13th International Conference - 10-13 JULY 2018 - Amsterdam

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Four Takeaways from 4 days at Amsterdam
By Dipendra K C, Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, School of Global Studies, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, Thailand


The 13th ISTR International Conference in Amsterdam was a very productive encounter for me. I had attended two Asia Pacific editions of the conference in Tokyo (2015) and Jakarta (2017). However, I was attending the international conference for the first time. I was not only new to the conference, but also Amsterdam was the first European city I had visited. 

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Theorizing Volunteering for Development: How ISTR XII in Stockholm Sparked an Intercontinental Collaboration

At the XII ISTR Conference in Stockholm in 2016, Nichole Georgeou from Western Sydney University delivered her paper in a panel on theoretical frameworks in volunteering for development. Nichole spoke on ‘Theorising international volunteering for development: civil society or market society?’ and was unpacking the conflation between development volunteer placements and volunteer tourism. During the questions, Benjamin Haas, from the University of Cologne, commented that using gift and reciprocity theory might be a useful method to advance theorising new trajectories of engagement in volunteering for and in development. 


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Democracy and Legitimacy:  The Role of the Third Sector in a Globalizing World
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 Conference Academic Committee

  • Ruth Phillips (Co-Chair), Australia
  • John Mohan (Co-Chair), United Kingdom
  • Susan Appe, USA

  • Daniel Barragan, Ecuador

  • Anna Domaradzka, Poland

  • Markus Ketola, United Kingdom

  • Kyungja Jung, Australia

  • Shauna Mottiar, South Africa

  • Janice Nga, Malaysia

  • Alasdair Rutherford, United Kingdom

  • Theo Schuyt, The Netherlands

  • Armindo Teodosio, Brazil

  •  Deena White, Canada

  • Lili Wang, USA

  •  Jiangang Zhu, China


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