Cape Town - Abstracts - 2002
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Transforming Civil Society, Citizenship and Governance:
The Third Sector in an Era of Global (Dis)Order

ISTR Fifth International Conference
Graduate School in Humanities, University of Cape Town,
Cape Town, South Africa
July 7-10, 2002

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The Women's Movement and its Submerged World: The Case of the Paraiba Women's Forum in Northeast Brazil Rachel Joffily Abath, Timothy D. Ireland

Area Based Partnerships, Civic Renewal and Social Exclusion: The Case of Disabled People Nicholas Acheson

Walking the tightrope: Voluntary agencies, the disability business and social change Nicholas Acheson

Donors, the State, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and their Clients in Bangladesh Mokbul Morshed Ahmad

The Politics of Alliance Formation: Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria Bukola Akintola

The third sector in the transition period in Bulgaria: contemporary trends in volunteering, problems and challenges Lina Anastassova

On the Governance and Management of International Membership Organisations Helmut K. Anheier, Nuno Themudo

A Good Party But Nobody Has Showed Up: Resistance to a new nonprofit legal qualification in Brazil Mario Aquino Alves

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Revitalising civil society through social capital formation in faith-based organisations: Research findings from Northern Ireland Derek Bacon

The fading of civil society in South Africa: changing civic participation in town and city Simon Bekker

Respuestas Desde el Tercer Sector a los Pueblos en Riesgo de Desaparicion en la Argentina: Asociacion Responde M. Benítez, M. Zuccotti, A.G. Vera, M. Derka

Voluntariado en América del Sur: perfiles, impacto y desafíos Analía Bettoni, Anabel Cruz

Quality Indices for a Community Capability Model: Role of the Third Sector Geeta Bharadwaj

Self-regulation in Poland's Non-governmental Sector: Internal and External Dynamics, Mandatory and Discretionary Approaches Angela Bies

From Delegation to Participation: The Third Sector and the State in Associative Networks Monica Bifarello

Volunteering in cultural institutions - a comparison between the US and Germany Gesa Birnkraut

A New Agenda For European Charity: Catholic Nonprofit Welfare in France and Germany at the Crossroads Ingo Bode

Can the Catholic Church Promote Economic Development in Latin America?: The Case of the Peasant Cooperatives in Colombia Marietta Bucheli

Sources of Inspiration: Toward a Comparative Perspective on Why People Get Involved in the Third Sector Govert J. Buijs

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La concepción de tercer sector en un país latinoamericano Marcelo O. Camerlo

The Community Involvement of Church Attenders: Findings from the English 2001 Church Life Profile Helen Cameron

The Development Payoffs of Good Governance: The Results of a Social: The GOFORDEV Index Experience J. J. Capuno, M.M.S. Garcia, J.S. Sardalla, L.G. Villamil

Social Capital and the Participation of Marginalised Groups in Government: A Study of the Statutory Partnership between the Third Sector and Devolved Government in the UK Paul Chaney

Making a Global Impact: Are Nonprofit Organizations Distinctive? Kathryn L. Chinnock, Lester M. Salamon

Citizens in Civil Society: Organizing for Power William Clohesy

The development of Volunteer Work and its ethical implications Daniela Pais Costa

Third Sector and Sustainable Social Policy: Challenges and Paradigms Manuela Coutinho

PROLIDES: an experience of international transfer in knowledge. Its impact in Uruguay and other countries Anabel Cruz

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Brazilian Volunteering Law: Is it a solution? Eliana Del Bianco Aquino Alves

American Science Foundations in Russia as Driving Forces of International Transfer in Knowledge and Professional Skills Irina Dezhina

Government-Civil Society Collaboration to Combat Against Trafficking in Women and Children in Nepal Tek Nath Dhakal

Measuring Volunteering Service in China Yuanzhu Ding

Motives of Individual Charitable Giving: Reflections on Giving Habits of High Salaried Class in India Yashavantha Dongre

Linking Theory and Practice in Nonprofit Management: Four Modes of Engagement Gemma Donnelly-Cox and Freda Donoghue

Contemporary Trends In Volunteering: Emerging Scene From India Shailendra Kr. Dwivedi

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"There will never be another tobacco!": a community's dialogue on local (re)organising amidst global (dis)order Wendy Earles and Robyn Lynn

Social enterprise: transforming the landscape of social welfare provision in the United Kingdom and Canada? Sarah Edwards

Transnational Civil Society and its Effect on Advocating Change: An Arab Perspective Marwa El-Daly

Commercialization of voluntary organizations and members participation: The case of Norwegian voluntary sport organizations Bernard Enjolras

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The Contemporary Political Changes and Citizens Rights in Yemen Mohammed Fara

Knowledge Transfer: The Role of Non-profit Agencies. Hungarian-German Comparison Ferenc Farkas

Entre la exclusión y la inclusión. Organizaciones de Personas de Edad en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Adriana Norma Fassio

Paternalistic Practices In The Third Sector Michelle Ferreti

Settings of the Third Sector Production in Brazil Rosa Maria Fischer and Luciana Rocha de Mendonça

Determinants of Civic Leadership in Africa: An Exploratory Study of NGDOs in Kenya Alan Fowler

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Donors, State-NGO Relations, and the Politics of "Community-oriented" Decentralisation: South Africa's rural water supply with an eye to the Namibian experience Mary Galvin and Adam Habib

Information Communication technologies changing the face of Third Sector Experiments in eHealth Mausumi Garain

Health Insurance for the Excluded : An arena for nonprofits or for-profits? Mausumi Garain

Corporate Volunteering: An Extension of Corporate Citizenship or a Strategic Escape from Corporate Giving? Swapan Garain

Application of ICT for Social Engineering : Experiments in eGovernance in India Swapan Garain

The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Democratisation Process in Ethiopia Sisay Gebre-Egziabher

Preventive Medicine: Scientific Conduct in Third Sector Research Sheldon Gelman and Margaret Gibelman

Misguided Public Policy?: Religion and the Provision of Human Services Margaret Gibelman and Sheldon Gelman

El Sector Religión en Argentina: su importancia como empleador y como generador de actividad económica Daniel Gropper

Civil Society and the Northern Irish Peace Process Adrian Guelke

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Constraining the unruly sector Peter Halfpenny

Development of non-profit sector and civil society and NGO support systems in Estonia Helmut Hallemaa

More Bang for the Decreasing Buck: Best Strategies for Social Service Delivery, Learning from Successful NGOs in India Fermida Handy, Meenaz Kasam and Shree Ranade

Intercultural Transfer of Fundraising Practices Between Nonprofit and Non-Governmental Organizations: An Examination of the Unites States and South Africa Raina Harper

Toward the Integration of Civil Society, Social Movements, and Third Sector Theories: Lessons from an international study of peace/conflict resolution organizations Yeheskel Hasenfeld and Benjamin Gidron

Developing Effective Government and Civil Society Sector Relationships: Process Not Paper Les Hems, John Twigg and Jo Winterburn

Employment in the Third Sector in Austria: The relative role of nonprofit employment within child care facilities Eva Hollerweger, Hyun-Joo Nam, and Birgit Trukeschitz

Commercializing the Third Sector: Public Benefit and Private Competition Theodore Hopkins

Theory versus Practice: Exploring the role of volunteering in engendering citizenship Steven Howlett and Angela Ellis

Challenging 'globalisation' through university and community dialogues Maria Humphries and Nina Gregg

Working with difference - resisting premature conjugality Maria Humphries, Betsan Martin, Bryan Bang, and Gina Mohi

Explaining differences in styles of volunteering: the case of the Flemish Red Cross volunteers Lesley Hustinx and Franz Lammertyn

Giving Children a Voice: Advocacy, Children's Rights and Voluntary Action in Northern Ireland Mary Hutchinson

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The Legal Status of Volunteers Leon Irish and Karla Simon

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Community Organizing: Innovation & Effectiveness in Building Community Capacities, Leveraging Community Resources and Facilitating Civic Engagement Diane Johnson

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Volunteering and Recruitment, Service and Pioneering: The challenge of youth organizations in the 1950's in U.S.A. and Israel Paula Kabalo

Third Sector Initiatives in the Grass-Root Level: Indian Case Shripathi Kalluraya

The Nonprofit Labor Market in Japan: Findings from New Survey Data Kiyoko Kamimura and Naoto Yamauchi

Using a Country's Context to Analyze Organizational Development: The Case of Maendeleo ya Wanawake Priscilla Karuru and Judith Miller

The Shifting Relationship Among the Three Sectors Under Indian Context Krishna Kothai

Housing and Neighborhood Participation: A Comparison between the For-profit and the Non-profit Sector in Baltimore Panjaka Kulabkar

NGOs and Urban Plans in India: The Case of Pune Development Plan Panjaka Kulabkar

Advocacy and Social Change through Third Sector Intervention: Loosing Wood for a Tree? A Study of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts Uday Kumar

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Third Sector Organizations and Gender: The Role of Women in German Welfare Organizations Chris Lange

The Role of Civil Society in Overcoming Cultural Differences and Promoting Intercultural Awareness and Tolerance in the Czech Republic Radka Langhammerova

Evaluating the Impact of Emerging Corporate Philanthropy in China Fumiyo Layman

Volunteering in Croatia: How to Make it Attractive Jasminka Ledic, Gordana Forcic, Sladjana Novota and Zvijezdana Schulz Vugrin

Agency and Public Recognition of Women's Volunteering: Does the organisation make a difference? Rosemary Leonard and Ailsa Burns

Transferring Space and Expanding Space: A Study of Quasi-Governmental Associations in Current China He Liping

Understanding Psychological Contracts in Nonprofit Organizations Suellen Littleton

Increasing the involvement of service-users in governance and management: Some lessons of action research Michael Locke and Paul Robson

Compendium of Third Sector Legislation - analysis of the existing laws and regulations in Brazil Laís Vanessa Figueirêdo Lopes

Asian Philanthropy - A Four Country Study Mark Lyons and Susan Hocking

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| A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | Panel Sessions |
An evolution in No Profit Organizations: developing new strategic areas of activity (SAA). The "Amici della Cattedrale di Novara" case Davide Maggi and Constanza Ceda

Are the NGO Interventions Demand Driven or Supply Forced? A Study of Grass Roots NGOs Indira Mahendravada

Leadership Development in Consumer Cooperatives Shridhara Maniyani

Cooperative Antagonism: A Southern Perspective On Problematic Dialogue Between Programmers And Researchers In Development Manzurul Maniyani

Approaching Civil Society in the Strategic Planning of Greenpeace Ricardo Martins

What Determines the Size of Nonprofits? Yoshiho Matsunaga and Naoto Yamauchi

Political participation: Understanding the link between formal political participation and gender, civil society organizations and transnational advocacy networks Tracy McFarland

The Impact of Federal and Provincial Policies on Third Sector Organizations: The Canadian Historical Context Agnes Meinhard and Mary Foster

The Co-operative Movement in a Complex Social Systems Shameena Mehtab

Interorganizaciones e Instituciones en Bahia-Brasil: Un Analisis Desde la Perpectiva del Tercer Sector Vanessa Paternostro Melo and Tânia Maria Diederichs Fischer

Building Civil Society in Post-Conflict Bosnia: A Stakeholder Analysis of Interorganizational Relationships Judith Miller and Eric Martin

The experience of social movements and the study of the relationship between civil society and democracy in Latin America with some reflections on Argentina Romina Miorelli

The International Census of Nongovenmental Studies Project Roseanne Mirabella

Practice-researches in social transformations in Post-Soviet countries, challenges. Practice of Armenia. Anahit Mkrtchyan

Corporate philanthropy and social development: An Indian Perspective M. S. Moodithaya

Building Civil Society at the Grassroots: Results from an Educational Partnership between the United States and Kyrgyzstan David Mould and Judith Miller

Rethinking Civil Society Assistance: International donors, agenda setting and Civil Society Organizations in South Africa Bhekinkosi Moyo

Les Milices Mayi - Mayi Dans la Guerre Actuelle de la Republique Democratique du Congo ou la "Societe Civile Armee"? Arsène Mwaka Bwenge

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La Participación De La Sociedad Civil En Procesos De Integración Comercial: El Caso Del Alca En México Alejandro Natal and Tonatiuh González

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The relationship between formal and informal volunteering: A social capital framework Jenny Onyx and Rosemary Leonard

The Dynamics Of Transnational Philanthropy By Migrant Workers For The Development Of Their Communities Of Origin: The Case Of Pozorrubio, Philippines Jeremiah Opiniano

Development Communication Planning And Strategies For Participatory Development By A Civil Society Organization: The Case Of The International Institute Of Rural Reconstruction Jeremiah Opiniano

The Efforts Of Civil Society Organizations To Protect The Welfare And Rights Of Migrant Workers From The Adverse Effects Of Globalization: The Case Of The Philippines Jeremiah Opiniano

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Social Enterprise In The Voluntary And Community Sectors: Challenges For Policy And Practice Cathy Pharoah and Duncan Scott

Third Sector: An Answer To The Anomia? A New Form Of Social Solidarity? A View From Emily Durkheim And Anthony Giddens Betsabé Policastro

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No primary authors specified.

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Mental Health Services: Defining The Role Of The Third Sector Chandrika Rao

Individual Giving Behaviour in Health Sector in India Vidya Rao

Pasión por la Cultura. Una investigación sobre la gestión, el financiamiento y la problemática de las organizaciones culturales de Montevideo Sandra Rapetti

Managing resources in the third sector: dealing with the impacts of diverse funding streams Margaret Reid

Legitimacy, Location, and Longevity: A Report on the Organization and Role of University-Based NGO Management Outreach Programs David Renz and Roseanne Mirabella

The question of analogies - what is social capital like? Bill Robinson and David Robinson

The Community Sector and the Resolution of Conflict in Northern Ireland Terry Robson

Civic or Religious? The Issues of Governance in Late Medieval and Early Modern Hospitals: The Case of Poland Wladyslaw Roczniak

Fairy Tails Organizations: Myth and Reality of Brazilian Third Sector Organizations Andrea Leite Rodrigues and Mario Aquino Alves

Voluntary Activity and the Public's Perception of Volunteering in Ireland Helen Ruddle

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Public funding of the Third Sector: some reflections on the Projeto Quixote case study Hironobu Sano

Trust In The Voluntary Sector: A Relationship To Giving? Adrian Sargeant and Stephen Lee

Construyendo redes electrónicas para la defensa de la ecología en Argentina Cinthia Shammah

Third Sector - A New Paradigm Of Development H. A. Shankaranarayana

'Building' Civil Society: The Case Of Palestinian NGOs 1994-1998 Salma Shawa

Together We Save The Society Benjamas Siripatra

Representing global injustice: discourses of 'development' and the 'South' in the UK Matt Smith

Ethos' Indicators of Corporate Social Responsibility- An experience about how the Third Sector contributes to the improvement of business social practices Vivian Smith and Adele Queiroz

Les Associations Non Gouvernementales: Strategies De Lutte Contre La Pauvrete Jean-Bosco Zumatwo Some

Give it Away or Make Them Pay? Price Discrimination by Nonprofit Organizations with Distributional Objectives Richard Steinberg and Burton Weisbrod

Responses Of Faith To The Challenges Of Modernization: Religious Organizations And Social Development In India Pushpa Sundar

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Grassroots Civil Society: Rural Community Structures in Ethiopia Ephrem Tadesse

Legitimacy and the role of third sector organisations in the democratic process Marilyn Taylor and Diane Warburton

Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en Chile: Innovación y Desafíos Soledad Teixidó, Reinalina Chavarri, and Andrea Castro

Revealing the impact of interface representations, identities and use-values on the poor: a research agenda for NGDOs Fletcher Tembo

Engendering politics for good governance: Advocacy for social and political change by women in India Usha Thakkar

Managing the paradox: NGOs, resource dependence and political independence-case studies from Portugal and Mexico Nuno Themudo

Sports, Philanthropy And Nonprofit Action Andrés Thompson and Juan I. Vallejos

Changing Context of Civil Society in India: A Study of Hindutva and Globalisation in Udupi and Dakshina Kannada Rajaram Tolpady

Civil Society In Countries In Transition Verica Trstenjak

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No primary authors specified.

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Traditional and Modern Social Organizations in Contemporary Mexico: New Challenges for Interpretations Gustavo Verduzco

Credibility and Accountability: Combining Capacities for Nonprofit Sustainability RicardoVoltolini and Elisa Rodrigues Alves Larroudé

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| A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | Panel Sessions |
Redefining Citizenship for the 21st Century: From the National Welfare State to the UN Global Compact Antonin Wagner

Measuring the Impact of Voluntary Organisations Susan Wainwright

NGOs and Government: Relations of Collaboration and Conflict in Kenya Richard Wamai

The Third Sector And The Transformation Of Governance In Africa: The Case Of Community - Based Organizations In Kenya Fredrick Wanyama

Rural Citizenship: Community Involvement In Rural Development Partnerships In England, Scotland And Northern Ireland Arthur Williamson, Rona Beattie, and Stephen Osborne

The Construction of Political Effectiveness - Insights from Australian Advocacy Organisations David Worth

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No primary authors specified.

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Duties of Directors and Officers in Israeli Non-Profit Organizations Ester Yakovitz and Hadara Bar-Mor

Civil Society, Social Capital And Volunteering In Finland: Contemporary Trends In The Finnish Volunteering Anne Birgitta Yeung

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Economic Theories on Motives for Volunteering - A Cross-Country Analysis Susanne Ziemek

Trapped in an Identity Gap? Self-Perception and Self-Esteem of Nonprofit-Organizations in Changing Environments Annette Zimmer and Thorsten Hallmann

Challenges to Reframing Governance - Post-Apartheid South Africa Elke Zuern

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Panel Sessions
Panel Session - Civil Society, Citizen participation and the Dawn of a New Era: The Third Sector in Mexico in Light of a New Political Regime Jacqueline Butcher de Rivas

Panel Session - Nonprofit Impacts: Evidence from Around the Globe Kathryn L. Chinnock, Lester M. Salamon, Freda Donoghue, Mark Swilling, Rodrigo Villar

Panel Session - Practice-Research Engagement and Transnational Civil Society Srilatha Batliwala and L. David Brown

Panel Session - Lessons Learnt through Implementation of the CIVICUS Index Project: A Cross-Country Comparison Phiroshaw Camay and Anne J. Gordon

Panel Session - Nonprofit Organisations as Builders of Social Capital and Channels of Expression Freda Donoghue

Panel Session - Meanings and Expressions of Citizenship: the search for new forms John Gaventa, Mandakini Pant, Angela Alonso, Steven Robins

Panel Session - How to Assess the Health of Civil Society Worldwide? A Debate on the Experiences made in the Design and Pilot Implementation Phase of the CIVICUS Index on Civil Society Project Finn Heinrich

Panel Session - Civil Society: Lessons Learned, Research Challenges Ahead in Four Regions: Brazil, Slovakia, South Africa, and the Andes and Southern Cone Region of South America Virginia Hodgkinson

Panel Session - A Model for Developing Court and Community Collaboration in the United State and South Africa Thomas Lawson

Practice-Research Engagement for Social Transformation: Reflections from the Eastern and Southern Africa region Ezra Mbogori

Panel Session - The Value of Comparative Research in Transforming Legal and Fiscal Frameworks for Civil Society Karla Simon

Panel Session - Work and Social Integration Steven Rathgeb Smith

Panel Session - Practice-Research Engagement and Civil Society in Social Transformation: South Asia Rajesh Tandon

Panel Session - Nonprofit Impacts: Evidence from Around the Globe Lester Salamon and Kathryn Chinnock

Panel Session - Civil Society Index Wojciech Sokolowski

Panel Session - Development management requirements and the needs of the poor - how well do they mesh? Tina Wallace

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