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VOLUNTAS: Seeking Editors in Chief

Monday, June 29, 2020  
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Editors in Chief of Voluntas

The International Journal of Voluntary and Non-Profit Organizations


The International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) seeks nominations for Editors in Chief of its journal, Voluntas, for a three-year term beginning January 1, 2022.  The term may be renewed, once, by mutual agreement.  The editor reports to the ISTR board, and Voluntas reflects ISTR’s commitments: it is an important peer-reviewed (ISI rated) social science journal, published bi-monthly, that focuses on civil society, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector in ways that are inter-disciplinary, international, and comparative.  The journal is published in English.  ISTR provides a small subsidy to cover editorial and related costs.  In line with general practice, in making the appointment the Society will take into account support provided by the applicants’ home institutions.  Above all, ISTR seeks for Voluntas editors who will build on the journal’s past accomplishments to strengthen the academic standing of the society and the field.



Overall editorial oversight, with the aim of increasing the journal’s impact;

Appointing the Book Review Editor and as appropriate other associate editors;

Timely processing of manuscripts, commissioning external reviews, writing editorial assessments of submitted and reviewed papers;

Communicating with authors, editors, and reviewers;

Overseeing day-to-day activities, including copy-editing and working with the publisher;

Managing the Editorial Board, in cooperation with the ISTR board.



We expect that the successful candidates will hold advanced social science degrees, occupy senior positions at a university or research institute, and have published substantial research in relevant fields.  Excellent writing and editorial skills in the English language are required.  Experience in international and inter-disciplinary research is a plus, as is the ability to function in any of the other major scientific languages.  The editors must be able to work effectively with a diverse audience of scholars from different disciplines, backgrounds, and countries.

Selection Committee

An Editorial Selection Committee has been established to select the new editors.  It is chaired by Mario Aquino Alves.

If you have further questions regarding the journal ( or the editorship, please contact Mario Aquino Alves at e-mail:

Application Process:  Deadline September 30, 2020

Please submit the names of potential applicants to the Committee (send to Margery Daniels, Executive Director, at email: Self-nominations are encouraged.  Applications should include:

a full curriculum vitae, including a list of publications and past editorial experience; and

a 2-3 page statement of a vision for Voluntas, assessing the journal’s strengths and limitations, indicating the topics or issues it ought to address, and discussing the support, if any, the potential editor’s home institution will be able to provide.

The Editorial Selection Committee will interview finalists online in October 2020. The committee will make its recommendation to the ISTR board, which will announce the new editor December 2020. 

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