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Bangkok - Papers- 2006
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Civil Society and Human Security: Raum Jai

ISTR 7th International Conference
July 9-12, 2006
The Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand





Adhikari & Risal 

Trends and Attempts on Securing the Future of Self-help Organisations of Rural Poor: A Case from Nepal

Ahmad, Mokbul Morshed 

New Challenge to Human Security? The NGO (Non-Governmental Organisations) -Fundamentalist Conflict in Bangladesh

Alves & Ueno 

Dai San Sekuta: Japanese Community Third Sector Organizations in Sao Paulo and their role in immigration 

Alves & Unterstell 

Whose Fortune is at the Bottom of the Pyramid? 

Anand, Priya 

Study on local resource mobilisation in India in the aftermath of the tsunami 

Appel, Anja

NGDO-Advocacy in Insecurity:A Governance Dilemma between Mission, Partnership, and Resources 

Apuuli, Kasaja Phillip

Civil Society and Conflict Resolution: The Role of the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) in the Northern Uganda Conflict 

Arko-Cobbah, Albert

Constitutional right of access to information: Challenges and opportunities civil society empowerment to good governance in South Africa 

Asiedu, Alex B.

Brain Drain or Brain Gain? - An anatomy of some Developmental Effects of International Migration of Skilled Labour from Ghana. 



Balfhor, Christian

Innovador Social en el Tercer Sector Estudio Empirico en Argentina 2004

Bambirra, Lílian

Human Resource Management and the Third Sector: A Descriptive Research in the Brazilian Organizations

Bar-Mor, Hadara

Leadership versus Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Bhat, P. Ishwara

Human Security and Access to Basic Necessities of Dignified Life: A Survey of Legal Competence of Third Sector Organization in India to ensure them 

Blagescu, Monica 

Developing Accountability Mechanisms for Transnational Actors: What implications for a global civil society? 

Bok–Gyo, Jeong 

International society and countries’ contribution : Focusing on determinants of the scale of donations to the international society 

Bond, Patrick 

Civil society on global governance: Diverging analysis, strategy and tactics 

Born, Asmund W

Communities of Practice or Practicing Community - contours of a problem – 

Bowman, Woods 

The Economic Value of Volunteers to an Organization

Brandsen, Taco

The third sector and the policy process in Europe: Parameters, characteristics and constraints 

Brinton, A.

The Reciprocal Ethics of Recognition: Civil Society as an Existential Modality 

Brock, Kathy L. 

Creating Sustainable Relations Among the Three Sectors to Prevent Human Tragedy: The Global Road Safety Initiative 

Brown, Eleanor

Donors, Ideologues, and Bureaucrats: The Principal-Agent Problem between Government and the Nonprofit Sector 

Brown, L. David

Strengthening Legitimacy and Accountability Systems for Transnational Civil Society Advocacy Organizations and Networks 

Bryen, Madden, & McGregor-Lowndes 

Creating Boomerang Volunteers: rising to the challenge of engaging and re-engaging episodic volunteers. 

Bunge-Vivier, Verónica 

Efecto de las Relaciones Interpersonales e Intergrupales en el Desempeno de Organizaciones Productivas

Butcher, Jacqueline

Myths and Realities of Citizen Participation in Mexico: The Volunteer Effect 



Carrion, Roisnha 

Exploitation Privée de l´Amazonie Brésilienne: Nouveau enjeux pour le Troisième Secteur 

Chitty & Rattikalchalakorn 

‘Community Radio: Social Security and Crisis Management’ 

Ckagnazaroff & Carvalho

Sustainability and effectiveness of environmental NGOs - the influence of the managerial process 

Croeser, Sky

The Global Justice Movement -- Will Networked Activism Mean a Failure to Provide Human Security for the Least Secure?

Cruz & Perez

Human Security and Social Participation: much more than a mere link 



Dalton, Bronwen

How do you solve a problem like Korea? A review 15 international aid agencies’ operations in North Korea (1995-2000). 

Das, Lalatendu

Philanthropy, Empowerment And Social Development: Relevance Of Afro-American Philanthropy In Today’s World 

Davies, Anna R.

Civil Society and the politics of waste management in Ireland: constraint, concern and conflict 

Deguchi, Masayuki 

"Linguapolitical” Issues in global civil society’s networking 

Devanesan, P 

Self Help Groups as Subaltern Civil Society in Post Colonial India

Domingo, Oliva Z. 

Good Governance of Third Sector Organizations: The Role of Boards 

Dongre, Gopalan, Rajeev, & Sreevalli

Third Sector Governance: A Study of Decision Making Process Among the Non-Formal TSO’s 

Donoghue, O’Regan & Hughes

Social Capital and County Identity in Ireland 

Duncan, McDuie-Ra

The politics of civil society: the state, identity, and insecurity. 

Duran & Garcia 

International Law on Volunteering: the Role of United Nations 



Earles & Lynn 

Thinking about Rhizomes: What it tells about understanding the Third Sector in an age of (in)security. 

Earles, Wendy

Third Sector Shaping revisited: A 20-year window into organisational change 

Earles, Wendy

Beyond Contracting for Care: A 10-year follow-up study 

Estment, Charmaine

The Conflict and Governance Facility: In Search of New Solutions through an Emerging Model



Farkas & Molnar

The Accountability Movement and its Implications to the Governance Practices of the Hungarian Third Sector 

Fischer, Melo, Da Silva, Almeida Júnior, Carvalho, & Waiandt 

Visible Profiles in the Social Management of Development 

Fowler, Alan

Civil Society in an Era of International Development for Security: From Harmony to Contention 



Ganguly, Varsha 

Insecurity of Untouchables in India 

Ganguly, Varsha

Indian Muslims at Crossroads 

Garcia, Duran & Ventura

Are Spanish Third-Sector organizations gendered? First results from a regional survey. 

Garrow & Hasenfeld 

To Accept Government Funding or Not? The Choice of Nonprofit Human Service Organizations 

Gebre-Egzaibher, Sisay

What Role Should Civil Society Organisations Play to Address Ethnic Conflicts in Ethiopia

Ghashghai, Fereshteh

Effective interaction between government and civil society organizations for facing environmental and natural disasters

Gidron, Elon & Schlanger 

The International Dimensions of Philanthropic Foundations in Israel in the Age of Globalization 

Goanakar, Rekha

Role of the Third Sector in Ecological Sustainability 

Golfieri, Marcia

The experience of corporate governance in order to build a governance system for non profit organizations 

Gordon, Sara 

Civil organizations public participation and new management forms in Mexico. 

Graves, Glenna H. 

The Role of Culture and Mentalite Considerations in Development Public Policy



Haider & Leitner 

On Voice and Service in Empirical Research: Developing a Measurement Tool 

Hallemaa, Helmut 

Role and Contribution of NPO-s to Regional and Civil Society Development: Baltic Sea Region case 

Handy, Femida 

Volunteering in Immigrant Congregations: A Stepping Stone to Integration? 

Hara, Hiromichi 

Piloting Knowledge Management in the Transitional Economy and Exploring the Role of Middle Management: the Case Study of Cambodia 

Hasan, Sami 

Engaged Governance: Mainstreaming Social Capital or Social Capital-Enriching the Mainstream? 

Hasan, Sami 

Muslim Philanthropy and Social Security: Prospects, Practices, and Pitfalls 

Hattori, Atsuko 

A study of a new flow of funds for developing social entrepreneurs and assessing social impact in Japan 

Heinrich, Volkhart Finn 

Recognizing and Confronting the Accountability Challenge. Insights from the CIVICUS Civil Society Index Project 

Hopkins Jr., Theodore J

The Third Sector, Community Development and Social Justice

Hossain, Delwar 

State, Civil Society Empowerment and Human Security: Some Observations from Bangladesh 

Howell, Jude 

The Global War on Terror, Development, and Civil Society

Hsu & Liao

Privatization, Partnership Planning and the Exclusion of Citizens: Role of the Third Sector to Take in Taiwan 

Humphries & Grant 

Social Enterprise: A remedy to growing inequality across and within Nations or a deflection of attention? 

Hussain, Tarek M.

Countries of Transition: Impoverishment and Reproductive Health Choices 



Iqbal, Muhammad Asif 

Ideological Divide of the Nonprofit Sector in Pakistan 



Katz, Hagai 

Global Civil Society and Global Governance: Co-opted or counter-hegemonic? Analyzing International NGO networks in the context of Gramscian Theory 

Kawai, Takayoshi

Information Design to Support "An Emergent Type of Local Governance" - The Policy Cooperation Market - 

Kietlinska, ,Mikołajczyk & Marczak

Economic consequences of changes in the civic society institutions in Poland 

Kilby, Patrick 

Civil Society Governance: NGO Values and Accountability for Empowerment 

Kimathi, Leah Wambura 

Africanizing Civil Society in Africa: Challenges and Prospects

Kinney, Nancy T.

The Political Dimensions of Donor Nation Support for Humanitarian INGOs 

Kumar, Uday

A Self-Sustainable Civil Society Through Rising Consciousness: A Study of Soligara Abhivrudhdhi Sangha (SAS) in India



Landim, Leilah 

Social support networks and associative participation at the local level. 

Lange, Chris

Womens‘s Organizations in the (West-)German Third Sector – a Strive for more Equality and Security 

Larkin, Linda F. 

What is the Meaning of Security?  A Constructivist Inquiry Into the Context of Information Security Policy Development 

Latif, Mehr

Politics of Participation: A Critical Review of Community Citizen Boards 

Lee, Eliza W.Y. 

Civil Society Organizations and Community Politics in Postcolonial Hong Kong 

Lee, Minho 

Birth of NPOs and Local Government Expenditure in Korea : Influence of Government Subsidy and Social Development Expenditure 

Leiter, Jeffrey 

Structural Isomorphism among Nonprofit Organizations: An Australian – US Comparison 

Leonard & Bellamy 

Relationships between bonding and bridging social capital in Australian Christian Churches 

Lepp, Ulle

Estonia: changing roles of non-profit organizations - towards participation in the public policy process 

Lewis, David 

Globalization and International Service: A Development Perspective 

Lindberg, Birgit V.

”The Meaning of Help” 

Locke, Michael 

"Community” as a rational and secular concept: a contribution to theory, research and practice for civil and open society 



Madden & Scaife 

 "Small Could be Big: Encouraging Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Community Engagement” 

Magno, Francisco A.

Civil Society: Battling Poor Governance and Corruption 

Malo, Rodrigues, Teodósio & Gerais

La variété des configurations de gouvernence et de gestion: le cas des organisations du tiers secteur

Mata, Javier Fabra 

Global Civil Society for Peace and Human Rights: Communicative Dimensions and Performative Effects of the International Accompaniment of Peace Brigades International in Colombia and Sri Lanka 

Mendizabal, Enrique 

Understanding Networks: the functions of research policy networks 

Mendonça & Araújo

Isomorphism, Resource Dependence and Organizational Performance: an analysis of the Relationships of Brazilian NGOs and International NGOs 

Miller, Chris

Developing Comparative Research Methods for the Non-Governmental Sector: Analysing New Governance Spaces in Nicaragua, Bulgaria and the UK

Mirabella, Rosanne

The International Census of Nongovernmental Studies Project: An Examination of the Intellectual Merits for Third Sector Studies

Mohamed, Ibrahim Raghe 

Governance and the Management Dimensions of Civil Society (The Case of Somalia) 

Moodithaya, M.S. 

Micro-finance to micro-enterprises: Strategies to Make the Transition Smooth and Sustainable 

Moreno & Crespo 

Familia y Estado de bienestar en los países del sur de Europa en perspectiva comparada: El papel del voluntariado y del apoyo informal 

Mukherjee, Dhrubodhi

Internet and Social Trust 



Nakagawa, Sachiko

Does "Gender Bias” exist in Japanese Welfare NPOs? 

Nakagawa & Kaneko 

Can NPOs Provide "Trust” in Uncertainty? : A Case Study of Japanese Nonprofit Business Based on Consumers’ Perspective 

Nga, Janice L. H. 

The Political Economy of Collective Action: Youth Organisations in Malaysia’s National Development 

Nga & King 

Youth Organisations’ Participation in the Nation Building of Malaysia 

Nindita-Radyati, Maria 

Governance and Performance in Third Sector Organisations in Indonesia 



Oguonu, Chika N. 

Mass Mobilization And Women Participation In Community Development As A Vehicle For Improved Security At The Grassroots: A Case Study Of Better Life Programme For Rural Women In Nigeria. 

Onouha, Ngwamma 

Stigmatization of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAS) in Africa:The implications for Civil Society and Human Security. 

Onyx & Bullen 

Social Capital: The Measurement Tool 

Osili & Steinberg 

Community and Charity in Disaster Relief 



Park, Tae-Kyu

The Analysis of the Number of charitable contributions based on a mixture of Poisson Regression Model” 

Paudel & Dahal

The Cost and Risk of Political Violence and Maoist Insurgency in Nepal 

Pereira, Gabriela Moreira 

"Social Economy Sector and Solidarity -The Perspective of an Economist" 

Phillips, Ruth 

Insecurity At Home: Civil Society Contradictions, Women’s Organisations and the ‘Defunding’ State 

Prayukvong, Pareena 

Promoting Community Foundation in the Thai Local Philanthropy: Challenges in Shifting Thai Giving Paradigm 



Rajendran, Shanmugam

Third Sector Intervention and Rehabilitation of Tsunami Victims in India 

Reis, Tatiana Araújo

La spécificité de la soutenabilité dans les expériences d’économie solidaire: le cas de la COOPAED 

Roczniak, Wladyslaw 

The Village and the Ivory Tower: Theory and Practice in Civil Society Development at a Time of Political and Social Insecurity. Two Examples from the History of Early Modern Poland. 

Rodrigues, Andrea Leite

Arts and Design: New ways of organizing in Brazilian Social Enterprise 

Roy & Chakrabarti 

Revisiting the Underlying Causes of Poverty: Prospects for Civil Society Management



Salamon & Sokolowski 

Civil Society, Economy, Polity: A Comprehensive Index Approach to Exploration of Relationship Between Major Institutional Sectors 

Sang & Fielding

Exploring a collective understanding of resilience in refugee communities. 

Schommer, Paula Chies 

Communities of Practice and the knowledge articulation in the relationship of University and Society. 

Schuyt, Theo 

Serviceclubs in The Netherlands; citizenship in a welfare state? 

Sharma, Subash 

Swacch Narayani, the Goddess of Good Governance: The creation of a Goddess as an organisational intervention 

Sharma, Subash 

NGOs in reshaping Socio-Economic status of Tharus Of Dang district in Nepal 

Shipper, Apichai W. 

Immigrant Ethnic Associations and National Security: The Case of the North Korean Association in Japan 

Siripatra, Benjamas

Community Foundations as Tools for Tsunami Rehabilitation and Community Self-Reliance in Satun, Thailand

Stephenson Jr., Max

A Comparative Analysis of Humanitarian Relief Implementation Structures: Understanding the Challenges of United States and International Aid Coordination 

Strømsnes & Wollebæk 

Mapping voluntarism – Scandinavia in comparison 

Strømsnes, Selle, & Grendstad 

Norwegian Environmentalism Between the State and Local Community: Why Greenpeace Failed in Norway

Sturtevant & Nemeth

Assessing the Capacity Building and Sustainability of NGOs in Romania: An Exploratory Study of University Programs and Child Welfare Service NGOs 

Suwa, Atsumi, & Seki

Disaster volunteers and two types of interest 



Tanaka, Takafumi 

The Economic Value of the Emerging Third Sector 

Taylor & Howard

Non-governmental actors and the political dimension: navigating the tensions in new governance spaces. 

Thimmaiya, T.D. 

Elimination of Regional Disparities : Role of Third Sector 

Tseng & Pinderhughes

Restricted Incorporation: Chinese and Vietnamese Community Service Organizations in the United States 

Tseng & Weir 

Mapping Medically Underserved Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities in the United States: A National Analysis 



Ueno, Philip Hiroshi 

Social Technology in Brazil: a ground-based concept. 

Ukeje, Charles

Civil Society Under Siege? Global Counter-Terrorism and Human Security in West Africa 

Uprety, Chuda Raj 

Ageing and Social Security System in Nepal: Scope and Challenges 



Valentinov, Vladislav

Toward a property rights theory of nonprofit organization

Vasavada, Triparna S. 

Partnership Between Government and the Third Sector for Disaster Response in India: Lessons to Learn

Versteegh, Lia

Terrorism and the vulnerability of charitable organisations. 

Vidal, Guixé 

The Legitimacy of NGOs in Pursuing Human Security: Study of The Spanish Case 

Vidal, María José Senent 

Computer developers volunteering 

Vidal, Villa, & Créixams 

Youth and politics 

Vidal, Villa, & Créixams 

Reflections on quality issues of social NPOs 

Von Schnurbein, Georg 

Governance in Trade Associations and Unions – Work in Progress 



Waghmare, B.S. 

Welfare State Vs Civil Society: Growing Sense of Insecurity Among India's Scheduled Castes 

Wilhelm, Steinberg, & Hungerman 

Identifying Tax Effects on Giving 

Wilson, J. Zoe

Water Contamination and the Politics of Alternative Sanitation: What Hope for the Mainstream?



Young, Dennis R. 

How Nonprofit Organizations Manage Risk 

Yukawa, Hirohisa 

The role of microfinance NGOs in a military governed country: A case study in Myanmar 



Zongke & Leping

Government and NPOs: A New Pattern of Intersectorial Relationship 

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