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Join the most respected scholarly research association focused on the Third Sector and become part of the community that is building a foundation of knowledge about civil society, the non-profit sector, philanthropy, volunteerism, and social economy around the world.  

ISTR members access the latest developments in Third Sector Studies, the larger community of third sector scholars, researchers and practitioners, and opportunities for professional development and public outreach. 

Memberships are valid for two calendar years from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021

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2019 & 2020 Supporting Members and Donors

We are pleased to recognize and thank our supporting members and our funding donors

Stanley Katz, USA •  Edith Archambault, France • Lev Jakobson, Russia •  Rockefeller Archive Center • Hagai Katz, Israel  Anonymous donor for the ISTR Emerging Scholar Dissertation Award • Hyunkyung Jun (The Beautiful Foundation), Korea •  Putnam Barber, USA • Shadé Jalali, Sweden • Yevgenya Paturyan, Armenia • Julius Omona, Uganda • Susan Appe, USA • Maecenata Institute delegates: Rupert Graf Strachwitz & Siri Hummel, Germany

Benefits of Membership

Join our community of scholars, researchers, and practitioners from more than 85 countries to access the benefits listed below.  Learn more about ISTR membership by reading our members' insight!

Subscription to VOLUNTAS: the International Journal of Voluntary and Non-Profit Organizations. 6 issues published annually. All members receive Voluntas on-line and have the option to order a printed subscription.

Our quarterly newsletter, Inside ISTR, focuses on Third Sector developments, activities, research in progress and recent publications. Log-in to the Members Only website to read the latest issue.

Information on conferences, calls for papers, career and research opportunities

Free access to the following publications:

Our biennial conferences present a unique opportunity for members to meet colleagues,  exchange ideas and research findings, discuss the latest global developments, attend professional development seminars, and learn first-hand about how the Third Sector manifests locally in the host country.

Our regional networks provide a meeting ground for researchers to consider research issues relevant to their region.  The regional networks host biennial regional conferences, PhD Seminars, and disseminate regional newsletters. 

Participate in affinity groups around themes of common interest.

Connect with an ISTR member via our Mentoring Program, either as a mentor or mentee

Serve on ISTR governance and program committees, lead workshops, and join ISTR's PhD Seminar Faculty and make your membership experience even more meaningful

Certificates of Participation for Webinars

  • Alliance Magazine - 20% discount on new subscriptions
  • Springer Press - 25% discount on all book titles
  • Lynne Rienner Publishers imprint, including FirstForumPress and Kumarian Press - 25% discount on all  book titles
  • Voluntary Sector Review - Print-only subscription  to the journal for US$99, a 33% discount!

Memberships are on a calendar basis and are valid for two years from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021


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Reduced categories enable participation based on an individual's country of residence  

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Support ISTR's efforts to promote international membership; help subsidize reduced memberships

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Generously support ISTR's vision and mission to build a global community of scholars, researchers, and  practitioners

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For institutions that support the mission of the Society; assign two individuals to one membership ......................................

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Generously support ISTR's vision and mission to build a global community of scholars, researchers, and practitioners

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