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Special Issue of Administrative Sciences

Friday, September 26, 2014   (0 Comments)
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Call for Papers

Dear VSSN colleagues,

Administrative Sciences is soliciting articles for publication in a Special Issue that improve our understanding of how nonprofits are governed at the organizational level (knowledge deepening) and/or extend the analysis to include the role these organizations play in governing society at large (knowledge widening). Especially the latter category of articles requires that the term “nonprofit” be used in the wider sense to include a broad array of so-called intermediate organizations. They all form part of the collaborative system of actors that has emerged in democracies of many parts of the world to advance public problem solving by decentralizing government and pluralizing the state.

As Guest Editor of the Special Issue I am interested in gaining access to research relating to the governance of health and social-care co-operatives and their contribution to both decentralizing government services and democratizing society by making it more responsive to citizens’ needs. Already in the 1990s, the British scholar Paul Hirst has described the strategic institutional transformation necessary to achieve these goals in “Associative Democracy”. Recently, Hirst’s ideas have been translated into a concrete plan for action in a report entitled “Social Co-operatives: A Democratic Co-production Agenda for Care Services in the UK”. I assume therefore that the VSSN research community is particularly well suited to provide deeper insights into the governance of a particular type of intermediate organizations and to contribute to the project launched by Administrative Sciences.

If you are interested in making your research on the governance of intermediate organizations in general and social co-operatives in particular available to an international audience, I invite you to follow either the guidelines for paper submissions published on the Special Issue website ( or to get in touch with me directly at in regard to a thematic-background paper to be published also in printed book format in the case we attract a minimum of 10 papers for the online edition of the Special Issue.

Antonin Wagner

Emeritus Professor of Management

School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy

The New School

New York

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