Dublin - Abstracts - 2000
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The Third Sector: For What and For Whom?

ISTR Fourth International Conference
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
July 5-8, 2000


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Financial Sustainability and Accountability: A Model for the Third Sector Anne Abraham

CAN and the 'Crucifixion' of Democracy and Freedom: Christianity As Dissent in Nigeria's Democratic Struggle Wale Adebanwi

NGOs' Credit Programmes and Empowerment of Women in Bangladesh Salma Akhter

Social Capital and State-Community Interaction in Bangkok Orathai Ard-am

Computers Challenge Civil Society: Hype and Hope Along the Information Highway Alan De Guzman Alegre

Infusing the Teaching of Philanthropy in K-12 Education Kathryn Ann Agard

The Role and Impact of the Nonprofit Sector in Western Europe Helmut K. Anheier

Social Capital in Rural Australia Margaret Alston

The Ambiguous Role of Third Sector Organizations in the Mobilizationof Disabled People: Evidence from Northern Ireland Nicholas Acheson

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Voluntary action work of churches in Northern Ireland: Poison ivy or wellspring of social capital? Derek Bacon 

Growing Pain? The Lessons of Allying with a Major Transnational Corporationto Lessen the Environmental and Social Problems of Banana Monocultures Jem Bendell 

Third Sector Employment and Policies in Germany Sigrid Betzelt 

Nonprofits for the Youngest The Social Economy of Child Care Servicesin the German Third Sector and its Evolution Andrea Becker, Ingo Bode

Identity, Communal Embeddedness and Philanthropy Ida E. Berger, Brenda Gainer

Changing Phases of Philanthropy: Evaluating Structural Impact in the Indian Context Geeta Bharadwaj

Public-third Sector Partnerships: A Major Innovation in Argentinian Social Policy Mónica Bifarello

Asociaciones Entre Estado Y Tercer Sector: Una Innovacion Fundamental En La Politica Social Argentina Mónica Bifarello

Cross Border Co-operation Between Voluntary Organisations in Ireland in Social Provision: an Analysis of Facilitating Factors Derek Birrell, Amanda Hayes

The Participation of the Political Elite in Nonprofit Organizations in Hungary János Bocz

Not For Profit but Just in Time New Labour Markets in the German Third sector Ingo Bode

Unity Within Diversity: Cross-cultural Comparisons of Dialogue In Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings Thomasina Borkman, Asaf Zohar, Jean S. Ney, Brian Bende

Facilitating Self-Help Groups for Breast Cancer Survivors in Post Communist Ukraine Oksana Boyko 

Building CSOs Capacity - an Innovative Proposal Daniel Braga Brandão, Marina de Magalhães, Carneiro de Oliveira, Arnaldo Alves da Motta, Antonio Luiz de Paula e Silva, Rodrigo Gravina, Prates Junqueira, Mariangela de Paiva Oliveira

Policy Formulation in a Voluntary Organistion Catherine Brennan, Tony McCashin

The Development of a Bifurcated Strategic Management Approach for Non Profit Organisations Vincent Brennan, Andrew Turk, Paula Goulding

Sustaining a Relationship: Insights from Canada on the Links Between the Governing and Third Sectors Kathy L. Brock

Voluntary Organizations in Italy: Toward a Morphologic Analysis M. Brunetti, B. Moreschi, N. Zamaro 

The Ubiquitous Chip? Innovation and Institutionalism in Voluntary Organisations Eleanor Burt, John Taylor

Voluntarism in Mexico; a Means to Social Transformation? A Qualitative Study in Voluntary Action Jacqueline Butcher de 

Philanthropic Studies and Nonprofit Management Education in Higher Education Dwight F. Burlingame

From Institutional Fixing to Entrepreneurial Mobility. Social Economy, Third Sector and the Changes of the Welfare State in Germany Ingo Bode, Adalbert Evers

Abstract Carlo Borzaga, Jacques Defourny

Participation, Partnership and Empowerment: The Contribution of the Voluntary Sector in Northern Ireland to the Building of Social Capital Within the Context of User Involvement: A Mental Health Perspective Valerie Bunting

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The Third System, Jobs and Local Development: The European Experience Mike Campbell

Innovation and the Voluntary Sector: A Funding Lottery? Karen Clarke, Sophie Sarre

Unleashing New Resources and Entrepreneurship: Scanning the New Landscape of Philanthropy Stephanie J. Clohesy, Thomas K. Reis

Realizing Rights: The Role of NGOs in Universalizing Human Rights William W. Clohesy, Konstanz A. Kuraz

Missing Links: Social Capital and Community Development In New Zealand John Cody, David Robinson

What Makes Boards Effective? An Examination of the RelationshipsBetween Board Structures, Processes and Effectiveness Chris Cornforth

Measuring Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Impact to Respondto Social Policy Challenges CSO on Portuguese Social Policy Manuela Coutinho, Isabel Neto (collaborator)

Making Democracy Work Better: Mediating Structures, Social Capital, and the Democratic Prospect Richard Couto

The Third Sector and Civil Society The "Yes" Campaign in Northern Ireland Richard A. Couto, Patrick Rucker

Disentangling the Currencies of Administrative and Political Accountability James Cutt, Victor Murray, Christopher Corbett

"Learning Through Listening": an Action Research ApproachTo Organisational Learning in a Disability Organisation David Coghlan

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Assessing NGO Impact: a Southern Perspective Anup Kumar Dash

Civil Society and Social Capital in Latin America: Where is Research headed? Gonzalo de la Maza E.

Sociedad Civil y Construcción de Capital Social en América Latina: ¿Hacia dónde va la investigación? Gonzalo de la Maza E.

The Concept of Social Economy in a Worldwide Perspective Jacques Defourny, Patrick DeVeltere

Citizen Participation in Public Policy Making: Three "Innovative Development" Experiences in Chile Alfredo del Valle

Participacion Ciudadana en el Desarrollo de Politicas Publicas: Tres Experiencias de "Desarrollo Innovativo" en Chile Alfredo del Valle

The U.S. Non-profit Foundations in Russia: Impact on Research and Education Irina Dezhina

NGO Dimensions in Development : An Intrinsic Study of Sushma Koirala Memorial Trist in Nepal Govinda P. Dhakal

The Fate of Ghewa Tamang and the Mercy of NGOs:The Impact & Relevance of Development Initiatives in Nepal Tek Nath Dhakal, Farhad Hossain

Devolved Government, Democratic Renewal and Civil Society: The Third Sector in Wales Bella Dicks, Tom Hall, Andrew Pithouse

Warm Glow in a Cool Climate? Philanthropy in Ireland Freda Donoghue, Helen Ruddle, Ray Mulvhill

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Democracy versus Democracy: A Critical View from the Arab World Shahida El-Baz

The Effect of Religion in Shaping Philanthropy in Jordan and Palestine Abdullah El-Khatib

New Mexico Civil Society and Devolution: Assets, Contradictions & Challenges Anne Hays Egan

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The Third Sector in the Gulf States: Impact of Non-Governmental Associations on Democracy Munira A. Fakhro

US NGOs Lobbying for Development: Changing the Rules of the Global Game? Lara Fischer

Las Corporaciones Especiales Propiedad de Trabajadores en Puerto Rico: Su Impacto en el Desarrollo Comunitario y en el Desarrollo Psicosocial de sus Miembros Amarilis Flores-Flores

Structuring Student Volunteering Programs to the Benefit of Studentsand the Community: The Ontario Experience Mary K. Foster, Agnes G. Meinhard

The Legal Structure of Not-For Profit Organizations in Israel David A. Frenkel

The Israeli "Greenhouse" for Social Entrepreneurship Victor J. Friedman

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Relaciones Estado - ONGs: Los Desafíos Para la Constitución de Una NuevaInstitucionalidad Pública en Argentina Candelaria Garay

Very Public Scandals: an Analysis of How and Why Nongovernmental Organizations Get in Trouble Margaret Gibelman, Sheldon R. Gelman

Prácticas de Advocacy e Incidencia en Políticas Públicas: Lecciones Aprendidas Sobre el Easo Argentino Inés González Bombal

Businesses and Businessmen: Current Trends in Mexican Corporate Philanthropy Patricia Greaves

Empresas Y Empresarios: Algunas Tendencias Actuales De La Filantropía Corporativa En México Patricia Greaves

Voluntarism and Catholicism: An Analysis of the RelationshipBetween Religion and the Third Sector in the Irish Republic Donal Guerin

The Role of Voluntary Action and Partnership in Promoting Social Inclusion:A Case Study of Two Projects for Young Mothers in Northern Ireland Ann Marie Gray

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Philanthropy: A Critical Analysis Peter Halfpenny

Third Sector/University Partnership: Developing Experiential Research as Community Resource David Hall

Credit Unions: Providing Material and Social Capital to the Working Class? Irene Hall

The Governance of Religious-Based Third Sector Organisations: An Exploration Margaret Harris

"I want to move once I have got things straight¼." Voluntary Sector Chief Executives' Career Accounts Jenny Harrow, Veronica Mole

Historical Perspectives on the Corporate Philanthropy and Community Investment in Japan Atsuko Hattori

The Third Sector and the Corporate Sector: Forging Fruitful LinksBroad Perspectives and the Irish Dimension Treasa Hayes

New Citizenship by New Ways of Economic Integration Peter Herrmann, Svetlana Sidorenko-Stephenson, Hartmut Siemon

Finding the "Social" in Movements: International Triggering Events, Networks and Environmentalism in Postcommunist Central Europe Barbara Hicks, JoAnn Carmin

Public, Private & Non-profits: Institutional Analysis of Hekuli VDC of Dang District in Mid-Western Nepal Farhad Hossain, Tek Nath Dhakal

Getting it Together: Collaboration Models for Community Groups Kylie Hutchinson

Solidarity and Voluntary Work under a Reflexive-Modern Sign: Towards a New Conceptual Framework Lesley Hustinix, Frans Lammertyn

Collaborating for Change: the Role of Research in Guiding FiveVoluntary Agencies Towards a Decision to Merge Jane Harris, Margaret Harris

The Third Sector Partnering the Private Sector: Principled and Profitable or Problematic and Prone to Pitfalls? Simon Heap

Manufacturing Civil Society from the Outside: Some Challenges for Donors Jude Howell

Social Capital, Voluntary Action and Restorative Justice: A Perspective from Northern Ireland Marv Hutchinson

Collaboration in Real Life: Nonprofit Consortiums in Action Kylie Hutchinson

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Law, Accounting, and Accountability: A Lesson in Limits Leon Irish, Karla Simon

Public and Third Sector Organizations in Transformation Processes of the Polish Economy Barbara Iwankiewicz - Rak

Trust and Social Capital in Finland Kaj Ilmonen

The Third Sector in Italy: Employment and Financing Martina Iannizzotto

Civil Society and Governance in Egypt Saad Eddine Ibrahim

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Individual Giving: What? Who? How? – but Especially: Why? Pauline Jas

Utilizing the Knowledge Management Paradigm Within a Third Sector Transnational Partnership: Case Examples From Latin America Raymond M. Jones, Audra M. Jones

Civil Society, NGOs and the Church in the Democratisation Process:Comparative Study of Kenya and Uganda. Anthony Juma Okuku

Desafío de las Aguas: Articulando la Agenda XXI del Pedazo Rodrigo G. Prates Junqueira, Luciano Mansor de Mattos

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A Diverse Approach: Change Management in Voluntary Organisations. Gillian A. M. Kellock, Rona S. Beattie, Ron Livingstone, Pauline Munro

Rôle de la Société Civile et des ONG dans le processus de Démocratie au BENIN Vincent Kwame, KobaOnikpo Léandre

Linking the University and The Non Profit Sector in Latin America:Is Management Education the Only Bridge? Pedro Krotsch, Andrés Thompson

Do we have A Theoretical Framework to explain Social Movement?Third System, Third Sector, Third Way - No Way Lalit Kumar

Democracy Building and the Allocation of Redistributive Decisions Éva Kuti

Comparison of A Swedish Self-Help Groups' Characteristics with those of US, Canada, and U.K. Magnus Karlsson

Co-operative Inquiry in an Area-Based Partnership Phil Killeen

The Effect of Religion in Shaping up Philanthropy in the Arab World Constantine Karmash

Third Sector in Israel: the Sectorial and Gender Case Henriette Dahan Kalev

Trust, Its Critique and Restructuration of the Welfare Services Anne Kovalainen

Transformations in Associational Life in the Rural Finnish Localities in 1990's Pekka Kaunismaa

Social Capital Development in Rural Poland Jerzy Krzyszkowski

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How Much do Non-Governmental Organizations Matter? Differing Views from Different Classification Systems Linda M. Lampkin, A. J. Stengel

Donation of Time and Money in Brazil: Measures and Meanings Leilah Landim, Maria Celi Scalon

The European Community's Influence on the Status of Social Nonprofit-Organizations in Germany Chris Lange

Partners or Adversaries?: The Relationship of NGOs and Government in Making Democracy Work Michael D. Layton, Alberto Diaz Cayeros

"Gangs, Mafia and Groups of Renegades": (Mis)conceptions about Civil Society and Third Sector in Croatia Jasminka Lediæ, Kornelija Mrnjaus

Organisational Purposes and Social Capital: A Comparison of Older Women's Organisations in Three Countries Rosemary Leonard

Specific Peculiarities of Belarusian NGO Management and Sources of Funding Alena Levchenko

Recent Trends in Argentine Cooperatives Andrea Levin, Griselda Verbeke

La Evolución Reciente del Cooperativismo en Argentina Andrea Levin, Griselda Verbeke

Cultura audiovisual y prácticas ciudadanas. El "Video Social" y el Tercer Sector Claudio Lobeto

Does it Add up? Voluntary Activity as Social Capital Michael Locke

Social Workers: Analysis on the Forms of Employment and Work Organisation in the Third Sector Erika Lombardi, Alessandro Messina, Olivia Polimanti

NGO Gender Policy and Practice Patricia Lundy

Increasing and Evaluating User Involvement: Methods and Reflections for Action Research Michael Locke

DeTocqueville Reversed in Israel's Periphery Yotam LurieHenriette, Dahan Kalev

L'entreprise Sociale : Éléments Pour Une Approche Théorique Jean-Louis Laville, Marthe Nyssens

Abstract Jane Lewis

The Third Sector in Latin America: A Comparative View Regina List, Lester M. Salamon

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Member Development in Consumer Cooperatives Shridhara Maniyani

The Internet and Non-Profit Advocacy: Patterns of Web-based On-line Advocacy in Different Organizational Fields. John G. McNutt

Management and Organization in the Third Sector Fanning the Fires of Volunteer Involvement: Comparing U.S. And Dutch Fire Fighting Organizations Lucas C.P.M. Meijs, Jeffrey L. Brudney

Evaluating the impact of the Third Sector Hybrid Governance: Nonprofit, For-profit and Governmental Organizations for the Public Good Lucas C.P.M. Meijs, Peter L. Hupe

Third Sector Strategic Responses to Canada's Changing Social, Political and Economic Climate: A Comparative Analysis. Agnes G. Meinhard, Mary K. Foster

A Satellite Account of NPO's Lessons from a Belgian Pilot-experience Sybille Mertens

Un Compte Satellite Des Associations En Belgique. Fondements et Leçons D'une Expérience-pilote Sybille Mertens

Globalization and the Third Sector in Latin America: Civilizing the Global Economy? Carrie A. Meyer

The Complex Construction of Non-profit Autonomy: The Case of Comedores Populares in Perú Armando Millán

La Compleja Construcción De La Autonomía De Las Organizaciones Del Tercer Sector: El Caso De Los Comedores Populares En El Perú (Resumen) Armando Millán

Nonprofit Management Education: Summary of Research on Graduate Degree Programs Roseanne Mirabella

Organizational Characteristics of Voluntary Associations in Japan Gen Miyagaki

Economic Aspects in the Relationship Between State and NPOs Julia Montserrat

Legal Issues in Charity Mergers Debra Morris

The Advocacy Approach of a Religious International Relief and Development Organisation Tony Morris

Who Gets Credit? A Cross-Sectoral Analysis of Money Lending Decision-making in the United States Lynne Moulton

Factors Shaping NGO-Donor Funding Relationships: Listening to both sides of the story Tasneem Mowjee

The Impact of Women's Organizations in Shaping Public Policy Makingon Issues of Domestic Violence in Uganda Florence Kyoheirwe Muhanguzi

Self-Help/Mutual Aid: The Phantom of the Third Sector Carol Munn-Giddings, Thomasina Borkman

Teacher-to-Teacher: Use of Internet Technologiesfor K-12 Philanthropy Curriculum Development Worldwide Susan Meston

Carers' Self-Help Groups in Southeast England and Their Relationships with Professionals and Statutory Agencies Carol Munn-Giddings

Research and Practice in Community Information Systems: Learning Through Human Inquiry Anne Moggridge

The Third Sector and the Post-industrial Transition of Welfare Regimes Enzo Mingione

The Scope for Employment Policies in the Third Sector Alessandro Messina

Employment Patterns in the Spanish Third Sector Gemma Martin

Civil Society and Environmental Governance in the Philippines Francisco A. Magno

"New" Politicians and the Implications for the Voluntary and Community Sector of the Re-establishment of Formal Political Institutions in Northern Ireland: the Case of the Civic Forum Cahal McCall, Arthur Williamson

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The Role of NGOs in Developed and Developing Countries: Comparing Israeli and Palestinian NGOs Nitza Nachmias, Amiram Bogot

NGOs and the Global Financial Architecture: Assessing Impact and Framing Strategic Choices Paul J. Nelson

A Study of Impact of NGO Credit Programs on the Empowermentof Rural Women in Bangladesh Ware Newaz

Mutual Support and Voluntary Action - By Whom and For Whom? Marianne Nylund

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A Normative Theory of Voluntary Action: A Civic Republican Perspective Fergus O'Ferrall

Charitable Contribution and Public Policy: The Case of Individual Donations Kenichi Ohno

Third Sector and the State: Social Assistance Policies Interfaces in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil Jacqueline Oliveira Silva

Giving and Volunteering in California Michael O'Neill

Social Capital, the Third Sector, and the Relative Importance of Strong and Weak Ties Jenny Onyx

Founding a Quasi-Self-Help Group with Third Sector Assistance in North Ireland Kerry O'Halloran, Thomasina Borkman

Trust and New Care Entrepreneurs Johanna Österberg

Charities, the Law and Public Benefit: Ireland as a Case Study for the Use of Charity Law To Promote Social Capital Kerry O'Halloran

The Changing Nature of State - Civil Society Relations in Africa Paul Opoku-Mensah, Emmanuel Akwetey

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Civil Society and Post-Communist Realities: Some Lessons of a "Rosy" Period Victor Pasisnichenko

Social Capital: Autonomy and Embeddedness Andrew Passey

Partnerships Between the Third Sector and the Probation Service Ian Paylor

Tercer Sector en el Sur de Brasil: Desequilibrios Económicos, Estrategias Organizacionales y Alternativas de Desarrollo Paulo Peixoto de Albuquerque

Participacion De Las Organizaciones Civiles En La Construccion De Politicas Sociales Cristina Teresa Penso D Albenzio

Increasing Individual Giving to Charities: (How) Do Tax Incentives Work?Some Conflicting Evidence from the UK and the US Cathy Pharoah, Catherine Walker

A University Róle in Community New Media Technology Partnership Work? Nick Plant

"A Compelling Glimpse of Things as They Should Be": Archetypal Volunteering In An Idealised Non-Governmental Organisation Mari Poikolainen

A Third Way Partnership in the 1930s? Statutory and Voluntary SectorRelationships in Health Care Before the National Health Service Martin Powell, Martin Gorsky, John Mohan

Which Fiscal Law for the Voluntary Sector? A Lesson from History: The Need to Recognize Managerial Peculiarities of Voluntary Organizations: An Analysis Around the World of Fiscal Legislations of Not for Profit Organizations Adriano Propersi, Marco Grumo

NGO's Worries and the Management Theory Is Management Literature Helping at All? Pilar Pujol Furriols

Zurich Financial Services Community Trust Limited: Partnerships with five NGOs in India Ganesh N. Prabhu

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Using Corporate Social Responsibility Indicators: a Study on Brazilian Reality Adele Queiroz

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Del discurso de la participación a la realidad. ¿Qué significa participar?ONGs trabajando con gobiernos locales en México Liliana Rivera Sánchez

They Talk The Talk But Do They Walk The Walk? Evaluating the Impact of Service User Involvement in the Governance and Management of Voluntary Organisations Paul Robson, Nasa Begum

Participative Enquiry and Educative Action: Brokering Democratic Partnerships in Urban Renewal Michele Ryan

The Differentiated, Multidimensional Third Sector Leif Rönnberg

Ciudadania Empresaria y ONG's en Argentina: Convergencia o Divergencia con Tendencias Internactionales Mario M. Roitter

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Rethinking Community: Struggling for Citizenship Mae Shaw, Ian Martin

Payroll Giving in the UK: Donor Incentives and Influences on Giving Behaviour Debbie Romney-Alexander

Tercer Sector y Economía Solidaria en el Sur de Brasil: características y perspectivas Ana Mercedes Sarria Icaza

Nonprofit and For-profit Organizations in the Social Services:What Makes the Difference : Ownership or Structural Properties? Hillel Schmid

Conceptualizing Community through Non-profits and Churches in "Minority"Communities: Social Capital in Action in Kenosha and Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jo Anne Schneider

Corporate Social Investment in Brazil: The Conceptual Dilemmasand the Action of Twenty Organizations Between Business and the Third Sector Paula Chies Schommer, Tânia Fischer

Cidadania Empresarial no Brasil: os dilemas conceituais e a açãode vinte organizações entre o mercado e o terceiro setor Paula Chies Schommer, Tânia Fischer

The Purpose and Potential of Case-Study Approaches in Third Sector Research Duncan Scott, Pete Alcock

Participation and Retention of Human Resources in Nonprofit Organizations: The Myth of "Show Me the Money" Roby Senderowitsch

Retención de Recursos Humanos en ONGs: ¿Por la Plata Baila el Mono? Roby Senderowitsch

Fighting Heroes, Repair-workers or Collaborators?: Potential and Modes of Impact on Society by Non-profit Organizations Ruth Simsa

Training, Credit and Cooperatives: Suggestions for Developing Sustainable Enterprise in Chiapas, Mexico Kristi Smith

Political Parties in Indonesia: People or Power-oriented? Julia Suryakusuma, Paige Johnson

The Living Earth-Shell Relationship: Learning from Interaction in UK and Nigeria Rupesh Shah

Two Concepts of Social Capital: Bourdieu vs. Putnam Martti Siisiäinen

The Nature of Entrepreneurship in different Institutional Contexts Roger Spear

Civil Society in Africa Karla W. Simon, Edward A. Adiin Yaansah

Building Social Capital in Rural Communities: a Case Illustration from the United States Keith Snavely, Martin B. Tracy

The Israeli "Greenhouse" for Social Entrepreneurs Moshe Sharir, Victor Friedman

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Whither the Social Network of Islam Ghada Talhami

A Study of Two Saskatchewan Non-profit Organizations Delivering Preventive Home Care Luc Thériault

American Philanthropy in War and Peace John Tirman

The Nonprofit Board: Pressures and Problems John E. Tropman

The Nonprofit Sector in Central Europe: A Comparative View Stefan Toepler, Lester M. Salamon

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Globalisation and the Role of Development NGOs in Political Participation in Bangladesh and Nepal Marko Ulvila

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Learning Management Paradigms : Voluntary Organisations, New Management Theory and the Learning Organisation Claire Valentin

Non-governmental Organisations in Development: A Study of Finnish, Bangladeshi and Nepali NGOs Juha Vartola

'New Distinctions & Unexpected Similarities': Comparing Third Sector Relations with Central Government in Scotland and England Jeremy Vincent, Jenny Harrow

"Shall We Dance?" -- Government & For-profit CommunityDevelopment Partnerships With Co-Located Nonprofit Centers Diane Vinokur-Kaplan

Aportes a la Discusión y Reflexión Sobre el Ejercicio de las Organizacionesdel Tercer Sector en la Defensa de los Derechos de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes Carmela Vives

The Role of Charity Organizations in the Employment Field in Argentina Mirta Vuotto, Maria Cristina Acosta

El Rol De Las Organizaciones Caritativas En El Campo Del Empleo En Argentina Mirta Vuotto, María Cristina Acosta

Le Tiers Secteur Dans Les Services Sociaux Au Québec: Une ComparaisosEntre Les Années 1950 et Les Années 1990 Yves Vaillancourt

Spanish Social Enterprises in the Field of Work Integration Isabel Vidal

"Greening Together:" Promoting Collaboration and Satisfaction Among Co-Located Nonprofit Tenants Advocating Ecological Sustainability Diane Vinokur-Kaplan, Bowen McBeath

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed - Developing Partnerships Between Community Workplaces, a University and a Community Sector Peak Organisation Regine Wagner, Paul van Reyk, Nigel Spence

Civil Society and the Democratization Process in Rural Kenya:The Unfulfilled Expectations of Community-Based Organizations Fredrick O. Wanyama

Mapping the Third Sector in Malaysia Meredith L. Weiss

Preparing for the Information Age: Realising the Potential of Internet Technologies in Local Community Organizations Morris Williams

Generosity and Altruism: Philanthropy and Charity in the US and UK Karen Wright

Rebuilding Community-the Rational Pursuit of Interdependence Trish Wright

Philanthropy Programs in Higher Education in the United States Mark Wilson

The Third Sector's Role in Shaping Political Development and New Forms of Governance in Northern Ireland Arthur Williamson, Derek Birrell

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No primary authors specified.

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Giving and Volunteering in Japan: New Findings from New Data Set Naoto Yamauchi,Yusuke Kamiya

Organizational Identity in Nonprofit Organizations: Strategic and Structural Implications Dennis R. Young

Many Worlds? Volunteer Networks and Segmented Volunteer Labour Markets in England G. Allan Young, Paul Davis

Attempts to Generate Social Capital in Four British Cities Stephen C. Young

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Panel Sessions

Panel Session - CROSS-CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN SELF-HELP/MUTUAL AID ORGANIZATIONS Thomasina Borkman, Chair Oksana Boyko, Magnus Karlsson, Carol Munn-Giddings, Kerry O'Halloran

Panel Session - PARADIGMS OF ACTION RESEARCH IN THIRD SECTOR RESEARCH David Coghlan, Chair Jane Harris, Margaret Harris, Phil Killeen, Michael Locke, Anne Moggridge, Michele Ryan

Panel Session - 'DYING TO GIVE' - THE ROLE OF THE TESTATOR IN THE THIRD SECTOR Norma Dawson, Chair Ruth Glenn, Sheena Grattan, Laura Lundy

I. About the Project and Methodology Ruth Glenn

II. Who Gives? Laura Lundy

III. Where Do They Give? Norma Dawson

IV. How and How Much Do They Give? Sheena Grattan

Panel Session - THE EFFECT OF RELIGION IN SHAPING UP PHILANTHROPY IN THE ARAB WORLD Adbullah El-Khatib, Chair Mohd Barakat, Constantine Karmash, Ghasan Syiagh

Panel Session - THIRD SECTOR IN ISRAEL: ORGANIZATION, DEMOCRACY AND SECTORS David Frenkel, Chair Henriette Dahan-Kalev, Yotam Lurie

Panel Session - NGOs PARTNERING BUSINESS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Simon Heap, Chair Jem Bendell, Ganesh N. Prabhu, Rupesh Shah

Panel Session - SOCIAL CAPITAL, TRUST AND THIRD SECTOR Anne Kovalainen, Chair Kaj, Ilmonen, Pekka Kaunismaa, Johanna Österberg, Leif Rönnberg, Martti Siisiäinen

Panel Session - THIRD SECTOR AND WELFARE PLURALISM: NEW TRENDS OF INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH Jean-Louis Lavillle, Chair Ingo Bode, Carlo Borzaga, Jacques Deforny, Adalbert Evers, Jane Lewis, Enzo Mingione, Marthe Nyssens, Roger Spear, Yves Vaillancourt, Isabel Vidal

Panel Session - EMPLOYMENT DYNAMICS IN THE THIRD SECTOR: RESULTS FROM A EUROPEAN SURVEY Alessandro Messina, Chair Sigrid Betzelt, M. Burnetti, Martina Iannizzotto, Gemma Martin, B. Moreschi, N. Zamoro

Panel Session - COMPARING CIVIL SOCIETY AND GOVERNANCE ACROSS REGIONS OF THE GLOBE James Manor, Chair Anne Hays Egan, Jude Howell, Saad Eddine Ibrahim, Francisco A. Magno


Panel Session - GOVERNING CIVIL SOCIETY IN AFRICA Paul Opoku-Mensah, Chair Emmanuel Akwetey, Zie Gariyo, Kumi Naidoo, Devan Pillay, Karla Simon, Edward Yaansah

Panel Session - ALGUNAS HIPÓTESIS SOBRE LA ESPECIFICIDADDEL SECTOR SIN FINES DE LUCRO EN AMÉRICA LATINA Mario M. Roitter, ChairInés González Bombal, Rosa Amelia González, Leilah Landim, Felipe Portocarrero, Gustavo Verduzco, Rodrigo Villar

Panel Session - GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY: DIMENSIONS OF THE NONPROFIT SECTOR A MACRO VIEW Lester M. Salamon, ChairAry Burger, Commenter, Helmut K. Anheier, Regina List, Stefan Toepler

Panel Session – BUILDING SOCIAL CAPITAL IN RURAL COMMUNITIES: ILLUSTRATIONS FROM AUSTRALIA, POLAND, AND THE UNITED STATES Martin Tracy, Coordinator Margaret Alston, Jerzy Krzyszkowski, Keith Snavely, Martin B. Tracy


Panel Session – CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND THE THIRD SECTOR IN NORTHERN IRELAND Arthur Williamson, Chair Nicholas Acheson, Derek Bacon, Cahal McCall

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