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Call for Potential Hosts: 12th Latin America Regional ISTR Conference to be held in 2019

Thursday, December 7, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Robin Wehrlin
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Call for Potential Hosts

Twelfth Latin America Regional ISTR Conference to be held in 2019

The ISTR Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Network requests researchers and affiliated institutions from any country of the Region to express their interest in hosting and co-organizing the Twelfth ISTR Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, which will be held in 2019. Final decision on the location will be made by the ISTR Board during the International ISTR Conference in Amsterdam in July 2018.

Previous regional conferences for Latin America and the Caribbean were held in Brazil (1998), Chile (1999), Argentina (2001), Costa Rica (2003), Peru (2005), Brazil (2007), Mexico (2009), Argentina (2011), Chile (2013), Puerto Rico (2015) and most recently in Quito (2017). The next regional conference will take place in 2019.

Hosting a regional conference is a prime opportunity for strategic engagement of stakeholders and promotion of the third sector within the host city and country and to promote fruitful alliances at the local and national level and with other countries in the region.

We encourage private and public academic institutions, civil society organizations and research centers to submit proposals for hosting and co-organizing the next ISTR Regional Conference in 2019. The organizations or consortia of organizations that are interested in coordinating the Twelfth Regional Conference should have the ability to:

-          Engage a broad range of academics and practitioners within civil society or the third sector from within the host country;

-          Make fundraising efforts to ensure the conference success

-          Plan the logistics to carry out the event

In past regional conferences, two committees have been formed with the support of the ISTR Regional Network Secretariat.  The first is an academic committee which includes researchers and practitioners from various countries in the region, and the second is a local host committee.  Members of the local host committee will serve voluntarily and coordinate the programmatic and logistical aspects of conference.  The Academic Committee manages the Call for Papers, Academic review and program.

Interested individuals and institutions can send their questions to Anabel Cruz or Analia Bettoni, at the Regional Coordination of ISTR Latin America. They can be reached at and

The process of selecting the host for the 2019 Regional Conference will be facilitated by the Board of Directors of ISTR, with the participation of all the members associated in the region. The last day to submit your proposal to Margery Daniels, Executive Director,  is April 30, 2018. 

On behalf of the ISTR Board and the Regional Coordination for Latin America and the Caribbean,

Paula Chies Schommer, Universidad de Santa Catarina, Brasil

Margery Daniels, Executive Director, ISTR

Analía Bettoni, Instituto de Comunicación y Desarrollo, ICD, Uruguay

Anabel Cruz, Instituto de Comunicación y Desarrollo, ICD, Uruguay


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