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ISTRAN May 2020 News

Thursday, May 21, 2020  
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       The Third Sector in West Africa -

Maimed by COVID-19

By Nana Asantewa Afadzinu, Executive Director ,
West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), Accra, Ghana
ISTR Board Member

One sector in West Africa th at has found itself crippled on many levels by COVID-19 is the third sector and specifically both NGOs and CBOs.

The World  Health Organisation announced   on March 11 that the Corona Virus emergency had now become a full blown global pandemic and  many organisations have found themselves in dire circumstances as this crisis hit without warning....

The full article is found here


COVID 19 and responses in Africa

By Bhekinkosi Moyo, Director, Centre on African Philanthropy and
Social Investment (CAPSI), Johannesburg, South Africa
ISTR Board Member

COVID 19 has caused a lot of damage to societies across the world. As of Thursday 21 May, there were over 5 million confirmed cases, close to 2 million recoveries and more than 238 172 deaths globally. In Africa, the virus started slowly but has since been on the increase in several countries. However compared to most European countries and the United States of America, Africa’s numbers are still very low. Africa has a population of 1,216 billion and as of the 21st May 2020, Africa’s confirmed COVID 19 cases was 95 058, with 38 115 recoveries and 2 995 deaths. South Africa has the biggest numbers (18 003 confirmed cases, 7 950 recoveries and 339 deaths), followed by Egypt (14 229 confirmed cases, 3950 recoveries and 680 deaths). Other countries with high numbers include Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Tunisia, Senegal and Cameroon. Only Lesotho has zero infections at the time of writing. This raises a number of questions...

The full article is found here


COVID-19 and Domestic Violence in Uganda

By Julius Omona, Uganda
Professor, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

On 30th January 2020, the World Health Organisation declared the Corona Virus a Public Emergency of International concern. Uganda’s President reacted fast by declaring a two weeks national lock down on 30th March with several measures that restricted movements and promoted social distancing. Uganda confirmed its first case of the virus on March 22, and since then, 89 people have been infected, fifty-two of these recovered and the rest active but no deaths. On 14th April, a three weeks lock down was again imposed, followed by the most recent- an extension on 5th May for another two weeks. However, the lock down and the ensuing restrictions have had unprecedented impact on the livelihoods of Ugandans. This is a case.....

The full article is located here



African Philanthropy Forum Covid-19 resource page.
This page is designed to provide relevant resources surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a medium for immediate practical action for those impelled to service through giving. 

Community Immunity  - Coordinated campaign of the Africa Philanthropy Network, Southern Africa Trust, and Trust Africa to raise awareness and funding to support those living at the margins of society on the African continent.

East Africa Philanthropy Network data portal

This project aims to facilitate an indigenous philanthropic data gathering while ensuring international standard of data security, integrity, reliability and authenticity. Using latest technology, philanthropic data in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda are being aggregated on GIS maps to show who is doing what and where in those countries. This project also aims to reduce duplication of efforts and encourage cooperation between different philanthropic actors


ISTR’s Research Networking Forum – Your contributions welcome

Are you planning or participating in any Covid-19 related research connected to the Third Sector? Please post your work on ISTR's newresearch and networking forum.The forum is designed to provide an active and engaging space to share research ideas, identify research partners/collaborators, seek feedback and support on work-in-progress, and solicit and discuss research ideas and methods. Also use this space to publicize relevant reports, op-eds, papers, etc. you have published that might be of interest to your peers and provide links to collections of research being compiled by other organizations that represent third sector sub-fields (philanthropy, volunteerism, governance, legal studies, etc.) or global regions to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas.

We will cross post these on our static resources


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