts to disseminate the latest knowledge related to nonprofit education and leadership to help develop theory and practice. The journal seeks quantitative and/or qualitative research findings; conceptual or theoretical discussions; or program best practices.

Relevant topic areas (centered on nonprofit education and leadership) for the journal include, but are not limited to: nonprofit governance, fundraising, volunteer management, operations, legal framework, philanthropy, program planning, implementation and evaluation, and financial management.

The journal provides a forum for authors interested in nonprofit education and nonprofit leadership to exchange information via quality, peer-reviewed articles. This exchange is designed to advance theory and improve practice.


International Review of Philanthropy and Social Investment

The International Review of Philanthropy and Social Investment is an interdisciplinary international journal for cutting and leading edge primary research on philanthropy and social investment. It is a project of the Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment at the Wits Business School in South Africa with wider perspectives. Aimed at the academic and research communities, it explores the emergent and developing field of philanthropy and social investment in Africa and beyond.

The initiative is a response to both the research gap in the area as well as lack of a journal dedicated to this field of knowledge and practice. As a result, the journal combines full length academic articles and empirical experiences from practitioners, most of whom have vast knowledge which is seldom documented. The journal is also a bridge between theory and of practice both in the philanthropic and private sector spheres. It is an essential resource for academics, researchers, policy makers and practitioners in the fields of philanthropy and social investment. In short, the journal fills a growing need to develop the international knowledge infrastructure for rapidly expanding interest in this field of human behavior.


The Journal on Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society
Scott Alexander, Shariq Siddiqui, Editors

The Journal on Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society (JMPCS), is a bi-annual, peer reviewed, open access journal published by the Center on Muslim Philanthropy in partnership with the IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship, and the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. 


Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
Chao Guo, Angela Bies, Susan Phillips, Editors

The official journal of ARNOVA provides cutting-edge research, discussion, and analysis of the field, leading its readers to understand the impact of the nonprofit sector. It has five focus areas: Organization and Leadership, Philanthropy, Voluntarism, Public Policy, and Civil Society. The Quarterly is available to members only.


Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Mark Hager, Editor                                                  

Quarterly peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarship on all aspects of management, leadership, and governance in private nonprofit organizations. Published by Wiley, the journal accepts full research monographs up to 10,000 words, and research notes up to 5,500 words.  All research methods and approaches are welcome, so long as authors can articulate substantial advances in knowledge relevant to the field and implications for practice.  


Nonprofit Policy Forum
Dennis Young, Editor-in-Chief
Linda Serra, Managing Editor

Nonprofit Policy Forum (NPF) provides nonprofit leaders, policy-makers and scholars with readily accessible and relevant scholarly research on public policy and nonprofit organizations.  Published by Berkeley Electronic Press, NPF is a collaborative venture of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University, Ben Gurion University of the Negev,Caring to Change, Georgetown University, George Mason University, Heidelberg University, the Open University, Osaka University, Queensland University of Technology, Rockefeller Archive Center, Stockholm School of Economics, Trinity College, University of Minnesota, University of Pittsburgh, University of Southern California, Urban Institute, and Vienna University of Economics.


Revista Española del Tercer Sector 
D. Gregorio Rodríguez Cabrero, Director, Editorial Board

The Review is aimed at all people and institutions working on the Third Sector. Specifically it provides information for experts studying the consequences of poverty, inequality and social exclusion, analyzing its causes and effects, and the policies and measures taken to fight them. It is available online in Spanish and English.


Stanford Social Innovation Review
Johanna Mair, Academic Editor

The Center for Social Innovation’s quarterly provides practitioners and researchers with insights and practical experience in the field of social innovation. It offers "strategies, tools and ideas for nonprofits, foundations and socially responsible businesses.” Current articles are available online as are podcasts, blogs and their newsletter.


The China Nonprofit Review 
Wang Ming, Chief Editor
Jia Xijin, Managing Editor

This peer-reviewed, semiannual journal, published in Chinese by Social Sciences Academic Press (Beijing) and in English by Brill, will serve as a forum for researchers specializing in the undertakings and organization of Chinese nonprofits. Drawing on an editorial board of international scholars and researchers specializing in studies of nonprofit organizations, the journal will provide a truly independent and authoritative source of observation, analysis, theoretical thinking and policy-making advice during a time of social transition and innovation in China.


The Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity (JEOD)

Carlo Borzaga, Giovanni Ferri and Silvia Sacchetti, Co-Chief Editors

JEOD is an international, online, open-access journal, published in English by Euricse (European Research Centre on Cooperatives and Social Enterprises). As a new editorial initiative, JEOD aims at playing a role in promoting new debates and analysis of different organizational types and enterprises, their aims, and socio-economic impacts. JEOD is distinguished by an interdisciplinary approach and covers questions ranging from determinants and effects of entrepreneurial diversity and governance models, to developments in new forms of enterprise, such as the social enterprises. JEOD aims at publishing new work on current issues confronting different types of organisations, entrepreneurial initiatives and impacts throughout the world. Being a new initiative, JEOD is currently indexed in SSRN and IDEAS/RePec.

The Editors welcome special issue proposals, manuscripts, and book reviews. For information contact:


The Nonprofit Quarterly
Steve Dubb, Senior Editor

The Nonprofit Quarterly’s editorial goal is to strengthen the role of nonprofit organizations in activating democracy. It fulfills this goal by providing a forum for critical thinking and exploration so that nonprofits can achieve their potential as effective, powerful, and influential organizations in concert with their constituencies. Executive summaries and an eNewsletter are available online and full text articles are available by subscription.


The Nonprofit Times
Paul Clolery, Editor-in-Chief

A business publication in the field of nonprofit management, The Nonprofit Times, published 24 times a year, provides information on the business of managing your nonprofit organization. Subscriptions to both the magazine and eNewsletters are available online.

The Philanthropist

Editorial Directors;

  •  Malcolm Burrows, Scotia Wealth Management
  • Gordon Floyd, nonprofit director
  • Susan Manwaring, Miller Thomson LLP

The Philanthropist is an open-access quarterly journal published by the AGORA Foundation for managers, directors, and legal and financial advisors of Canadian charitable organizations and foundations. It publishes articles and information relevant to the Canadian philanthropic sector and provides a forum for discussion and informed debate on controversial issues arising in this sector. It is available to members only.


Third Sector Review
Editors (contact at  
Carolyn Cordery, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
Karen A. Smith, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

The Australia and New Zealand Third Sector Research, Inc. publishes this refereed journal twice a year, focusing on characteristics of the third sector and any aspect of its management, including governance, human resource management, the labor market, and financial management. It is available to members only.


Voluntary Action
Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive

Voluntary Action, the journal of the Institute for Volunteering Research, aims to provide a forum for informed discussion about volunteering and related issues such as active citizenship and social capital. Published three times a year, the journal aims to develop theory and practice on volunteering, to compare experiences internationally, and to place policies, programmes and practice in their political, economic and social context.

Voluntary Sector Review
Rob Macmillan and Carl Milofsky, Editors

Voluntary Sector Review is published by Policy Press in association with the Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN). It publishes accessible, high-quality peer-reviewed papers on all aspects of the voluntary, community, civil society and third sectors. A unique feature of the Voluntary Sector Review is the combination of papers aimed at academic, policy and practice audiences. This is designed to ensure that the results of the latest academic research are made available to the widest possible audience and are grounded in a close engagement with both policy and practical issues.

The Voluntary Sector Review is an explicitly interdisciplinary and international journal - the first to be European based. It welcomes contributions from authors from all disciplines and all countries. The editors are interested in all aspects of voluntary, community, civil society and third-sector activity.

The scope of submissions includes, but is not limited to, such topics as the origins and nature of volunteering, the experiences of user groups, social activism, social movements, philanthropy, the growth and performance of charitable foundations, community organisations, social enterprises, and the relationship between voluntary organisations and the state.


West Africa Civil Society Series (WACSeries) 

WACSeries are analytical periodic write-ups on topical themes and issues relevant to West Africa. It emphasises the contributions of civil society organisations (CSOs) and actors to the promotion of democracy, good governance and the socio- economic development of West Africa by deepening discourse on matters affecting civil society in the region. The write-ups provide experts, researchers and practitioners a space to reflect, develop and share analyses and posit views and recommendations on emerging issues and debates.

WACSI has four platforms through which we document knowledge to educate and inspire civil society actors and organisations. These are:

1) Blogs: short articles with a maximum of 1000 words which are published on WACSI's blog hosted on the website.

2) Editorials: a compilation of several (up to 5) blog articles published by the same author and focusing on the same topic.

3) Op-Eds: More detailed and structured articles of between 1500 to 2000 words. These are well designed and published on the website

4) Issue Papers: In-depth research papers on topical issues in line with our strategic themes and other topical issues in the region. Issue papers can be in the range of 4000 to 6000 words. They are well designed and published on the website. 

More details can be found by clicking here. 

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