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ISTRAP September 2020 Newsletter Online

Friday, October 2, 2020  
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Dear members,

Hope this newsletter finds you in good spirit and on time, because ISTR Asia Pacific Regional Network will hold a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. You can register HERE and participate in all the important discussions including the next regional conference in 2021.

In this issue, we have selected and translated several abstracts from a special issue on vulnerable groups including foreign migrants, refugees and people with disabilities affected by the COVID-19 in Japan. In addition, there are several recent publications that provide comprehensive updates on the third sectors in China (mainland), Taiwan, Korea and more. Also, ISTR is rolling out a series of Webinars with pioneer scholars of the field; Lester M. Salamon will speak on Oct. 8! Check out the details in the newsletter.

Fengshi and Qianjin



希望我們這期通訊及時到達你的電郵信箱,因為ISTR亞太地區網絡將在2020107日(星期三)召開網絡會議。您可以前往 ISTR網站完成註冊,與我們一起討論ISTR亞太地區網絡在未來一年里的重要議題,包括2021年的地區級研討會的各項事宜






吳逢時   張乾瑾


Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Volume 49, Issue 5, 2020


The Asia-Pacific Journal Japan Focus, Volume 18, Issue 18, 2020


You Are Invited! ISTR Asia Pacific Regional Network Meeting  | 邀請函:ISTR亞太地區網絡會議


Webinar: The State of Third Sector Theory: A Conversation with Lester M. Salamon | 在線會議:第三部門的理論狀態:與萊斯特·M·薩拉蒙的對話


慈善藍皮書:中國慈善發展報告2020 | Blue Book of Philanthropy: Annual Report on China’s Philanthropy Development (2020)


The Forgotten Bonds: A Coevolutionary Framework on the Diffusion of Tzu Chi in Four Southeast Asian Countries | 被遺忘的紐帶:慈濟在四個東南亞國家擴散的共同進化框架


Handbook on Corporate Foundations - Corporate and Civil Society Perspectives | 企業基金會手冊企業和公民社會的觀點


Korean Nonprofit/Non-Government Sector Research: A Literature Review and Analysis | 韓國非營利/非政府部門研究:文獻綜述和分析


Call for Chapters: Teaching Cases in the Philanthropic and Nonprofit Sectors


Call for Contributions: An Edited Book on Southern-led Programming of CSO Development Collaboration


Call for Papers: A Public Integrity Symposium in Partnership with ASPA’s Section on Democracy and Social Justice

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The Asia Pacific Third-Sector Researchers Network (formerly the East Asia Third-Sector Researchers Network) is an initiative first launched by the ISTR (International Society for Third-Sector Research) and the Centre for Social Innovation Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016 to help scholars and students in East Asia and beyond to exchange information about publications, conferences and job vacancies in third-sector studies through this Newsletter. The scope of the Newsletter and the network has expanded to cover the entire Asia Pacific region since November 2018. Starting from January 2020, the School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney, becomes the host of the Newsletter, and the scope of the Newsletter and the network has expanded to cover the entire Asia Pacific. You are welcome to follow us on Facebook ( ISTR-Asia Pacific) and Weibo ( @亚太第三部门研究网络).


亞太第三部門研究人員網絡(前身为東亞第三部門研究人員網絡)是由ISTR(國際第三部門研究學會)和香港中文大學社會創新研究中心於2016年發起成立。該網絡旨在通過發布每月通訊為亞太及其他地區的學者和學生提供第三部門研究領域出版物,學術會議,職位空缺等相關信息交流。從201811月起,該通訊和研究網絡的範圍也擴大到整個亞太地區。新南威尔士大學社会科学学院从20201月起成為該通訊的承辦單位,歡迎您在Facebook ( ISTR-Asia Pacific) 和微博( @亞太第三部门研究网络)上關註我們。


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