Barcelona - 2008 - Panels
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ISTR 8th International Conference
2nd EMES-ISTR European Conference
in partnership with CINEFOGO
July 9-12, 2008
Universitat de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain


Identification, Definition and Evaluation of the Social and Solidarity Economy
Marie J. Bouchard, Rafael Chaves, Roger Spear and Nadine Richez-Battesti
International Advocacy network Governance and Architecture: Implications for Performance and Accountability
David L. Brown, Srilatha Batliwala and Alnoor Ebrahim
International Philanthropic and Nonprofit Studies Education -- Creating Sustainable Social Change
Dwight Burlingame, Robert Ashcraft, Guiliana Gemelli and Mary MacDonald
Advocacy in the Age of Compacts: Australian Perspectives
John Casey, Rose Melville, Jenny Onyx and Bronwen Dalton
Pregonar con el Ejemplo: Sociedad Civil y Rendición de Cuentas (Practice What You Preach: Civil Society and Accountability)
Annabel Cruz, Analia Bettoni, Leilah Landim, Pablo Marsal, Cecilia Dockendorf, Tanya Lockwood, José Luís Espinoza, Addys Then Marte, Pau Vidal, Laia Grabulosa, Laura Santina, Astrid Gustafson, and Miriam Orellana
Economie Solidiare et Critique Sociale - Regards Croisés Europe-Amérique Latine
Matthieu de Nanteuil, Leopoldo Munera Ruiz and Laura Silva Castena
The Civicness of the Third Sector
Paul Dekker, Taco Brandsen, Bernard Enjolras and Adalbert Evers
Policy Initiatives towards the Third Sector in International Perspective
Benjamin Gidron, Helmut Anheier, Kathy Brock, Rupert Strachwitz, Lalit Kumar, Naoto Yamauchi and Michal Almog-Bar
Philanthropic Projections: Sending Institutional Logics Abroad
David Hammack, Steven Heydemann, Sada Aksartova, Elizabeth Bloodgood, Sandra Moog and Jonathan Van Antwerpen
The Contributions of Foundations - US Perspectives
David Hammack, Kevin Quigley, Stefan Toepler, Helmut Anheier and Lehn Benjamin
Civil Society, Security and Aid Post-9/11
Jude Howell, Jeremy Lind, Mark Sidel and Katherine Nightingale
Student Volunteering in Fifteen Countries: Strengthening Civil Society?
Lesley Hustinx, Henrietta Grönland, Kirsten Holmes, Chulhee Kang, Naoto Yamauchi, Naoko Okuyama, Femida Handy, Jeff Brudney, Bhagyashree Ranade, Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Ram Cnaan, Sinsa Zrinscak, Meenaz Kassam, Lucas Meijs and Karen Smith
Transformations of the Nordic Third Sector
Anne Kovalainen, Miikka Pyykkönen, Elisabeth Sundin, Martti Siisiäinen and Raimo Blom
Volunteer Cooperation for International Development in the 21st Century
Benjamin Lough, Cliff Allum, Caspar Merkle and Peter Devereux
Globalization and Citizen Engagement: New Practices, Meanings and Expressions of Citizenship?
Marj Mayo, Rosalba Icaza, Peter Newell, Marcelo Saguier, Marjorie Mayo and Lind
Empowerment of Women in a Globalized World -- With Reference to India and Russia
Sachiko Nakagawa, Rekha Gaonkar, Sujatha K.S., Eva Maria Hinterhuber and Uday Kumar M.A.
Testing the Universality of the Community Foundation Concept: The Development of Community Foundations in Turkey and Egypt
Eleanor Woodward Sacks, Hilary Gilbert, Marwa El-Daly and Filiz Bikmen
Money as the Key Player? Giving and Receiving of Women and Women's Organizations
Christina Schwabenland, Sachiko Nakagawa, Priya Anand, Sisay Gebre-Egziabher, Rekha Gaonkar and Chris Lange
The Changing Role of the Third Sector in Social Policy in Europe and the US
Steven Rathgeb Smith, Jeremy Kendall, Annette Zimmer, Nicholas Deakin and Lars Skov Henriksen
Nonprofit Organization and Social Enterprise Accounting Regulation in Europe
Claudio Travaglini, Gareth Morgan and Juana Fuentes Perdomo
Good Practices in Volunteer Management
Pau Vidal, Ana Villa, Enric Canet, Cristina Simon, Carles Barba, Ramon Noró
Global Civil Society on the Move? Japanese Popular Culture and NPO's Challenging Established Zones of Power and Representation
Bruce White, Yuko Nishimura and Reiko Ogawa

Assessing the State of Civil Societies Worldwide. Global Findings of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index Project
Jacob M. Mati, Lorenzo Fioramonti

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