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Professor Kinman Chan has been released from prison!!

Saturday, March 14, 2020  
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ISTR is excited to announce that Professor Kinman Chan has been released from prison in Hong Kong today!

He had been sentenced for 16 months of imprisonment by the Hong Kong Court on April 24, 2019 for “inciting” and "conspiring" to cause public nuisance during the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in 2014.  Kinman served 326 days in Pik Uk Prison.

We are grateful that Dr. Chan, a member of the board of directors of ISTR, will be reunited with his family today.

Throughout his long academic career, Kinman Chan has been committed to promoting peaceful action for universal suffrage as stipulated in the Basic Law of Hong Kong and to supporting the fundamental freedoms of expression, association and assembly for all citizens.  His scholarship on civil society is widely recognized throughout the academic community. In his final lecture at the Chinese University in Hong Kong in April 2019, prior to his imprisonment, Chan declared that he was prepared to go to prison. "So long as we are not crushed by the trial and the prison sentence, and we do not become depressed or angered, then we will come out stronger. . .  Yes, we may need to go to jail, but those in power may not win - those who send you to jail may not win." Speaking then of the great support that he had received, Chan concluded, "It makes me believe in the good in people - it is our hope.  I hope you do not give up - we see only the stars in the darkest hours." ISTR today welcomes back the bright star of Professor Chan to the academic firmament.

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