Barcelona - 2008 - Abstracts
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ISTR 8th International Conference
2nd EMES-ISTR European Conference
in partnership with CINEFOGO
July 9-12, 2008
Universitat de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain


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Abbou, Inbal

Nonprofit or For-Profit? Perceptions, Attitudes and Decision Making in Mixed Markets
Acosta, RaulThe Market for Advocacy Network Research
Adam, Thomas

Social Housing Reform in the Transatlantic World before World War I
Aiken, Mike; Cairns, Ben and Hutchison, Romayne

Sound and Fury or Signifying Nothing? Understanding the Voice and Engagement Role of Community Anchor Organisations in the UK
Alcock, Pete

In or Against the State? The Changing Role of the Voluntary and Community Sector -- Recent Evidence from the UK
Almeida, Vasco

Capitalism, Institutional Complementarities and the Third Sector. The Private Institutions for Social Solidarity (IPSS) in Portugal
Amisi, Baruti

Business Social Networks, A Pathway to Socio-Ecnomic Integration or Self-Exclusion and Exploitation? A Study of Druban Congolese Somali Refugees - Republic of South Africa
Anastasiadis, Maria

ECO-WISEs Work Integration Socio-Economic ECO-Enterprises -- Their Potentials and Requirements in Reaching Social, Ecological and Economical Goals -- Results from a Current Research Project on ECO-WISEs in Austria
Andersson, Fredrik; Helm, ScottNonprofit Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Analysis of Sweden and the United States
Archambault, Edith

The Third Sector in Europe: Does it Exhibit a Converging Movement?
Ariate, Joel

The National in Global: The Freedom from Debt Coalition and Global Civil Society Movement on Debt and Development
Arnaud, Henry; Nassaut, Stéphane Performance Evaluation and Legitimacy of the Third Sector: The Case of the Belgian Domiciliary Care Quasi-Market
Atienza, Maria Ela

Health Devolution, Civil Society Participation and Volunterism: Political Opportunities and Constraints in the Philippines
Aydogmus, Umit

Neoliberalism and the Civil Welfare Provision in Turkey: The Case of Deniz Deneri (The Lighthouse) Association

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Bah, Amadu Sidi

The Problematics of Civic Engagement in Democratic Governance Reforms: Implications for Civil Society Strengthening for Social Change in post-war Transitional Political Contexts.
Balfhor, Christian; Moure, AníbalNGO SELF-EVALUTION MODEL: Conclusions from a comparative
and empirical study in Argentina
Balian de Tagtachian, BeatrizInclusión Social: El Rol Social de la Fundación Banco de Alimentos
Bärlocher, Christoph; Helmig, Bernd The Swiss Nonprofit Sector: An Insight into an Invisible Field

Barraket, Jo; Scott, Marcelle; Carey, Gemma and Richardson, Sarah Universities as Civic Institutions - The Impacts of Practice-based Learning Exchange on Students, Third Sector Organizations and Academic Staff

Basic, Anton

Nonprofit Governance – A question of moral ownership? Findings from German Nonprofit Organizations
Bassi, Andrea

Another Brick in the Wall. The Project of Self-Construction as Way of Immigrants Integration: The Role of Nonprofit Organizations. A Case Study in the Municipality of Ravenna, Italy
Baulderstone, Joanne; Earles, Wendy Changing Relationships: How Government Funding Models Impact Relationships between Organisations
Bayne, ClarenceThe Rise of the Social Entrepreneur in the Black Community of Montréal
Beitia, Pedro

Las Colaboraciones entre Empresas y Organizaciones no Lucrativas en Bizkaia (España). Razones y Herramientas para Trabajar Conjuntamente
Bevers, Hilde; Martens, Marie and Raymaekers, PeterSocial Cohesion and Quality of Life in a Rural Environment. The Contribution of the Socio-Cultural Adult Work
Bezovan, GojkoCan Foundations Paving the Way of Sustainable Endogenous Philanthropy?
Bidet, EricThe Rise of Work Integration and Social Enterprise in South Korea
Bixa, Stefanie; Heitzmann, Karin; Hofbauer, Johanna; Meyer, Michael and Strunk, GuidoWhere There's a Will, There's a Way? Civic Participation and Social Inequality

Bloodgood, ElizabethThe Diffusion of NGO Regulation and the Decline of Global Democracy?
Boeira, Sérgio Luís; Campos, Lucila Maria de Souza and Vieira, Charles Goudinho Ética en las Organizaciones y en la Sociedad: Contribuciones Teórico Epistemológicas de Periódicos Brasileños Qualis A (2003-2006) (Ethics in Organizations and in Society: Theoretical-Epistemological Contributions of Qualis A Brazilian Periodicals (2003-2006))
Branco, Davide; Doherty, Robert; Kovac, Zdenka; Kozakiewica, Maciej; Reichel, Janusz; Bunc, Mirko; Rotheroe, Neil, and Kociper, TinaComparing the Sectors of the Social Economy, the Different Aspects of Social Enterprising and their Impact on Country's Competitiveness, Social Cohesion and Sustainable Development in Four European Countries: UK, Italy, Slovenia and Poland

Brandsen, Taco and Kumar, Sarabajaya Governance Models in Quasi-Markets: New Institutional Arrangements
Breeze, BethI Give Therefore I Am: The Role of Philanthropic Activity in Identity Work
Brinton, AspenAssociation and Recognition in Authoritarian Societies: A Theoretical Beginning
Brock, KathyCapturing Positive State Support for the Third Sector as a Partner in Policy
Brown, Leslie

Accountability Practice as a Strategy for Engaging Stakeholders: The Co-Operative Difference and Organizational Renewal
Brudney, Jeffrey; Meijs, Lucas

Guarding the Future of Our Society: Conceiving of Volunteerism as a Natural Resource
Burger, Ronelle; Owens, Trudy

Examining Accountability Mechanisms in Development Projects of Ugandan NGOs: Comparing the Merits of Self-Regulation, Government Regulation and Community Monitoring
Bürgisser, Sarah; Helmig, Bernd Conflicts of Interest between Board Members and Executives in Nonprofit Organizations
Butcher de Rivas, Jacqueline

Mexican Solidarity: Final Results and Analysis of a National Study on Volunteering and Citizen Participation

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Campos, Luiz; Alcoforado, Flavio

Law, Government and Third Sector in Brazil: Improving Deficient Regulation to Promote a Better Accountability
Canto, Ainara

Una Experiencia Local de Elaboración de un Diagnóstico de Situación del Tercer Sector (Bizkaia)
Carmichael, Calum M. Doing Good Better? The Differential Subsidization of Charitable Contributions
Cerkasina, Maria Ilinceva

Chan, Kin-man; Yan Zhou
Volunteers Rising: Grassroots Movement to Change Abandoned Children's Life in Russia

Political Opportunity and Anti-Dam Movement in China
Chapman, Tony; Baxter, Beth; McGuinness, Barbara Consuming Values in a Social Market: Models of Civil Society Volunteers Choose to Create through the Consumption of Social Values
Chávez Becker, Carlos

Gobernanza Democrática. Una Aproximación desde el Desempeño Organizacional
Chen, YimeiThe Space for Social Enterprise Development in China

Chung, Dawoon (Donna)

Can Conflict Resolution Help to Enhance Civil Society’s Potential as a Space for Democratic Learning? (A Case Study of South Korean NGOs)
Congo, Youssoufou

Les Métamorphoses du Secteur Microfinancier Africain: Une Analyse Basée sur la Cas du Bénin, du Burkina Faso et du Niger (The metamorphoses of the African microfinance sector: an analysis based on the cases of Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger)
Cooper, Tracy; Eikenberry, Angela and Arroyave, Veronica Administrative Failure and the International NGO Response to Hurricane Katrina

Cordery, Carolyn; Baskerville, Rachel From the Market to the Third Sector -- What Style for Primary Health Organisations' Accountability?
Cornforth, Chris; Spear, Roger and Aiken, Mike The Challenges of Governing Social Enterprises

Costa, Maria Alice Chaves Nunes

Cambios de la Empresa en el Brasil Contemporâneo: ¿La Intervención Social del Empresariado es una nueva forma de Solidaridad?
Crossan, Denise
Towards a Classification Framework for Not-For-Profit Organisations
Csongrádi, GyöngyiPercentage Philanthropy: An Experimental Research
Culum, Bojana; Forcic, Gordana

The Challenge of Volunteering Frequency in Croatia: Can Volunteers Contribute to Social Capital Development Once a Year?
Cummings, Lorne; Marie Cadiz Dyball; Jessica (Jin Hua) ChenIdentity and Perception of Not-for-Profit Status: A Depiction of Management Behaviour

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Dart, Raymond; Armstrong, Ann; Clow, Erin Not Living Up to Their Billing: A Population Survey of Social Purpose Businesses in Ontario, Canada
Davis, Thomas

International NGOs as Global Civil Society Agents in Foreign Aid Policy: The Unfulfilled Promise of Participatory Policy Making
De Breláz, Gabriela

Civil Society Organizations Advocacy: Main Finding of a Comparative Study between Brazil and the United States
Deguchi, Masayuki

Fundamental Reforms on Nonprofit Organizations in Japan as an Example from the International Point of Linguapolitics
De Gieter, Sara; De Cooman, Rein; Pepermans, Roland; Jegers, Marc Being a Volunteer or Not: Psychological Contract Implications

Delgado, RobertoLa Corporativización del Tercer Sector
DePalma, Elena; Costanzo, Luigi; Stoppiello, Sabrina Third Sector and Local Development in Italy

De Souza Cabral, Eloisa

Values and Outcomes in Public Space: An Evaluation Framework for the Third Sector
DiRusso, AlyssaEuthanizing Small Charities
Dorenkamp, Isabelle; Buber, Renate

Marketing Awareness in NGOs: Necessary Evil or Basic Principle to Meet the Stakeholders' Needs?
Dörner, Wolfgang

A Tool for Charting out the Relationships between Government and Third Sector Organisations in Various National Settings: Applying Social Network Analysis to National Action Plans on Fight against Poverty
Dsegowdanakoplu, PoornanandaClaims-Makers and Media Frames of Environmental Issues
Dujardin, Anne; Kavege, Jean-Pierre Dzidzova; Ilunga, Alain TshimangaEmergence et Rôles des Organisations Non-Profit Face à l'Échec de l'Etat Post-Colonial en Afrique Subsaharienne
Dunn, Alison

Determining the Regulatory Barriers: Charities, Politics and Developments from England and Wales
Duten, Alexia

NGOs' Role in Global Governance: Bringing Global health on the European Agenda

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Ehrlich, David; Fernandes, Ronald; Turner II, Leviticus The Relevance of Participation and Decentralization in Implementing Watershed Development Projects in India: What Works, What Doesn’t?
Einarsson, Torbjörn

Ownership and control in Swedish federative organizations - or a member is a member is a member?
Enjolras, Bernard; Waldahl, Ragnhild Holmen Democratic Governance and Oligarchy in Voluntary Organizations: The Case of the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports
Estape, Dubreuil; Mirada, Glòria Consol Torreguitart Microfinance and Gender Considerations in Developed Countries: The Case of Catalonia

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Fahey, DidiParent Volunteer Patterns in USA Schools: An Ontological Exploratory Model
Failon, Julie; Defourny, Jacques

The development of the community-based health insurance schemes in sub-Saharan Africa: what are the real membership determinants?
Fernández Prados, JuanCultura Política y Activismo Online
Ferreira, Silvia

Complexity in Welfare Systems Governance and the Changing Borders of the Third Sector: Researching Two Local Multi-Sectoral Partnerships

Fischer, Rosa Maria; Comini, Graziella Maria Social Enterprenuership and Sustainable Development

Fischer, Tânia; Melo, Vanessa Paternostro; Schommer, Paula Chies; Boullosa, Rosana; Tavares de Araújo, Edgilson Teaching and Learning Trajectory of the "Programa de Desenvolvimento e Gestão Social” (PDGS): Contributions for the Social Management Evaluation Field

Fisher Melton, JulieFrom Within: Democratization NGOs in South Africa, Tajikistan and Argentina
Flanigan, Shawn

Understanding Paths to NGO Employment: The Role of Profession, Community, and Faith for NGO Workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka
Fleuret, Sebastien; Bioteau, Emmanuel Towards a Geography of the Third Sector

Forde, Catherine

Invited Spaces for Participation: A Critical Analysis of Local Social Partnership Involving Third Sector Groups within the Neo-Liberal Irish State
Freise, Matthias

Neo-Corporatism in Flux: Taking Stock of Public Private partnerships in Welfare Policies
Fuentes Perdomo, Juana; Falcón Pérez, C. Esther Incidencia del Nuevo Marco Contable Internacional en las Organizaciones de la Economía Social

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Gaiger, Luiz

De Rochdale á Catende: Le Solidarisme Économique des Travailleurs dans Différents Contextes et Selon Différents Concepts
Galera, Giulia

Social Enterprise Contribution to Socio-Economic Development in Poland and Ukraine
Gärde, Johann

Faith Based Organizations and Secular Organizations as Social Provisions Providers in a Development Context: The Case of Lebanon
Gawell, Malin

Social Engagement and Social Glory. Social Entrepreneurship and Different Forms of Social Enterprises
Gebre-Egziabher, Sisay

The Role of Civil Society Organisations in Reducing Gender Inequality and Violence against Women in Ethiopia
Gelambi, Monica; Ferrone, Caterina; Cavaliere, Roberto; Cristiani, Tiziana Elaboración de un Modelo Europeo de Formación Profesional para los Altos Mandos del Tercer Sector

Gemelli, Giuliana; Palenzona, Paolo
Dancing with Fashion: Searching for a New Model of Partnership and Innovation in Corporate Citizenship
Ghalib, Asad

A Critical Evaluation of the Role of the Third Sector in Applying Social Business Practices to a Development Contest: The Case of Grameen-Danone Foods Ltd.
Gianfaldoni, Patrick; Richez-Battesti, Nadine; Alcaras, Jean-Robert Les rapports de coordination entre banques coopératives et entreprises sociales en France : une analyse conventionnaliste des pratiques discursives

Gijselinckx, Caroline; Franchois, Elke; Van Opstal, Wim Foundations: catalysts of innovation, social change and civic action
Gill, Carmen; Theriault, LucCharitable Organizations in New Brunswick (Canada): Understanding the Landscape in Human Service Delivery
Golbeck, ChristophNon-Profit Organisations & Social Service Provision: Chances for new Governance Arrangements in the Third Sector?
Gondin, RaquelThe social capital´s mobilization for the local development of Prainha do Canto Verde: an mage narrative.
Gordon Rapoport, SaraFactores que intervienen en la rendición de cuentas de las OSC.
Grant, Suzanne; Dart, Raymond The Social Construction of Social Enterprise
Green, JennyValues present or passé: The relative importance of espoused social justice values in nonprofit organisations.
Grönlund, Henrietta; Holmes, Kirsten; Kang, Chulhee; Okuyama, Naoko; Yamauchi, NaotoSocietal contexts in student volunteering - a critical overview of cross-cultural definitions and differences

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Haider, Astrid; Schneider, Ulrike Wage Dispersion in Non-Profit Organisations: Do Volunteers, Donations and Public Subsidies Have an Impact?
Hallemaa, HelmutNPOs in and for Community, Regional and Civil Society Development: several cases.
Hantouch, Julieta; Alvarez, Maria de los Angeles Sola An Approach to Civil Society Organizations Networks in Argentina
Harlock, Jenny; Carmel, Emma The Third Sector and Public Service Reform in the UK: Partnership, Performance and Procurement
Harlow-Rosentraub, Karen; Wilson, Laura; Swindell, DavidOlder Volunteers as Social Capital for a Sustainable Nonprofit Sector: Global Comparisons from Three Demonstration Projects
Hasan, Samiul; Al Jaouhari, Abdel AzizThird Sector Governance in Asia: The Questions of Space and Legitimacy
Haski-Leventhal, DebbieThe Volunteering Stages and Transitions Model: Organizational Socialization of Volunteers
Herrero-Blasco, AurelioLas Características Diferenciales de la Economía Social
Herrero-Blasco, AurelioEl Tratamiento Fiscalmente Favorable as las Entidades de Economía Social: Falacia o Realidad
Hoefer, RichardProgram Evaluation for Accountability: What's Different Now?
Hsu, Shih-Jung; Liao, Li-Min Privatization, Transformation of Governance, and the Deficiency of Corporate Social Responsibility in Taiwan
Huybrechts, BenjaminFair Trade organizations as examples of social enterprises? Evidence from four European regions.
Hyanek, Vladimír; Prouzova, Zuzana; Hladka, Marie NPO - Government Relations in the Czech Republic

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I - J

Imada, MakotoCorporate Social Responsibility in Japan: Historical Background and Challenges in Global Context
Imbrasaite, JuratTransnational Interactions and the Development of Nongovernmental Organizations in Lithuania

Jakobson, Lev; Serge Sanovich

The Third Sector in Russia: Model Change
Jaskyte, KristinaCreativity in the Third Sector Organizations: A Comparative Study of American and Lithuanian Nongovermental Organizations
Jegers, Marc'Corporate' Governance in Nonprofit Organizations: A Non-Technical Review of the Economic Literature
Jiménez Escobar, JulioModelos de Incentivación fiscal del Tercer Sector en Europa
Jinglan, LiuThe Study on the Relationship between Women’s NGO and Women’s Participation in Nature Resource Management in China
Joaquim, HenriqueThe Organizational Dynamics of the Catholic Church in the field of social care.
Johanisova, NadiaTowards an Eco-Social Enterprise?
Jordán, Arturo; Azeredo, Beatriz Desarrollo Local Sostenible con la Integración de la Sociedad: Experiencias Recientes en Brasil
Juaneda, Emma; Labarta, Tatiana; Marcuello, Carmen; Pujol, Pilar User Participation in Social Services from Stakeholders Management Approach: Evidence in Local Government and Nonprofit Organizations

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Kassman, AndersSwedish Civil Society Organizations in Relation to Prevention and Promotion among Youth
Katsui, HisayoChallenges of Disabled People's Organisations in Operationalising Human Rights-Based Approach to Disability in Development: Towards Sustainable Positive Changes
Katz, Hagai; Yogev, Hila Sustainable Substitutes? The Effects of Humanitarian Crisis on Third Sector Organizations Filling the Place of a Non-Responsive Government
Kerlin, JanelleA Comparative Analysis of the Global Emergence of Social Enterprise
Keppke, Rosane; Forini, Sergio Turning Street Trash Pickers Into Ecoentrepreneurs
Khalid, SulaimanPublic-Private Partnership in Service Provisioning: Islamic Civil Society Organizations as Agents of Educational Reform in Northern Nigeria

Khodjamirian, Yuri

Capital Structure of Nonprofit Organisations: A Dynamic Framework

Kilby, PatrickThe Role of NGO Support Organisations Mediating NGO-Government Relations: The Case of the Australian Council for International Development
Kinney, NancyPartners without Borders: Frontiers in Collaboration between U.S. and Sudanese Nongovernmental Organizations
Kinyik, MargitA Changing Governmental Approach to the Central Financing of NGO Sector in Hungary. The Role of the Hungarian National Civil Fund by a Recent Sociological Research
Kiryttopoulou, NataliaStrengthening Civil Society's Accountability for Results: The Opportunity of Comparative Constituency Feedback
Kisil, Rosana Local Productive Arrangements: The Silves Case
Klapper, Rita; Lauriol, Jacques The Economic versus the Social Entrepreneur: Towards a 'Hybridisation': Examples from the French Context
Koch, Dirk-Jan; Van de Koolwijk, DikDo Country Images Affect Private Aid Agency location choices?
Koch, Dirk-Jan; Ruben, Ruerd An Economic Geography approach to Agglomeration of Non-Governmental Organizations
Kolin, MarijaCivil Society Initiatives for Employment and Welfare Provision in Serbia
Kothai, KrishnaSocial Development as an Outcome of Religious Philanthropy - Indian Experience
Kreutzer, Karin; Jäger, Urs Volunteering vs. Professionalization. Exploration from a Multiple Organizational Identities Perspective
Kuhn, Berthold
Evaluation and Regulation of NGOs in the People's Republic of China
Kuti, ÉvaDifferences and Similarities between Corporate, Individual and 1 Percent Philanthropy. Their Relevance to Fund-Raising Efficiency

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Laforest, RachelModels of Political Representation and Governing in Canada
Lam, Marcus; Howard, David B. Nonprofits as Multiproduct Firms: Choices and Tradeoffs between Commercial and Traditional Revenue Streams
Landim, LeilahNGOs and Third Sector in Brazil (and Latin America): 30 years and recent dilemmas.
Larroudé, Elisa; Nogueira, Fernando do Amaral
Management Practices for Upholding the Public Interest
Larsson, OlaExporting Organizational ideas from the North to the South: Disembedding the Swedish Popular Movement Tradition from Sweden
Layton, MichaelPhilanthropy and the Third Sector in Mexico: The Enabling Environment and its Limitations
Lee, LouiseDeveloping Business Community Partnerships: Understanding Issues of Trust and Power
Lee, RebeccaThe Legal Dimension of Third Sector Governance in China: Governance at the Crossroads
Leiter, Jeffrey; Payne, Julianne How is Isomorphism in the Health Care Industry Generated across Legal Forms? Analysis of Australian and United States Interviews
Lemaítre, AndreiaLes Dynamiques d'Économie Solidaire au Brésil: Une Analyse au Prisme de l'Encastrement Polanyien
Lepp, ÜlleCivil Law Partnerships and Estonian Village Movement
Levander, UlrikaSocial Enterprise Discourses
Lhuillier, Vincent; Petrella, Francesca; Fraisse, Laurent Interactions entre Acteurs Publics et Associatifs dans la Gouvernance de la Petite Enfance: Une Perspective Européenne sur les Tendances Récentes
Lie, Mabel; Wheelock, Jane; Baines, Susan Citizenship, volunteering and active ageing
Lifan, LiThe Status and Function of Non-Governmental Organizations in Social Harmonious Development
Loose, Maxime; Gijselinckx, Caroline Evolutions in Citizen participation? The consequences of a shift in the associational live on the profile of active members.
Lopera Garcia, Dolly; Francisco Aguirre, Luz
La Economía Solidaria: Propuesta Incluyente para el Desarrollo Humano con Oportunidades
Lopes, Mónica; Ferreira, Virginia; Coelho, Lina; Ferreira, Silvia Civil Society Organisations and Gender Equality: Mainstreaming and Empowerment in the Public Policies towards Civil Society
Lorch, JasminThe Neoliberal Retreat of the Welfare State in Europe and the Developing World: Comparing the Effects of Varying Regulatory State Capacity on the Democratic Potential of the Third Sector
Luna, Matilde; Velasco, Jose Luis Integration Mechanisms and the Performance of Complex Associative Systems: Two Cases
Lyons, Mark; Nivison-Smith, Ian Does Foreign Funding of Civil Society Encourage Democratic or Good Corporate Governance? The Case of Asia

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Machin, JoannaUnravelling the complexities of volunteer management in the Third Sector
Magis, KristenGlobal Civil Society: Finding Common Voice in Diversity -- Democracy in Praxis
Mano, Rita; Sheaffer, Zachary Managerial Recollecton of Past Changes and Crisis Management: the Case of Israel's Non-Profit Organizations
Marbán Gallego, VicenteEl Tercer Sector en la Politica Social de Atención a la Dependencia en España
Martins, RicardoCorporate Responsibility vs. Corporate Philanthropy: How Companies must Proceed through Externalities and Social Needs?
Mathijssen, Carmen; Wildemeersch, Danny In search of reflexive activation practices. The case of ‘Buurt- en nabijheidsdiensten’ or neighbourhood and proximity services in Flanders
Matielo, Daniela; López, Daniel; Rodriguez, Israel; Planella, Jordi ICT Uses in Barcelona's Third Sector Organizations: Revisiting Digital Inequality Concepts
McCalman, Janya; Fagan, Ruth Building Aboriginal community control: a case study of Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service in Yarrabah, Australia
McCarthy, KathleenWas Tocqueville Right?: The Case against American Philanthropic Exceptionalism, 1800-1840s
McNutt, John; Flannigan, Meredeth Transnational Nonprofit Advocacy Organizations and the Social Networking Technology Revolution: Patterns of Adoption across Organizational Fields
Mendonça, PatriciaReflections on Emergent Visions about Leadership: Useful Concepts to Development NGOs?
Midkiff, Hillery (also submitted as part of Panel 2-1)Filling the Food Void: Food Policy and Sustainable Development in Chiapas, Mexico

Milliman, John; Ferguson, Jeffery A Study of a New Boundary Spanning NGO Concept for Low-Wage Workers
Mirabella, RoseanneEducating Managers Of NGOs In Subsaharan Africa: A Comparision Of University-Based And Community-Based Programs
Mkrtchyan, AnahitEffectiveness of the Sectoral Partnership in Reducing Gender Discrimination in Economy and Workplace in Post-Soviet Transition. Need of Changes in Gender-Oriented Programs
Molnar, MonikaEvaluating the Accountability of Third Sector Organizations: A Self-Assessment Initiative
Morales Gutiérrez, Alfonso; Montes, Antonio Ariza Trabajadora y Voluntarioa: ¿Mision Imposible? Un Estudio a Nivel Europeo sobre los Factores Determinantes para la Aportación de Trabajo Voluntario en un Contexto Laboral
Morgan, Gareth; Ford, Patrick; Breen, Oonagh Cross-Border Issues in the Regulation of Charities: Experiences from Britain and Ireland
Munsch, ChantalParticipation, Diversity and Dominance
Murdock, Alex; Venables, Robert

Predicting future issues for the third sector: results of a delphic oracle approach

Murphy, Patrick; Wright, Melinda Gender and Leadership Theories Applied to Women of India Compared to the US: Strengthening the Status of Women in Government in the Third Sector
Mutch, Allyson; Boyle, Fran and Dean, Julie Participation in Health-Based Nonprofit Organisations: Engaging Consumers for Better Health Outcomes
Muukkonen, MarttiTake a Boy and Rise him a Man: The YMCA as a Pioneer of Youth Work
Mwambuli, Sekelaga
Gender and Civil Society: Widening the Public Sphere

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Nakagawa, Fumiko

Exploring the Japanese Nonprofit Sector: An Econometric Analysis Using Prefecture Level Panel Data
Nakagawa, Sachiko

Significance of "NPOs" in the Market: Suggestions by Japanese NPOs toward Sustainable Society
Neumayr, Michaela; Schneider, Ulrike; Meyer, Michael Invisible Hands Feeding a Toothless Tiger? How does the Portfolio of Funding Influence the Adoption and Fulfilment of Functions of Civil Society Organisations in European Welfare States
Nicholls, Alex; Kumar, Sarabajaya State-Sponsored Social Enterprises (SSSEs): A Clash of Culture and Expectations
Nogueira, Fernando; Larroudé, Elisa Transferring Public Programs to Third-Sector Governance: More Sustainable, Less Accountable?
Novak, Amanda; Machado, Claudia La Emergencia del Tercer Sector en el Contexto de la Reforma Social-Liberal del Estado Brasileño
Okuyama, Naoko

Charitable Giving and Donor’s Attitudinal Characteristics: An Empirical Analysis of Philanthropy in Japan
O'Neill, MichaelPublic Confidence in Charitable Nonprofits
Onishi, TamakiJapanese Fundraising: A Comparative Study of the United States and Japan
O'Regan, AndrewModelling the Nonprofit Organisation Field: Function, Fit and Fantasy
Orlando, Martin; Curci, Mariana Social economy and solidarity-based economy: Benefit societies, poverty alleviation and micro development in America and Africa
Orsini, MichaelHealth in Movement: Autism Activism in Canada and the U.S.
Osborne, Stephen; Chew, Celine; Moran, Clare The Innovative Capacity of Voluntary Organizations: Developing Theory and Practice

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Pallas, Christopher

Balancing the Scales or Tilting the Field? Assessing the Capacity of Global Civil Society to Democratize the World Bank
Parodi Luna, Maria Beatriz

Accountability y Regulación de las OSC's: Control Social o Control Económico del Estado/Gobierno?
Parveen, Shahnaj; Leonhaeuser, Ingrid-Ute Analysing the Economic Empowerment of Women in Farm Households: Lessons from Rural Bangladesh
Penso Albenzio, Cristina¿Qué Estado de Bienstar Necesitamos?
Petrella, Francesca; Richez-Battesti, Nadine Gouvernance Territoriale des Politiques Sociales en Europe et Place pour les Organisations de 'l'ESS: Regards Vroisés sur les Services de "Care"
Petriwskyj, Andrea

Civic Participation, Volunteering and the Ageing Citizen: New Ways of Looking at Old Ways of Looking at New Problems
Phillips, Ruth

NGOs in a Sustainable Relationship for Sustainable Mining? : The Australian Perspective on What Happened after the MMSD Initiative
Phillips, Susan; Laforest, Rachel; Graham, Andrew Getting Third Sector Financing Right in Canada?: Quiet Incrementalism and Subversive Innovation toward Reform
Pinazo, Daniel ; Peter Ramos, A.; Peris, R.

Pospisil, Miroslav; Neumayr, Michaela; Meyer, Michael; Schneider, Ulrike; Skarabelova, Simona
Compromiso con la Ayuda al Desarrollo: Relación de la Situación Socio-Económico de los Donantes

The Role of Civil Society Organisations in Old and New Democracies: An Integrative Framework and Empirical Evidence from Two Countries

Prinzhorn, JensStrangers or Partners - Cooperation between the Third and the First Sector
Prizeman, Geraldine

Creators, Inheritors and Influencers: The Relationship-Building Roles Played by Senior Management Individuals in Organizational Identity Construction
Prouteau, Lionel; Tabariés, Muriel Are the Managers/Administrators of Non-Profit Organisations Different from Other Members?
Puga, CristinaAssesment of associational performance. A proposal

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Quintao, CarlotaThird Sector Renewal in Portugal: A Preliminary Overview
Ramanath, Ramya

Environmental aned Organizational Determinants of Sustained Involvement of Small-Sized Faith-Related Organizations in Public Service Delivery
Ramboarisata, Lovasoa

Co-operative financial institutions’ appropriation of the concepts of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development
Ramirez, Andres; Saraoglu, Hakan

An Analytic Approach to Selecting a Nonprofit

Ramirez, Andres; Saraoglu, Hakan Convergence of the Sectors: Fact or Fiction?

Ranci, CostanzoNew Trends in Long-Term Care Policy in Western Europe: Towards a Social Care Market?
Randle, MelanieUnravelling Heterogeneity in the Volunteering Market: Testing Bicultural Identity and Family Life Stage as Effective Segmentation Criteria
Ravichandran, Kalimuthu; Paranjothi, T. Professionalisation of Management and Governance in Cooperatives
Ravichandran, Kalimuthu; Paranjothi, T.; Babu, V.N. Empowerment of Women and Reducing Gender Discrimination through Kudumbashree Programme: A State Sponsored Programme in Kerala
Rawsthorne, Margot

Creating vibrant, sustainable, rural communities: Grass roots perspectives on the opportunities and challenges in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and Australia
Reaves, AllysonEntrepreneurial Incentives and Venture Philanthropy: Not Just Your Grandmother’s Benevolence!!!
Reichel, Janusz; Rudnicka, Agata
Working Together: Business and NGOs in Eastern Europe. Case of Poland

Rey-García, MartaNonprofit marketing: a new functional realm for evaluating the organizational performance and social impact of Third Sector Organizations
Rijpens, Julie; Mertens, Sybille Governance in non-profit organizations: what mechanisms are at work beside the Board?
Rimac, Tomislav; Mair, Johanna Cross-Sector Business Group Strategies: Bringing Together Social Movements Resource Mobilization Related Practices with the Resource Based View of the Organization
Robinson, David; Williams, Tuwhakairiora The Landscape of Civil Society -- The Role of Community Agencies in Providing Spaces for Dialogue
Rofman, AdrianaParticipación de las O.S.C. en la Gestión de Politicas Pùblicas en Espacios Locales, en Municipios del Area Metropolitana de Buenos Aires
Roitter, MarioNew Experiences in Social Economy: Cases of Social Enterprises in Argentina
Rong, TianNew Public Management and Its Impact on NGOs in Hong Kong
Ross, Melody; Vannini, Ilaria Evaluating partnerships between companies and civic organisations: an empirical-based approach
Ruffa, MonicaThe Intangibles: An Instrument to Account the Value of a civic organization
Russell, BevThe Medium or the Message for Mobilisation: Towards an Understanding of the Relationship between Social Capital and Volunteering and how they Contribute to Sustainable Social Development

Russo,Vincenzo; Crescentini, Alberto; Mele, Giovanna

Psychological Contract, Climate and Job Satisfaction in a community for risked young people: a case study.

Rutzen, Douglas
Defending Civil Society

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Sabbatino, Alessia

Civil Society Organizations Enforcing International CSR Standards. The UN Global Compact Experience
Sakurai, MasanariSocial Entrepreneur and Resource Mobilization: The Role of Social Capital
Salamon, Lester; Sokolowski, Wojciech; Tice, Helen Putting Volunteering on the Economic Map of the World: A Report on the Johns Hopkins/International Labour Organization Volunteer Measurement Project
Santora, Joseph; Sarros, James; Bauer, Joachim Executive Succession in Nonprofit Organizations: What We Know and What We Need to Know
Sarros, James; Cooper, Brian;  Santora, Joseph Leadership vision, organizational culture, and support for innovation in not-for-profit and for-profit organizations: When things aren’t what they appear to be!
Savard, Sebastien;  Bourque, DenisLa Collaboration Entre les Établissements Publics et les Organismes du Tiers Secteur dans la Fourniture de Services Sociaux aux Jeunes et aux Familles au Quebec (Canada): Essai Autour d'une Typologie
Schlappa, HansThird Sector Organisations and the Co-production of European Union Funded Social Inclusion Initiatives: A cross-national case study on collaboration and organsiational change
Schnepf, Sylke; Micklewright, John Who Gives for Overseas Development?
Scott, NickThe Social Dynamics of Canadian Civic Participation
Schautau, Mai-BrithCaritas in a changing welfare state
Seale, Elizabeth; Teixeira, Stephanie; Buck, Alison Welfare Reform in the Age of Neoliberalism: Implications for Serving the Poor through the Third Sector
Sen, Kasturi; Fowler, Alan The War on Terror and Civil Development Space: A Zero or Negative Sum Game?
Serna, Maria GuadalupeEl Voluntariado y Sus Trayectorias Individuales: Análisis de Casos
Serra Vasquez, LuisLas Políticas Neoliberales y el Tercer Sector en Nicaragua (1990-2007)

Shipper, ApichaiImmigration Politics, Non-State Actors, and Welfare in Japan, the United States, and Sweden

Shockley, Gordon; Frank, Peter
A Classical Economic Theory of Social Entrepreneurship
Shutes, IsabelMore Responsive to Users?: The Influence of Government Performance Systems on Third Sector Providers of Employment Services
Silber, IlanaA Rising Tide of Philanthropy? Israeli Fund Raisers as Gift Narrators and Interpreters
Simielli, LaraCivil Society and Public Education in Brazil: a study on the articulation of different players in the structuring and implementation of public policies in education
Sivesind, Karl; Amnå, Erik Normative implications of new forms of participation. Three phases of citizen involvement in Scandinavian welfare services
Skrabalo, Marina; Culum, Bojana The Challenges of Self-Regulation of Ethical Issues in the Croatian Non-Profit Sector
Skarabelová, Simona; Wildmannova, Mirka The Share of Nonprofit Organizations in the Provision of Selected Public Services
Smith, David

Sookhee, Kwak ; Hyeseon, Jeong
Comparative Study of Fundamentally Deviant Nonprofit Groups and their Role in Glboal Civil Society and Democratic Cultures as a New Frontier for Third Sector Research: Evidence for Prevalence of the False 'Angelic Nonprofit Groups Flat-Earth Paradigm'

Official Development Assistance (ODA) Policy and its Reality from the Gender Perspective
Stephenson, Jr., MaxReconsidering How Relief, Reconstruction and Sustainability Relate: A Comparative Analysis of United States and International Relief Systems
Stromsnes, Kristin; Christensen, Dag Arne Political Activism in an Urban Context: The Activist Group 'Byen Vår' and the Use of ICT in the Mobilization against Advertisement-Financed Public Furnishings in Bergen

Suarez, David; Hwang, Hokyu
Conflicting Mandates? Advocacy and Services in the Nonprofit Sector
Sudhir, MCorporate-NGO Partnership in Social Development in Karnataka
Suwa, KoichiStyles of Mediational Means in the Communication between Nonprofit Organizations and Potential Supporters

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Talib, Saman

Social capital objectives as antecedent to organizational choice and adaptation: Media selection and implementation by NGOs worldwide
Tavanti, Marco

Sustainable Tables: Intersectoral Analysis of the Slow Food Movement's Promotion of Sustainability, Biodiversity and Partnerships
Taylor, Marilyn; Howard, Joanna; Lever, John; Miller, Christopher; Harris, Vicki; Serra, Luis; Petrov, Rumen; Antoneta MateevaUnderstanding NGO involvement in governance: the search for cross-cultural understanding
Tchernonog, Viviane
The Size, Public and Private Resources, as well as the Main Trends of France's Non-Profit Sector
Thomson, Ann; Bringle, Robert G.; Smith-Tolken, Antoinette; Anthony NaidooService Learning and Civic Engagement: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Timmer, VanessaGoverning for Change: The Management, Structure and Adaptive Capacity of Global Civil Society Actors
Tirado, RicardoAlgunas recomendaciones para el mejor desempeño de las asociaciones
Travaglini, ClaudioImproving NPOs’ accountability in the enlarged EU: towards a
common framework for financial reporting in European NPOs
Trevisan, Maria CarolinaCommunications as a Tool for Building Transparency, Trust and Sustainability in Community Foundations
Trojan, AlfIngmar SchäferIntegrating Residents' Perspectives and Needs into the Planning of Local Health and Development: Prerequisite for Sustainable Social Change
Trukeschitz, Birgit; Schneider, Ulrike Competitive Tendering and Quality of Nonprofit Service Provision. Analysing the Determinants of Quality of Training Services for the Unemployed in Austria using Multilevel Moderlling
Tsai, I-lun; Kao, Ming-Reo The Embeddedness of Social Entrepreneurship
Tuccillo, Danilo; Ferrone, Caterina; Agliata, Francesco The Growth of Social Cooperatives: Focus on Financial Resource Management
Tysiachniouk, MariaGovernance by Global Civil Society: A Market Campaign for Saving the Karelian Forests

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Ulriksen, Constanza

The Significance of Social Capital as a Concept for Understanding and Analyzing Community-Based Nonprofit Organizations in Boston, USA: Lessons for Chile
Vaidelyte, Egle; Butkeviciene, Egle Philanthropy in Post-Communist Lithuania: Traditional Concept vs. Modern Action
Vaillancourt, YvesThe Participation of the Third Sector in the Co-Production and the Co-Construction of Public Policies
Valentim, IgorSolidarity-Based Economy Organizations and Interpersonal Trust: Toward New Understandings
Valls, Núria; Villa, Ana The Associative Youth Movement: A Space of Learning
Valodia, Imraan; Vishnu, PadayacheeEconomic Reform in South Africa: The Role of Social Movement
Van de Poel, JanInside Politics: Explaining Organizational Evolution in Social Movements. The Case of the Flemish Solidarity Movement
Van de Walle, TinekeVolunteering, Social Capital and Youth Work. Practices of Recruiting and Supporting New Youth
Van der Maas, ErinThe Carnegie UK Trust Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society in the UK and Ireland
Van Ingen, Erik; Van der Meer, Tom Inequalities in Voluntary Association Participation and the Welfare State
Van Opstal, Wim; Caroline GijselinckxThe co-operative provision of public services in an evolving welfare state
Van Til, JonThe Third Sector In The Social Crisis Of Our Age
Vannini, IlariaMonitoring and Evaluating of the State of the Rights to Active Citizenship: Measuring the Impact of Civil Society Organisations' Participation in the Policy Making Process
Vega Torres, JoséTrato Preferente, Democratización y Transparencia de las Corporaciones sin Fines de Lucro
Verduzco, GustavoCaracterísticas de las Actividades Voluntarias en México: Un Perfil Desconocido
Viana Gondim, RaquelThe Social Capital's Mobilization for the Local Development of Prainha do Canto Verde: An Image Narrative
Vidal, Pau; Martinez, Sara; Hernando, Anna Codesarrollo: La Comunidad Migrante Transnacional en la Cooepración al Desarrollo
Von Schnurbein, GeorgPerceptions of Governance in Trade Associations: A Triadic Analysis

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Walker, Peter; Aimers, Jenny Alternative Models of Accountability for Third Sector Organizations
Wamai, RichardReforming future health systems: Does decentralization integrate or create parallel systems between the public and nonprofit sectors? Lessons from Kenya and Ethiopia
Wang, Lili; Sundeen, Richard Women Volunteering in the United States: The Impacts of Employment, Family Characteristics, and Immigration
Warburton, Jeni; Grassman, Eva Jeppsson Older People as Volunteers: Volunteering across Different Socail Welfare Regime Types
Watanabe, TatsuyaChallenges in Mainstreaming Fair Trade: Its Broadening and Deepening
Weber, PeterTerrorism and Philanthropy. Counter Terrorism Financing Regimes, International Civil Society, and Religious Fundamentalisms.
West, BettinaExamining the Relationship between Corporate Social Initiatives, Involvement, Scepticism and Reputation
White, DeenaFrom Community Action to Public Policy: The Conditions Paradoxes of Success
Wright, KarenCreating a Culture of Giving: Assessing Britain's Bold Experiment in Philathropy
Young, Dennis; Faulk, Lewis; Harvey, Nicholas The Boundaries of Social Enterprise: Can failing businesses succeed in a nonprofit form?
Zabala Salazar, HernandoConstrucción de un Modelo de Balance Social para el Cooperativismo de Una Región Latinoamericana:El Caso de Antioquia (Colombia)
Zaidise, EranHow Civic Organizations Influence Policy: the Effect of Functional Roles
Zohar, Asaf; Schoenfeld, Stuart; Alleson, Ilan Nurturing Leaders in Peacebuilding and Coexistence: The Case Of The Arava Institute For Environmental Studies
Zychlinski, EsterThird Sector Characteristics in an Era of Partial Privitization and Commercialization

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